Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)
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Author:  Venom [ 07 Mar 2011, 00:43 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Well, I decided to go ahead and make a dumping ground here in the writing corner, because to be honest even though I haven't written anything recently I do want to try, but in the meantime I went through the archive on a forum where I posted most of my stuff and dug up some of my better works. I'll start this thread off with my old stuff, but I plan on adding more soon.

First, a song, about Kirby (because nobody writes songs about Kirby) called "Copy This."

Waddle Dees and Waddle Doos
coming up, surrounding you
tap the button to take them in
which one of the powers will win?


slashing through nemeses tall
point of the blade makes them fall
mean, sharp, versatile saber
couldn't stand up to the power of the laser

So copy THIS!

blasing beams that bounce around
careening off the sloping ground
makes enemies seem a walk in the park
until you meet the guy with the spark

so copy THIS!

fireworks like the fourth of July
crisping enemies, making them fry
you could use this guy for a lighter
until you get struck by the awesome fighter

so copy THIS!

flurries of fists, some kicks and then..
finish them off with a Hadoken!
Knuckle Joe ain't the cream of the crop
so show him up with a smooth backdrop

so copy THIS!

grab 'em and slam 'em down hard
leave the suckers bruised and scarred
but your options are limited, not too broad
so hit 'em up with the good ol' star rod


Dark Matter approaching, this is the end
just hit A and stars you will send
crashing through your opponent like knives of steel
take him down, you beat the game, so watch the credits reel

I always liked that one just because I felt like it all came together so well. And, like I said, no one ever writes about Kirby, not that I've seen anyway, so I felt like I did him justice. Or something. Anyway, here's one more song, about New Super Mario Bros. (the DS game) titled...well, I just call it New Super Mario Bros. So yeah. This one is kinda PG I guess.

Mario got a letter 'bout the Princess, what's up?
Looks like Baby Bowser's got her again, tough luck
no, he ain't just gonna sit around and wait
he's gonna save that gal before it's too late

Super Mario Brothers bustin' back on the scene
How's it gonna work when you got two screens?
just leave it to the plumbers to work on the double
world travelin' brothers gonna save Peach from trouble

knockin' out goombas, troopas, and others
ain't no way they're gonna fool the brothers
fireballs flyin' out left and right
smokin' all the enemies, no more in sight

so jump on up there and slide down that pole
take it to the next level, deep in a hole
underground, not where you wanna be found
but chasin' baddies, it's a good way to get around

now I see the sun, that level was damn fun
something big is creeping up, I gotta run
It's that motha named Bowser back for more
Mario ain't scared, he'll make 'em hit the floor

Baby boy's gettin' angry, can't keep Mario away
tower to tower, Mario'll still get 'im someday
all those bosses rise up, look tough and mean
Mario can take all that shit and still stay clean

world 8, now this don't look great
toughest baddies lyin' in wait
Mario can press on, keep movin' on
save the princess from oblvion

the final showdown it ain't just a baby
Big Bowser's back, lookin' kinda shady
Stand tall Mario, this is the last round
see that lava? That's where Bowser goes down

Savin' the princess is all done now
Time to sit down and eat some chow
Mario Party time, in Peach's castle
A babe like that must be worth the hassle

Ok, one more thing, and I promise I'll wrap this first post up because I know it's getting long. Here's a poem I wrote, and my favorite one that I've ever written, called "Blast Away the Wall." It's about one of the stars in Whomp's Fortress in Super Mario 64 where the hint is the same as the title of the poem, making it somewhat ambiguous as to how exactly you're supposed to get the star.

blast away the wall, but don't miss or you might fall
"What if I can't find it?" you say? Well you'll never get the star that way
just look for the bomb, he'll help in good heart, you can't miss him, just turn left from the start
he'll open the cannon that you can shoot yourself from, but don't miss the wall, or you'll be flat on your bum
just use the cannon to blast away the wall, that star wasn't so hard to get after all
now go for the next star whenever you're ready, just keep moving, Mario! steady, steady...

Well, that's that for now, let me know what you guys think, and I'll be sure to keep delighting/disgusting with more of my works soon.

Author:  dinowoman [ 07 Mar 2011, 12:13 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I was pretty impressed by those. It's fun, and rather refreshing, to find set of songs/poems written about videogame characters, and I think you've made a pretty good job of making them flow naturally, especially the Kirby one. All too often rhyming verse sounds rather contrived because the writers focus more on the rhyme than on the overall structure.

Author:  Venom [ 07 Mar 2011, 13:54 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Thanks. I usually write things as they come to me, so rather than sitting here for 10 minutes trying to think of something that rhymes with the last word, I just use whatever comes to mind first. I think it works out for the most part and gives them a more natural feel. I also prefer writing about video games because it's what I know...if I tried to write songs about death or government corruption or whatever I'd just be spewing a load of pretentious BS, but with games, I know how to keep things in the realm of reality...or virtual reality, I suppose.

Author:  Venom [ 26 Mar 2011, 17:54 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I have a new poem to share, one that I started knocking around in my head getting some of the words down, the rest I added just now. I think it starts out well but I'm not sure if the ending is any good because I wasn't sure where to go with it...I'll let you all decide. It's called "Piece by Piece" and describes the feeling that one's life is crashing down around one's self, and that one cannot repair the damage because something else is always falls the minute one gets back up. So one decides if it's worth it to even continue rising again despite being cast down repeatedly. I'm not sure that makes sense because I just sort of pulled that explanation out of my ass, but here's the poem:

piece by piece my life falls apart
tearing away all that's dear to my heart
powerless to stop this relentless force
malevolence disguised like a trojan horse
try to put back the pieces but the holes get smaller
am I shrinking or is everything getting taller?
bound to this chain like a pup on his leash
seeing the light, but it's always out of reach
no matter how I cry, no one seems to hear
words, pleas, prayers, they fall on deaf ears
why me? I ask, but no one wants to answer
as the sadness and anger spread like a cancer
it seems fruitless to rise up again
when every new day brings a terrible end
so why should I bother this time, I ask
knowing full well, downward I'll be cast
I wonder aloud if I should let life win
but then I know I'll just be in hell again

Author:  dinowoman [ 27 Mar 2011, 16:48 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I think I still prefer your earlier ones, but the more I read this one, the more it grows on me. There are some lovely lines in it. The ones that particularly appealed to me were:

"try to put back the pieces but the holes get smaller
am I shrinking or is everything getting taller?"


"why me? I ask, but no one wants to answer
as the sadness and anger spread like a cancer".

Author:  Venom [ 27 Mar 2011, 17:23 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I think the reason some of those lines make more of an impact is because I was chanelling my own emotions into them and writing what I actually felt, rather than just thinking "what makes sense with the last line?" like I would if I was writing something like, say, that Mario song. Speaking of emotions, I started forming another poem in my head last night based on some things I was feeling, in this case anger towards people who complain about how tough their life is and that they deserve a break, and I came up with the rest just now. I'm trying something different with this one, the rhyme scheme for one thing, and also I'm writing this one as if it was coming out of my own mouth - which, in this case, means there's a good bit of swearing (so, R rated, if anyone cares) - because it was written from my head, in the way I would say it to someone, but then wrapped around a structure fitting of a poem. It's definitely a LOT different from the things I've posted so far, but I think it's good to experiment once in a while, and get feedback on that...but it's also important to me because, regardless of how anyone else feels about it, it's a way for me to express what I think in a way other than just plain gives me a chance to put my brain in motion, get the train on the track, and then just send it out of the station full blast and see what happens. So, with all that aside, here's "Take a Number."

you say you need a break? well, take a number
maybe in a million years you'll be halfway there
you think you're just so goddamn deserving
but you feel like no one else seems to care

well let me tell you a little something, pal
you're no better than me, you're not the fucking king
so get the hell off your tarnished golden throne
life's a bitch, and she doesn't owe you a thing

so why don't you think before you run your mouth again
because pretty soon I won't be able to take anymore
just stay away from me if you're going to complain
I can't stand listening to an attention-grabbing whore

you may not like the rules, you may not like the game
but you need to realize that it's not you who's playing
so take this as a warning, if you can stay quiet long enough
open your fucking ears and listen to what I'm saying

you have to take what life throws at you in stride
instead of begging for sympathy every time you fall
just get back on your feet and keep walking forward
all it takes is perseverence to rise above it all

Author:  Venom [ 07 Apr 2011, 14:13 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

K, so, while I'm still all experimenting and stuff, I've decided to do a song that I've wanted to do for a bit now but haven't had the chance. There is a song by a band called Sabaton called "Metal Ripper" which is made up entirely of lines taken from other heavy metal songs. I've decided I want to do that too, so I've made a song comprised solely of lines from metal songs I like. I call it "Metal Ripoff" because it sounds like Metal Ripper, and I'm ripping off these songs as well as Sabaton's idea. So here goes:

and so it begins, I'm searching for my way
save us god today, come whatever may
you fire your musket but I'll run you through
the enemy is marching forward, survival's what I do
fear, fear, shattering the atmosphere
and when you die, no one will shed a tear

messengers of illness, everywhere I see
face the thing that should not be

if you wish peace, prepare for war
the death of all mankind is worth fighting for
as I scream aim and fire the death toll grows higher
step into the fire, you bloody liar

burning earth, land of the flame
violence and disgrace, and no one to blame
march in time to the rhythm of the right
we must look to find another way to that kind hearted light
rape the poor, faith no more
politicians hide themselves away, they only started the war


your path is paved, straight to the grave
you're gone to the home of the brave



So, maybe not what I was hoping for when I started thinking the idea, but I think it turned out ok regardless. It's a little disjointed if you read it line by line, but I think taken as a whole it could work. I guess it just depends on if you read it or try to sing it to yourself. But I wanted to try it, and I did, so I'm pretty satisfied by the result.

Author:  dinowoman [ 09 Apr 2011, 18:17 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I do apologise for never commenting on your previous one. Somehow I failed to spot that you'd posted. :blush:

I think the cruder language style that you used in it worked well for the subject matter and certainly conveyed how you felt, and you were able to express very real and natural feelings and opinions within the confines of the poetic structure. I think it worked pretty well.

I also think this latest one worked well. I was impressed by the fact that you were able to maintain the meter and the rhyme within the limitations set by only being able to use lines written by other people, and yet still managed to create something that gives the impression of being thematically coherent. Very clever. :)

Author:  Venom [ 15 Apr 2011, 17:04 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

It's quite alright that you missed it, as much as I enjoy your comments I'm happy just getting this stuff on paper (metaphorically speaking) because it gives me something to do with all the extra creative energy I have floating around because I never get to use it in my daily routine. And with that, I have another thing that I've been putting together in my head...I've been playing Resident Evil 5, and I'm always comparing it to Resi 4, so I wondered how I could write a song that conveyed my feelings on both games, then it hit me - RAP BATTLE. I started wondering how a rap battle between Leon from Resi 4 and Chris from Resi 5 would turn out, and I came up with this...THE RESIDENT EVIL RAP BATTLE!

(As if no one could figure this out, "L" denotes Leon's lines and C will be Chris' lines...also, profanity, if anyone cares)

yo, my name's Leon Kennedy and I'm here to say
Resident Evil 4 is the game you all should play
it's got everything you wanted and so much more
action, violence, women, and some horror

yeah yeah that's all well and good, fool
but Resident Evil 5 is a game that's too cool
it's got yours truly and something of a babe
and those two things make it a superior game

ha, babe, you forgot mine has Ada Wong
she's enough to make something get long

yeah right, fuck that two timing whore
Sheva's made of everything she ain't and more

well yo, my game makes up for it in guns
got an infinite launcher to send them to oblivion

yeah well you don't need 'em against those ganado
'cause they ain't too scary when you go toe to toe
I knock 'em down they don't get back up
shows you that I know how to be tough

yeah right fool, just cause your arms look like trees?
you still a weakling, and generic as can be

at least my final boss is actually a threat
yours is so lame I didn't break a sweat

well try the knife fight with Krauser, ya bitch
I guarantee it'll make you sweat and twitch

alright so maybe your QTEs is tough
but your game ain't nothin' Resi 5 is rough
it's light on the ammo so it makes it harder

yeah, only cause you gotta give all your ammo to your partner

fuck you!

that's right, Ashley may be weak and slow
but at least I don't have to give her all of my ammo

maybe you should try my game, for just one day
I guarantee it'll be the toughest you'll ever play

tough, maybe, but more frustrating
my game is the one that's more entertaining
so check it out y'all, go play Resident Evil 4
while I drop this fool, and this mic to the floor

naw, Resi 5 is the way you ought to go
grab the Gold Edition, and just go with the flow

face it bro, your game ain't that great
it's just mine with a fresher coat of paint
and some annoying girl who can't shoot for shit
just admit it, spit it out and get over it
Resident Evil 4 is the game these folks will get

So, there you have it, Leon would easily win a Resi Rap Battle, because Resi 4 is fucking awesome, and Resi 5 is great, but doesn't quite compare.

Author:  dinowoman [ 15 Apr 2011, 18:48 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

What a hilarious concept! I love the idea of Leon and Chris having a rap battle! :laugh: And the rap itself is highly entertaining. :D

Author:  Venom [ 23 Apr 2011, 21:07 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

This is a poem I wrote just's just something I needed to get out. I don't think I'm bottling my emotions up, but then, no one thinks so even if they are, so I think it's better to get these emotions out. To put context behind these words would require a lot of explanation, so I'm just going to let it speak for itself. I've decided to title this "Three Words and a Lie" for lack of anything more creative.

you told me you loved me
but I should have known it was a lie
I should have seen the deception
hiding right behind your eyes
I should have known better
than to fall for a girl like you
I should have seen long ago
that your love for me wasn't true
why do you think I let you walk
when I've stopped you time and time before
the reasoning is simple
I couldn't stay married to a whore
you brought feelings I'd never known out
left me neglected and desensetized
and all because when you said those words
those three words were a lie
you thought it was ok to toy with my emotions
leading me on then leaving me high and dry
you don't even realize
how many times you made me cry
but it's finally over now and I'm a free man
I'm through with you forever, this is goodbye
I've no love left to give you, not an ounce
because all of yours was just a lie

Author:  Venom [ 30 Apr 2011, 18:57 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Getting back to the less serious side of things, I wanted to do a song that somehow made use of the phrase "you shall not pass" made famous by one of the Lord of the Rings movies (I forgot which one) and this is what I came up with. It's just something I threw together for fun, I didn't write it according to the scene in the movie, I just kinda took the basis of the scene and ran with it. I'm writing some of it off the top of my head so there is going to be language. And I can safely say that now having written the first verse. ^_^

you shall not pass, lemme tell ya why
I'll split the ground under ya, you'll fall inside
tumbling down towards the lava, watch ya fry
but don't think I'm going down mothafucka 'cause I can fuckin' fly

think you got what it takes, bring it on fool
while you're burnin' in lava, I'm up here all cool
you all toasty, like a coat made out of wool
well let me tell ya mothafucka, that's what you get for bein' cruel

'cause you don't fuck with my peeps, no
I'll kick your ass, make you weep, bro
and when you feel the rush of bad vertigo
it's 'cause I said the magic words, you shall not pass, yo

on your way down, you won't see no light
won't even notice when the grey turns to white
your burnin' body, such a damn ugly sight
good thing I can't see it, 'cause my aura's so damn bright

so I done tossed you out like the trash
watched you fall with a deafening crash
I coulda told ya before I'd kick your fuckin' ass
down to the depths, motherfucker, YOU SHALL NOT PASS

That was fun. :D

Author:  Venom [ 19 May 2011, 17:43 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I have two songs to post this time, both thematically similar but one is more serious minded and suited for rock/metal and the other is a little sillier and more suited for rap. The first one is called "Deaf or Blind" and more or less speaks for itself.

And if anyone cares: explicit lyrics (this goes for both of them, although the first one only has one instance of foul language. The second one is peppered with it though.)

don't want to hear you but I can't stand seeing you in action
because of you my senses are now subject to subtraction
"on deafened ears" is a phrase I'm dying just to say
but you make it so hard to ignore your wicked, sinful ways
bearing witness to atrocity, you're a cancer on my mind
you beg me to ask myself would I rather be deaf or blind?

in a world that's full of evil deeds and malicious spite
you do your part to contribute, what a waste of life
incessantly spreading hatred through all you say and do
was there ever a time when animosity didn't consume you?
sticks and stones, broken bones, a wake of strife behind
impossible to choose between, would I rather be deaf or blind?

I wish to see no evil, hear no evil, but I cannot win this fight
if I only had one choice, neither one would suit me right
'cause all you say and all you do brings anger and dismay
how I wish I could dull my senses, why won't you go away?

polluting my sight, I must avert my eyes away from your revulsion
all your hate is getting to me, building up to an implosion
just shut your mouth one goddamned minute, make yourself a mute
before you push me to the edge, no choice but to execute
I'll take it all away, all the decay, because you won't see the signs
I've made my choice, to cease your voice, I'll no longer remain deaf or blind


This next one is slightly less serious in tone, and is called "Hatespeak." I had to make the last verse have four lines to feel like I had some closure, because before I added the entire verse, and after I added one with three lines, it still didn't feel like it "ended" properly.

every word you say makes me feel so fuckin' hated
unless I heard you wrong or you say you just mis-stated
then all I got to say is "your tongue should be amputated"

your words so sharp, they cut just like fuckin' glass
raised on a silver spoon, but your tongue is made of brass
just take your words and shove them straight up your ass

cause I don't wanna hear it no more, I'm tuning you out
go ahead, try to get through to me but the more you shout
the less I care, I don't wanna know what you're talkin' about

sprayin' words like venom, you a goddamn spittin' cobra?
hatespeak don't make sense, maybe you gotta say it slower?
or maybe I just ain't listening, like you didn't when I said it's over

maybe I just need to wash your damn mouth out with soap
or better yet I should just shove it down your fuckin' throat
think I'm mad? you damn right, I hope you fuckin' croak

now I guess I don't mean to sound so fuckin' critical
but it's hard not to be when you're so goddamn cynical
so instead I decided to send a message in a tone that's lyrical

hope you understand, the way I decide to say what I say
because unlike you my words aren't filled with nothin' but hate
oh sure, this may seem cruel, but after this I'm startin' a clean slate

cause I don't wanna end up being just like you, spreadin' hostility
I'd prefer a life without your scorn, one of peace and tranquility
so if I say "I hate" you know it's probably about you, you see

if there's one thing you need to take away from all of this
it's that your voice of ill will is something I'll never miss
so I'm wrappin' this up to send to you, sealed with a fist
cut out your hatespeak, and let me live without you in bliss

Author:  Venom [ 25 May 2011, 18:02 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

First of all, I know I've been posting behind myself quite a bit, but after this post I'll probably be taking a break anyway. I've got two more songs to share, one that I'm quite proud of for no real reason, which I will post first.

This song is titled "Monetary Divine" and deals with a nation (America) which, while once rooted in the Christian faith, has given way to being ruled by money, and as a result, God brings divine retribution upon the country. This is the first song I've ever written that I've been able to envision an actual band singing, that band being the thrash metal band Exodus, because their writing style was an inspiration to this song in the first place. Anyway, here it is:

we pledge allegiance to no god, only to the green
bills, coins, stocks and bonds, the lifeblood of Wall Street
glory be, to the power of money, all hail it's grace
by it's strength disaster is averted, savior of the human race

excessive spending in the name of defense and liberty
the unelected governor of this lavish democracy
he who wields the cross, to it's power he resigns
none can undermine their god, the monetary divine

mathematical equations rule in the place of common law
always increasing profit keeps the masses ever in awe
driven by the greed of gold, man does not notice
there's another deity involved, and he's highly pissed


what once was a nation founded on piety and faith
has become slavish in the face of the green wraith
leviathan, juggernaut it's power is unmatched
but the one they left behind has a plan to unhatch

I pledge allegiance, to the flag, of the United States of America
and to the republic, for which it stands, one nation, under...
[spoken in a deeper voice] ME

nation suffers, child and mother
alike have been consumed
by the torrent of the scorned one
now we face our doom
revenge is bitter sweet and justice is divine
the consequence of ignorance, we have crossed the line

now in ruin and regret, a nation ripped and torn
by the powers long forgotten, their memory's reborn
one nation returned to subsistence, for their money's gone
raise your children on this lesson: do the Lord no wrong!

excessive spending now restricted, institutions lost
brought to end by the holy, wielding power from the cross
a nation suffers when their leaders draw a faulty design
decades of indecency will bring retribution divine


I'd also like to point out that I'm not much of a religious person, but when I have a chance to portray God in a semi-positive light without actually, you know, making the song a Christian song, I'll go for it, especially when I get to show his destructive side. Anyway, here's another song I wrote called "Undead Nightmare" which is partially inspired by Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare, but not entirely since I haven't finished the game and thus don't know the entire chain of events in the game.

damned souls rise again to feast on flesh and blood
not content to stay buried under the dirt and mud
plaguing the earth, infecting all whom they attack
only one can make a stand, only one will fight back

the dead made to walk again, killing with no cares
who will come? who will save us? from the undead nightmare

all across the lands the living make a stand and fight
while alone, one man searches for a cure to this plight
the undead try to turn him but he will not fall so soon
he'll fight until he finds the reason, is it God or the moon?

can this be reality, should we really be so scared?
after all it's just so unreal, this undead nightmare

striking out against the masses, of the living dead unbound
from this horrific nightmare, what respite can be found?
the legions of the reanimated, conquering this earth
salvation seems so far away, what price is it worth?

from the valleys to the hills, the evil eyes still stare
why, why can't he wake up from this undead nightmare

and so it seems that destiny is harsher than once thought
one man can't change the world no matter how hard he has fought
walking with the ones once fallen, while feasting on the living
to those that stand strong and valiant, fate is so unforgiving

now they roam unrestrained, you can see them everywhere
there's no hope, no cure, no end to this undead nightmare

Author:  Venom [ 03 Jul 2011, 17:54 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Parental Advisory: explicit lyrics that you don't want your kids to hear! (that's what the stickers should say...but seriously, I'm just putting it here as a forewarning)

I've had some time to clear my head and get my creative juices flowing again, so I decided to start writing and sharing songs again. I decided to start with one that was inspired by numerous songs that deal with being in a rock/metal band and the love of the rock/metal music and lifestyle. Songs like Heavy Metal (Is the Law) by Helloween and Heavy Metal by Chinchilla were the inspiration for this first song, basically it's just about how awesome I think it would be to perform in a metal band...not really much else to it. It's called "Heavy Metal Soul."

under the spotlight, we're gonna lose control
ready for the music, we're ready to rock n roll
gotta play it loud and fast, no, not gonna play it slow
gonna turn it up and then we'll watch the speakers fuckin' blow

the stage is set, now, you see the smoke arise
we'll get your fire burnin' from deep down inside
tell us now how loud you want it, tell us with your cheers
tell us now and we'll crank it up, so everyone can hear

'cause heavy metal's on tonight, for the gods of rock n roll
we'll play our music all night, until we've lost every bit of control
the fire in our hearts and eyes, it's getting ready to explode
won't stop until we see the light, shinin' from your heavy metal soul

you can call it relgion, or maybe you will call it law
all we know is when time comes you are gonna heed the call
metal warriors in formation, no fear, they're ready to fight
break the chains, take your axe and stand for what you know is right

though we've made some enemies, closer are our friends
through good and bad we stand together, strong until the very end
we'll fight to keep our freedom and will not let them take our dreams
they're already blind so let us deafen them with our metal screams!


six strings is all you need, for all your dreams to come true
just play it loud, and play it proud, no one can ever defy you
stand tall, on your ground, and don't you ever dare look back
just keep on marching forward on your chosen heavy metal path


Looking back over it I notice the verses kinda get longer as the song goes, but I ran it through my head and it sounded fine, so I decided to leave it alone. Next up is a silly song I decided to write because I wanted to write a song about Star Fox, because, like I said about Kirby in my first post, no one ever writes songs about Star Fox. I was having trouble thinking of anything though, until it became painfully obvious...DO A BARREL ROLL!

baddies on your tail, yeah what do you know?
gotta shake em all off so do a barrel roll!
Peppy's gonna tell you right, straight from the soul
press Z or R twice and you'll do a barrel roll!
if you ain't got the skillz you're gonna pay the toll
so listen up here you gotta do a barrel roll!
'cause this shit is serious it ain't no lakeside stroll
you're ass is under fire, dawg, so do a barrel roll!
when everything looks hopeless it's your ace in the hole
not your smart bomb, Fox, you gotta do a barrel roll!
it ain't all that hard to just do what you're told
so listen up fool, and just do a barrel roll!
it ain't exactly new, and it ain't breakin' the mold
but it's tried and true, you know, so do a barrel roll!
listen to your man Peppy not that bitchy Falco
'cuz he ain't gonna tell you how to do a barrel roll!
Falco's just pissy and he's a bit of an asshole
and his words can't be dodged, so don't do a barrel roll!
but when Wolf is chasin' you in the Arwing that he stole
you gotta learn to evade him so do a barrel roll!
'cause he's gonna do his best to make your body cold
so if you want to stay alive, just do a barrel roll!
and when Andross is on your ass, breakin' his parole
you gotta fly to survive, so do a barrel roll!
I actually tried to make the last half of the song (after the first time I wrote "DON'T do a barrel roll") try to have reasons to NOT do one, and thus continue the "don't" trend until the last line about Andross, but I really couldn't think of any reason why you wouldn't do a barrel least not any that rhymed. So I decided to just have that one line not telling you to do one as sort of a mix up before it goes back to normal.

That's all for now, I imagine I'll have more soon though. Got a few ideas and just don't know what to do with them yet.

Author:  dinowoman [ 06 Jul 2011, 18:21 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

You really should get some melodies written and record these songs. It'd be great to hear them set to music. That Star Fox one in particular would make a great song, I think. It was fun. :D

Author:  Venom [ 15 Jul 2011, 15:13 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

As awesome as that would be, and despite the fact that I can get melodies going in my head, I don't know how to put them on paper. I've never been musically inclined, so I've never learned to read or write sheet music, tabs, or what have you. Although it would probably be easy to play a random tune to some of the shorter and sillier songs, like the Star Fox one, all I have is a MIDI keyboard that's probably older than I am and I don't have a microphone. Still...the prospect IS alluring, so maybe I'll work on righting those wrongs in the future.

For now I'll just keep writing lyrics though. (explicit lyrics ahead for those who care)

This first one started out as an idea for a somewhat silly song but I decided to give it a more serious tone. It's called "Apathy (I Don't Give a Fuck)" although I'm not sure that would be the final name I'd go with, I'd either drop the Apathy or the part in parentheses...but as it is it's meant to convey an apathetic tone, towards people, and life in general, so it was hard to choose one or the other. Anyway, here goes:

woke up this morning, I feel like shit
this life is hell and I am finally over it
cannot condone the sickening stupidity
emotion fades to disdain, and growing apathy

in this nightmare of a life, I feel forever stuck
but I don't care no more, I just don't give a fuck
back against the wall, it seems I'm out of luck
but I'll relent, without repent, 'cause I don't give a fuck

strange situations, my list of problems grows
but if you look inside of me no emotion shows
drained of caring, hope, love and my lust for life
when I find there's no escape, from the endless strife


damned to the bitter end, solitude my only friend
drowned in this blasphemy, will I ever be set free?
a world as uncaring as I, seems unlikely as hell in ice
but as the days pass by, misery seems to multiply

and so I turn my back on this hateful humanity
no chance to overcome this terrible tragedy
witnessing this insanity, leaves me empty inside
burdened by uncaring eyes, until the day I die


To be entirely honest some of that is actually how I feel...not all the time, but there are days when I just can't find it in me to care about anything at all because seeing the state of the world, and dealing with people who care for nothing but fulfilling their own selfish needs makes it hard to keep a positive attitude. I try though. ^_^

Next up is something I came up with when I decided I wanted to write a straightforward death metal song. I actually don't really like traditional death metal that much, but it is a fun genre to write for when you get in the right mood. I've titled it "Death Proceeds Unhindered."

drained of blood, drained of life, laying on the ground
severed limbs, rotting flesh, scattered all around
fallen on the battlefield, underneath the moon
hear the cries, see the scythe, death is coming soon

snakes arise to claim their prize, into your skull they slither
another heart, has been ceased, death proceeds unhindered

impaled by sword, damn the horde, killed at the dawn
try to fight, you want to live, but you can't go on
they attacked with no remorse, by bloodlust consumed
howling dogs, in distant fog, death is coming soon


once a leader, now a corpse, no escape from fate
another victim of the heathens, driven by their hate
oh, how the mighty have fallen to their lasting doom
by night he's blessed, you are next, death is coming soon



Kinda short, but then most death metal songs are.

This last one is a dumb thing that I just now came up with, I thought it would be good for a laugh though. I can't be arsed to come up with a title for something so silly so let's just call it "The Beer Marching Song" because I can imagine it being used as a marching song in the military.

I don't know what I been told
this beer you brought it ain't too cold
I need a cold one in my hands
when I'm at home or in the stands

1, 2, 3, 4
this beer ain't even fit for a whore

now what you think you tryin' to do?
how can I get this through to you
I need a cold one in my hands
when I'm at home or in foreign lands

5, 6, 7, 8
warm beer is a thing I hate

now I'm only gonna tell you once
get it from the freezer, dunce
I need a cold one in my hands
so get it now 'cause I got plans


I don't even drink, but it's fun to write dumb things for the sake of hilarity sometimes.

Author:  Venom [ 21 Jul 2011, 15:44 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Explicit lyrics ahead...I really should have just put that in the thread title but it appears to be too late now.

I've had some lyrics floating around in my head, and I tried to use them to write a song a couple of days ago, but I just couldn't get it to come together. So I reworked it and rewrote it until I was satisfied, and this is what I came up with.

"Face Demise"

world war three, the stakes are getting higher
annihilation, it is our one desire
baptizing the world in a nuclear fire
we're sitting pretty on the funeral pyre

against our will, this disaster was brought
by anxious world leaders, evil was wrought
at the mercy of the careless onslaught
our life it seems has been all for naught

murder in the first degree
excused by our hypocrisy
victims of our own device
turn around and face demise

deadly fallout spread 'cross the land
guided by a blackened human hand
world governments are forced to disband
we curse them all, for they don't understand

now we thrive in true hell on earth
surviving on instinct, for whatever it's worth
promises of our oncoming rebirth
thrown away, they were left in the dirt


now what's left of life is slowly being drained
from ingestion of the incessant black rain
repopulation is foremost on our brain
but we only smear the radioactive stain

now mother earth leaves us to fend for ourselves
giving up hope? yeah, guess you might as well
seek deliverance, from this ruined earth shell
we leave God's creation, emblazioned in hell


The initial idea was to have a song about the nations that America tries to boss around and keep tabs on banding together and launching a nuclear strike against America, but that didn't work, so I wrote a song that takes place after a nuclear strike, in an undetermined time and place. I think it came out pretty good considering the only thing that I brought over from the first draft was the chorus.

This next one I'm channeling my emotions into again, it's called "Cracked" and deals with the feeling that I'm being pushed to the edge and I'm about to lose my mind and seriously fuck someone's shit up, which is mainly due to the enormous amount of stress I've been under lately. I'm thinking writing this down will help get some of my pent up anger out and will allieve (sp?) some of that stress.

I'm about to fucking crack
there is no turning back
I'm pushed beyond the edge and I am ready to attack

you better run away
you better hide and pray
when I find you God won't save you from your last of days

don't push me anymore
for fear of what's in store
I'm ready to strike back
'cause I have fucking cracked!!

I have come unchained
adrenalized my brain
hate is on the menu but my specialty is pain

violence unleashed
cannot kill the beast
break your bones, snap your neck, now your life is ceased


dying to live...the living will die
I don't need a reason so you shouldn't ask me why
don't ask for mercy...don't beg for your life
if you do I'll smash your head to stop your dying cries!!!

hatred in my eyes
now it's time to die
vengeance fast and furious like lightning from the sky

I will not repent
for this is not my sin
you have brought this on yourself by fueling my descent


now all is lost...was it worth the cost?
inside my head...I'm now forever dead

I'd much rather TALK (...or sing) about hurting people than actually do it, so it's good to get those words out.

Author:  dinowoman [ 22 Jul 2011, 15:17 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I've edited the thread title for you, to include a language warning, so you won't need to give it for individual posts. (I think it should be possible for you to edit titles yourself if you click on "Go Advanced" in edit mode.) Also, sorry for leaving it so long before responding to your previous post. I've been really busy and haven't had time to look at threads that would take more than a few minutes to read and reply to.

I think I liked the death metal one out of the three in your previous post. While I quite like the music associated with death metal, I'm normally far from a fan of the themes of the lyrics, but I think yours works very well as an example of the genre. At first I had slight doubts about the metre, but then I realised that, as a song, stresses can be on different words than if it were a simple poem, and when I read it again, imagining a musical rhythm, I realised it worked perfectly.

I very much liked both of the items in your latest post. The nuclear one was very evocative, and I really loved the chorus. I thought "Cracked" suited the mindset very well of the person from whose viewpoint it was written. The short, punchy lines emphasise the feeling of rage and desire for violence.

Author:  Venom [ 25 Jul 2011, 21:01 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Thanks for popping that in the title, now I won't have to remember to put it in my posts.

And as always (though I don't always say it) your comments are appreciated. ^_^ As much fun as I usually have writing things I have more fun reading what people thought of them.

On another topic, I have an idea for another "Metal Ripoff" type song, but I haven't quite gotten it all down yet...expect something soon though!

Author:  Venom [ 30 Jul 2011, 21:27 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Contrary to what I said in my last post I haven't tried to work on my Metal Ripoff, err, "sequel" but instead I've decided to go a different route. I've been listening to more songs recently that actually carry some emotional weight to them, and I decided I wanted to write a song with emotional weight, so I started coming up with lines and ran with the first few things I wrote down. Unfortunately I can't come up with a title that doesn't sound generic, so right now the working title is "Failure to Live" because it's the least "meh" thing I've thought of so far. Also, since I try to give credit where it's due, I should note that the lines "ladies and gentlemen / welcome to my life again" are from the song Juliet by Sonata Arctica. In that song they appear one after another but I decided on a different rhyme scheme when I wrote the first verse so that it wasn't such a blatant ripoff. Anyway, here goes:

ladies and gentlemen
all you girls and boys
welcome to my life again
another misguided ploy

broken dreams and promises
give way to broken hearts
lost all feeling and my senses
as my being falls apart

now my dreams and hopes descend
failure is my lifestyle trend
the pages turn but never bend
I'm trapped within my life again

the show they say it must go on
but I'm scared to face the crowd
the ship I once sailed proud upon
has sunk and I begin to drown

broken dreams and promises
give way to broken hearts
pieces of my life regress
and put me right back at the start

now my dreams and hopes descend
failure is my lifestyle trend
the pages turn but never bend
I'm trapped within my life again
and I know not any reason why
I fail to live this life no matter how I try
my friend of misery I can't deny
forever with agony I lie


broken dreams and promises
give way to broken hearts
lost all feeling and my senses
as I tear myself apart

now my dreams and hopes descend
I've failed to live my life again
and the pages turn but never bend
until this existence has been brought to end
and I know not any reason why
I'm cursed to fail until the day I die
when I dream this life will pass me by
I awake to find it was all just a lie

Author:  dinowoman [ 04 Aug 2011, 18:17 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I like this very much. I guess some people might accuse it of being rather emo, with lines like "I'm cursed to fail until the day I die", but I think it worked very well as a whole, and the theme is certainly appropriate for your intentions. I think it's nicely constructed too.

Author:  Venom [ 04 Aug 2011, 19:54 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

I can see where it would come off as emo, but I'm still pretty new at writing things with any emotional meaning at all, so I think the more time I put into it the closer I'll get to writing songs that don't feel so...forced, for lack of a better word. I'm actually trying to work my way towards writing doom metal songs by briding the gap between my songs that are obviously made for metal and songs that give a sense of despair or depression, but I'm still a ways off from that.

But I don't usually have any problems writing comedic songs, and this one's a doozy. The song is called "Chicken, Arise!" and, basically, is about a chicken who is brought back to life to lead an uprising against KFC and assassinate Colonel Sanders, only to find he's already dead. The lines "arise chicken! chicken arise!" are from an episode of Aqua Teen Hunger Force, and the first verse is partially inspired by the opening of Robot Chicken, so...there's some Adult Swim love in here. Also the line "chicken, grease and salt / the colonel's secret recipe" is a reference to Futurama. Otherwise I just pulled the idea out of my ass...which is my "go to" place for insane ideas nowadays.

run down on the highway
when he tried to cross the road
why he chose the path he walked
no one shall ever know
but we can rebuild him
even stronger than before
for he will lead us into battle
to Colonel Sanders we bring war!

arise, chicken! chicken, arise!
time to exact vengeance for all of those who died
arise, chicken! chicken, arise!
for their sins against us KFC will pay in kind

he boldly leads our forces
to the slaughterhouse's halls
we shall free our brothers
and their captors die by our claws
deep behind the enemy lines
our feathers have been ruffled
silently we stalk our prey
their dying screams are muffled


chicken, grease and salt
the colonel's secret recipe
we will destroy this evil list
and bring end to his tyranny
we infiltrate the corporate office
we make quick work of them all
searching every nook and cranny
we will see the old man fall


our mission seems a failure
for our target's already at rest
but we dismantled his empire
and prevented millions more deaths
still we ponder what could have been
if we had taken the old man's head
but we take solace in the fact
that humanity's filled with dread


Looking back, that could almost work as a death metal song. lol. Speaking of which, I wanted to try another death metal song, one that was more "brutal" than Death Proceeds Unhindered. One that really captured what made death metal a distinct genre in the first place. So here it is..."Deliver the Pain (Rip Out Your Brain)"

death becomes you all too easily
I gouge out your eyes so you cannot see
it's better this way, I think you'll agree
you won't see it coming when I cut out your spleen

deliver the pain, all life I drain
your death in vain, I rip out your brain

drop dead gorgeous or simply drop dead?
the answer is simple, I'll chop off your head
now all your friends they are running in dread
your body looks nice but I'll take theirs instead


now the doctor is in, I'll even show my degree
as I strap you down tight for your lobotomy
no anesthesia because nothing is free
except the joyful sound of your dying screams


my work here is done, blood and guts drench the walls
another fine trophy for my Lord Death's dark halls
bloodlust not satisfied, I must see more fall
the axe in your skull shows I've heeded Death's call

empty your veins, deliver the pain
blood red stains, I rip out your brain

Maybe not as gleefully violent as I initially hoped, but it's still pretty good IMO. I guess it's harder than I thought to make a song seem really gritty and sinister without it seeming too over the top, which makes it harder to take seriously, so maybe my approach isn't so bad if I look at it that way.

Author:  Venom [ 20 Aug 2011, 20:00 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

This next one is kinda screamo-ey, but I don't really care. I just had some good lines that I wanted to use.

"End of the Line"

I can't continue on like this
at this rate tomorrow won't exist
in my life I'm at a loss
only blood can pay the cost

holy mother, holy ghost
ever such a gracious host
but tonight in hell I dine
I've reached the end of the line

a gleaming knife the telling sign
of my wish for suicide
carefully I split my veins
my lifeforce, rent in twain


the agony is not enough
so in the bullet's bite I trust
one in the chamber and one in my head
don't you think I'm better off dead?


won't leave a line, not a single note
on my dying breath I choke
bled of life, it's my demise
now the flames of hell arise

holy father, holy ghost
curse your name, I hate you most
from suffering I'm finallly free
it's the end of the line for me


This was partially inspired by "Will to Bleed" by The Agony Scene. Just throwing that out there.

Author:  Venom [ 23 Aug 2011, 18:04 ]
Post subject:  Venny's Scrawlings - songs, poems, etc. (Warning: explicit language)

Getting back to the less emo side of things, I've had the idea for this one for a while and just couldn't quite form it the way I wanted to, but I finally got it to work out pretty well. It's called "Scheme" which is sort of a double meaning. It refers to the rhyme scheme, for one thing, as well as the scheme of a church that seeks to force what they believe to be God's will on the masses, and destroy any who oppose in order to create a holy utopia in which everyone blindly follows the Christian faith. I tried to make it possible to derive that (or the general idea) from the lyrics while still only using 2-4 syllables in each word or set of words to keep a flow going without losing the meaning.

ordinate, instigate, we subjugate, and congregate
denigrate, disintegrate, they propagate, human hate
godless whores, open doors, to holy wars, on foreign shores
in your lore, keeping score, holy corps, serve the lord

caught up in their scheme
this is real it's not a dream
lost in holy delusion nothing's what it seems
it's getting much too late
you know you can't escape
spread the word of God and of intolerance and hate

bigotry, from sea to sea, on your knees, God you'll please
none will see, the scheme in me, glory be, the blind will lead
spread the word, lead the herd, dissenters, will be burned
it's our turn, they will learn, peace disturbed, prayers answered


flocking mass, stones are cast, reclaim the past, convert them fast
judgement passed, they can't last, our will steadfast, now we clash
their sins absolved, problem solved, we evolve, to God we call
they dissolve, it is resolved, heathens crawl, to hell they fall

deliverance of a dream
completion of the scheme
in the eyes of God their souls are now redeemed
intolerance and hate
the elected head of state
destroy all those who oppose, there is no escape

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