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 Post subject: Forum Rules
PostPosted: 15 Sep 2013, 12:30 
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Section A. General Posting Rules
1. Offensive Content
a. Though nothing is filtered on Mercury Ice Forums, please refrain from using an abundance of swear words. Mercury Ice has a zero-tolerance policy for hate language (this includes racism, sexism, homophobia, etc).
b. Porn and other sexual material is not allowed on this board because of the possibility that members are under the age of 18 and it is illegal (in at least America) for anyone under the age of 18 to view porn. Pornographic and other graphic (i.e. gory) images, links, etc. are not to be posted on the forums. If one is unsure about an image or link it is best not to post it at all or ask a staff member if it is acceptable. It is possible and recommended to include what is known as a "trigger warning" if a link may contain content that is potentially problematic for members.
c. If a member deems a post offensive due to language or content, s/he may report the post by using the report post button or by private messaging a staff member. Please do not instant message a staff member unless the problem is urgent.

2. Advertising
a. Advertising outside of signatures is generally prohibited by anyone who does not have at least 50 posts on the forum. It is recommended that links be directly related to topics at hand. If someone would like to showcase a personal project, please make sure that the poster has at least 50 posts on the forum and posts the project in the appropriate forum. Advertising via private messaging is not allowed.
b. Linking to illegal files is prohibited by Mercury Ice Forums and will not be tolerated in any shape or form. This includes but is not limited to cracks, codes, ROMs, etc.

3. Harassment
a. Flaming, trolling, blackmailing, and other actions that could harm a member in any way will be punished severely. Trolling can be described as purposely causing havoc; i.e. mass flaming, spamming, and generally irritating the hell out of everyone. Flaming can be described as words intending to insult or cause a negative reaction.
b. While we cannot foresee or prevent harassment outside of our forums, if it is brought to light that harassment of members is happening outside of the forum, every possible precaution will be made to ensure members' safety and right to privacy, and if necessary, members who harass others may be banned if it is deemed by staff to be the best option for the stability of the forum.

4. Spam
Spam is generally seen as "stupid pointless annoying messages" and can be on the forum and via private message. Spam includes but is not limited to off-topic posts, posts that are less than ten words long (not including any statements similar to "This post needs to be ten words long," "blah," etc.), multiple topics on the same subject, and double posting, unless it is an update such as in the Design category. It is generally looked down upon on Mercury, but exceptions are made for forum games and similar topics.

The staff reserves the right to decide what qualifies as prohibited. If someone feels they have been warned unfairly, he or she may present his or her argument in Questions/Suggestions or by private messaging an administrator. The staff also reserves the right to expire, ban, suspend, or alter any account for any reason, at any time, and without warning or explanation, though this generally only happens to accounts suspected to be spambots.

Section B. Common Courtesies

1. Be specific in topic titles. For example, do not put, "AHHHHH!" or some other random phrase as the title, especially in [B]Questions/Suggestions[/B]. Titles by and large need to give a general idea of the topic at hand. This rule does not apply in The Lobby.
2. Do not ask to become a staff member. That is a one-way street to NO.

Section C. Staff Rules

1. Concerning hierarchy
The hierarchy of Mercury Ice goes as follows: Root Administrator (Crystal) > Other Administrators (Zeth) > Global Moderators > Section (including RPG) Moderators > Members > Banned Members. The Administrators can override any decision except in the case which a warning is issued to them. In that case, the rest of the staff is responsible for any decisions regarding warnings.

2. Warnings
In handing out a warning, the staff member MUST include evidence in the reasoning. If no evidence is given, the warning point will be removed and cannot be readded.

3. Banning
Any member who has participated in discussion on Mercury Ice and is eligible for banning must deemed ban-worthy by three-fourths (3/4) of staff members. The length of the ban will be based on the severity of insubordination and past history.

4. Behavior
If a staff member is seen unfit be on staff, they will be dropped, with or without warning or explanation. Staff members must be active and present a good image to the forum and be helpful to members.

5. Leaking -
Anyone caught leaking information out of the staff room will be relieved of their staff position for a week and further leaks will result in worse punishment, including the revocation of staff privileges.

Section D. Warning System

In most cases, the following warn system will be used:

1. Verbal Warning
2. Warn
3. Warn and one week suspension
4. Warn and two week suspension
5. Warn and at least one month ban

This system is based entirely on time limits. For example, if a new member is given a verbal warning for spamming and a year later they spam again, they will not likely receive a warning point.

Once a member has been permanently banned, they may not return without permission from the staff. To ask that a member's ban be reviewed, post your argument in Questions/Suggestions or PM the administrator.

Important note: Major misdemeanors can result in more serious punishments without going through the official warning process.

Section E. Contact Information
1. If there are any questions about the rules as stated, please post about them in Questions/Suggestions.
2. Please email the staff at admin at mercuryice dot com if you have any comments or concerns about these rules and cannot post in the forums.


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