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PostPosted: 31 Aug 2009, 16:32 
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Experiment 1337 has been banned indefinitely. In Zeth's words:

Zeth wrote:
For the reasons that:
Disrupting the course of an integral Comm pasttime (RPing), which has resulted in repeated reprimands given in an attempt at civility, and irrational, volatile responses to said reprimands, culminating in a show of blatant disregard for the established systems of Comm hierarchy (Root Administrator, multiple RP-Masters), expressed via Private Messaging between member and Administration (Zeth),
the member Experiment 1337 has been indefinitely banned from the Comm forums.

Well, I wouldn't go as far as Zeth in saying that 1337 was "being an Asshole (note the capital A)", I do support this action, both as the junior Admin and as a person. For the past year, 1337 has consistently be told to improve his behavior, writing skills and general attitude only to reply with insults, constant whining and continuing to constantly join and disrupt RPs.

About a week ago, 1337 seemed to express genuine interest in improving, and said so over PM. When Zeth responded with a carefully worded PM (I know, I've seen it, and so has the rest of the staff) about how he could improve, he responded with the same degree of egotistical arrogance that we have been known to expect from him. When Zeth address this, 1337 grew angrier until eventually, Zeth told him that since he had shown a chronic incapacity for accepting criticism and advice, that he was barring 1337 from RPing for the next two months. I understand that this was a compromise between suspending him (as Zeth wanted initially) and more lenient punishment. However, Zeth made it clear under no uncertain terms that 1337 was to use this time wisely, instead of complaining about it, and that if he DID complain, he WOULD get banned. This is what he replied:

Experiment 1337 wrote:
Fine. Whatever. If you want to ban me, fine. Do it. Not much I can do about it now, anyway.

Still, I'd like to see how everybody else reacts when they found that a devoted member of the Comm has been banned from RPing for trying to improve, but not being told how to.

This is the history of 1337 on the Comm pretty much. Gentle nudge, arrogance. Firm push, outrage. Reprimand, contempt. WHen 1337 learns that this is not how intelligent people respond to those things, he will be allowed back on the Comm, until then, I merely ask two things.

1: Don't Complain. This is Zeth's ruling, but I'm backing him to the hilt. Anybody who tries to debate or argue about this ruling will be reprimanded. Continuing to do so will only be useful if you are jealous of 1337 and want your own permaban.

2: Direct all questions (ACTUAL questions mind you.) to me. Zeth's been dealing with this issue, and literally, dodging the storm of bullshit that 1337's been raining on him for the past week. If anything, he deserves to wash his hands of it. I've seen all the relevant PMs and I'm as informed as humanly possible about the situation, so leave Zeth alone and ask me if you have any valid issues.

That is all,

"Those are brave men," he told Ser Balon in admiration. "Let's go kill them."
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PostPosted: 08 Sep 2009, 21:44 
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1337 has been reinstated on a limited account after deliberations behind the scenes, pending full account renewal.


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