2014 Anniversary Contest: Images
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Author:  Zeth [ 08 Feb 2014, 15:37 ]
Post subject:  2014 Anniversary Contest: Images

The Categories are two, an two will be the number, and the number of the categories will be two: Writing and Image. Any medium of either is acceptable; poetry, short story, song, etc for writing, and graphic design, spriting, painting, embroidery, what have you for images. No restriction except it must be an original work.

The Theme? Anniversary. It needn't necessarily be about Mercury either. Anything to do with anniversaries is fair game.

The Prize is being the first person to receive an award after the implementation of the Awards System, and if you so choose, you may choose what you would like the icon to be. I can design it, or the winner can submit an image. If the winner doesn't care what the icon is, just say so and I will design an original one myself.
You get one vote--so make it count, and no backsies.

Click below to see the entries:
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>dinowoman's Entry
>Jayge's Entry

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