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 Post subject: House Rules
PostPosted: 05 Sep 2009, 14:40 
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Since IB's a bit different from the other RPs on this site, I'd like to set down a few specialized rules for the sake of plot advancement and to maintain the proper feel of both the story and the RP world. Most of these rules are pretty simple and there's not really a tangible penalty for breaking them. However, that doesn't mean that you can break them indiscriminately. If you DO break these rules, and break them often, consider both your character's importance to the plot and chances of surviving more than the next two or so pages to be in freefall.

1: Autoing: To move the plot forward, you may AUTO (or play that poster's character form them) if you are waiting on that character to advance the plot and he/she has not posted for at least FOUR DAYS. In addition, you may do so if I (Cataphrak) have set a deadline for chapter completion, and said poster can't be bothered. Either way, if YOUR character is the one that has to be auto'd, don't come running to me.

2: Inactivity: All posters are expected a minimum of three posts a MONTH. Those that cannot keep up for at least two consecutive months will be marginalized, those who cannot do so for more than THREE months will be effectively removed from the RP, their character(s) will revert to NPC status.

3: Storylines: There are currently a small number of isolated storylines within IB, each set within either Terra, Takara or Antar. Anyone wishing to start a new character MUST join one of these storylines unless they have express permission from me.

4: Keeping the Setting: IB is pretty much the closest thing to a serious RP on the Comm. To keep it that way, I expect all RPers to respect place, mood and setting. For example, characters who are commoners are expected to show deference to characters who are nobility, any character in the military is expected to be familiar with basic protocol. Any general who fails to observe common sense or decorum will not last long, any commander who fails to do their jobs when OTHER RPers AND the plot are counting on them will quickly go the way of Admiral John Byng.

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