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PostPosted: 14 Jul 2009, 15:56 
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Assembled officers of the Freikorps Battlefleet, Fight Command and Marine Corps, today is a special day.

Today, we clear a hurdle which has been in the way of the Freikorps since its very inception and today, we take a great stride forward as a strong, unified organization. This advance has been over two and a half years in the making, and today, on this, very special day, it is my pleasure to introduce this breakthrough to all of you.

Since the very beginning of the Freikorps' existence, the Freikorps Marines have been forced to rely on antiquated Terran Alliance power armour, using basic technology which was sometimes over fifty years old. Over the years, the limitations of this old, sometimes even obsolete technology has proven woefully obvious as the Freikorps encountered new multiverses with access to technology which, at least, in this theatre, well outstripped our own. Today, these sad limitations on our brave fighting men and women have been overcome, today, we will witness the beginning of a new golden age for the Freikorps, one powered by what I am about to show you.

No longer will marine power armour be susceptible to electromagnetic pulses and other EM based disabling weaponry...

No longer will field marines have to deal with the inadequate power of fusion generators.

No longer will we be forced to use antiquated Terran Alliance software to communicate with ancient combat electronics...

No longer will a marine ever be knocked off his feet in combat.

For over two years, the Freikorps scientists of Personnel Weapons Development Lab B have been working with our Val'Diri and Takari allies to update and overhaul the old Mk IX marine power armour. Thanks to a breakthrough in practical physics, we have been able to perfect the process of miniaturaizing and mass-producing zero-point energy generators. This means that we were able to incorporate a plethora of new features and enhancements into our new equipment. What I am about to show you is the culmination of those efforts.

I give you, the Mk IXA Infantry Power Armour!

(Mk IXa IPA in the colours of the 51st Heavy Infantry Division)

(Statistics of the old MkIX IPA are in parentheses)

Manufacturer: Dawson Heavy Industries, Ballenburg Mechanical
Cost: 1.4 Million SCUs per unit (0.8 million SCUs)
Standard Dimensions: 2.3 meters x 0.7 meters x 0.5 meters
Weight: 211.5 kgs (199.8 kgs)

Powerplant: Zero Point Module Generator (Microfusion Reactor)
Strength Amplification: x155 (x74)
Maximum Lifting Weight: 85 tonnes (42.7 tonnes)
Running Speed: 85.2km/h (52 km/h)

Protection Rating:
Class VII:
All projectiles below 0.7c
All conventional state melee weapons
Non-accelerated plasma weapons
All EMP weapons
Direct hit from WMDs of 150 kilotons or less
All radiation
Interuniversal/Inter-chronological rifts
Psionic attacks of 8th calibre or lower


-Interface with all Freikorps weapons and electronics
-Integrated thrusters allow limited flight capability
-ZPR cannot be destabilized
-Self-sealing smartmetal
-Can operate for 72 hours in hard vacuum
-Locking frame to prevent knockback
-Full suite of enhanced visual, infrared, X-ray, mass, energy, psionic and temporal sensors
-Capable of interfacing and utilizing heavy weapons from Seraphim Powered Exoskeletons and Seitengewehr series mecha.
-1=2 Shielding

Any questions?

"Those are brave men," he told Ser Balon in admiration. "Let's go kill them."
-Tyrion Lannister, A Clash of Kings

PostPosted: 15 Jul 2009, 14:04 
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Alright, since nobody seemed to have any questions, I will continue with the equipment unveiling.

The Mk IXA IPA is only the cornerstone for an entire integrated combat system designed to up the combat ability and lethality potential of the Regular Freikorps Marine by a factor of four. It is also designed to give the Freikorps an edge over the less conventional enemies which we have encountered over the last several years. What I am about to show you now is the second portion of the Freikorps Marine Integrated Weapons System, and perhaps equally as important:

It has been said that without his rifle, a marine is incomplete, and with its marine, a rifle is incomplete. Today I have the pleasure of unveiling the next evolution of the assault rifle, and a step towards a truly symbiotic union between a marine and his rifle, a weapon that responds directly to the mental state of its user's mind. Just as we have enhanced the marine body with genemods and hundreds of nano technological assists and augments, we have now similarly enhanced his rifle to keep up. No longer will any Freikorps marine be held back by his most important piece of his equipment.

I present to you, the C-24 Particle Projection Accelerator Rifle.


Type: Assault Rifle/Carbine
Length: 55 cm (Carbine), 108 cm (Rifle) +58 cm bayonet
Weight: 7.8 kg loaded (5.9 kg empty)
Effective Range: >1800 m
Optimal Range: >350 m
Rate of Fire: 960 rounds per minute
Ammunition: 5.2 mm, 300/magazine
Fire Modes: Single Shot, Three-Round Burst, Five-Round Burst, Full Automatic
Targeting Modes: Manual, Computer Assist, Overwatch Assist
Attachments: Grenade Launcher (Integrated), Bayonet, Target Designator

Designed to replace the venerable C-19 Crimson Crucifier, the C-24 retains many of the C-19's "convenience" features, like customizable casings and an automatic cleaning cycle, however, thanks to advances in gauss coil technology, the entire plasmoid-state ammunition system has been dispensed with completely. The C-24 uses the same ammunition as the old C-19 does, but instead of converting it to plasma, now accelerates it directly to relativistic speeds, allowing a much higher rate of fire, as well as increased range and penetration power for much lighter weight. The other major features include:

Target Designator:
In the old model C-19, only the C(ommand) variants had the ability to call down orbital strikes and indirect fire on enemy positions. Now, with new C-24 equipped with a target designator, every marine, from the lowliest grunt to Field Marshal Holt himself can call for heavy fire support through his weapon.

Assisted Targeting:
The update in suit electronics of the MkIXA IPA has allowed Freikorps weapons engineers to integrate a long overdue feature into Freikorps weaponry. The C-24 introduces two new targeting modes. The first, computer assist, allows the marine's suit computer to identify threats and communicate them directly to the marine's brain, allowing him to make a snap decision, one communicated directly to his suit, which responds to the target, allowing the marine to target and neutralize any threat in his line of sight with PERFECT accuracy. The second, overwatch assist, allows a section's designated marksman to paint targets outside the rest of his unit's line of sight, not only being able to set the target, but also the portion of the target to be hit, the number of rounds to be fired, and the range at which those shots should be fired at.

Smartmetal Interface:
The C-24's assisted targeting feature is only made possible by the direct interface between suit, marine and rifle. This is facilitated by a band of smartmetal hanging in front of the grip, serving as both a trigger guard and an interface port. When a marine grips his rifle in the "ready" position, the band of liquid metal contracts and attaches itself to the suit's gauntlet, interfacing with the suit and solidifying. Not only does this make the link that much more secure, it also makes disarming a marine with a conventional melee weapon effectively impossible.

Multiple Purpose Configuration:
The C-24 is also capable of changing into a Carbine. The modular construction of the weapon means that after removing a few casing panels and folding in the stock, the rifle is capable of contracting into a new form so small it can almost qualify as a machine pistol. Although accuracy naturally suffers, this form is perfect for close quarters or urban combat and was designed with the special needs of garrison marines and drop troopers in mind. Secondly, the C-24's regular ammunition can be swapped out for a drum of two dozen 25x60 mm rifle-grenades. Although the grenade launcher is capable of firing single, muzzle loaded grenades under normal conditions, the insertion of a full drum turns the C-24 into a light squad support weapon, perfect for flushing stubborn hostiles from fortified positions with either bloom, frag, flash-bang, or even tactical yield antimatter grenades.

The Bayonet Now Has a Chainsaw Blade:
That too...

"Those are brave men," he told Ser Balon in admiration. "Let's go kill them."
-Tyrion Lannister, A Clash of Kings

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