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Author:  Zeth [ 23 Jul 2015, 10:13 ]
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Cassius put an arm around Aeo's shoulder with mock familiarity. "You will be wise in choosing to not interfere so blatantly with things that do not concern you, with particular attention to how remarkably obvious you are making your stalking of our little group." The elf stepped away. "M, you would not suppose our meddlesome stalker has anything to do with Timothy's unfortunate current circumstance?"

M went chilly at the suggestion. "...It is suspicious."

Author:  Albert Clare [ 23 Jul 2015, 12:49 ]
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Aeo looked blankly at both of them, but grinned and put his arm around Cassius.

"You smell nice, pretty-boy," he said. "But who is Timothy?"

Author:  Zeth [ 23 Jul 2015, 16:08 ]
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Cassius pushed Aeo off roughly, and the poor juxtaposition of attitudes caused M to suddenly raise his guard, resting his hand visibly on his holster.

"Do not touch me." Cassius said coldly.

"What's your name?" M asked calmly. "And do you have an actual response to the accusation or are we taking your side-stepping at face value?"

Author:  Albert Clare [ 23 Jul 2015, 22:46 ]
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Aeo landed gracefully a respectful distance from Cassius, and said, with a grin and a lilt that could have been sincere, "Some piece of work you are, Blondie; you got my hopes up, you know. I still say you smell nice."

Then, to M, he said more seriously, "Name's Aeo, and I wasn't watching where I was going; sorry if Pointy-Ears gets worse for that. Can't tell you anything about any Timothy, I've never met anybody with that name. I don't know who any of you are, either, only that I saw you with that big man. Didn't get a good look at that one — is he any better?"

Author:  Chaz Natlo [ 02 Sep 2015, 19:57 ]
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Aeo then shrugged "Well, I can see this conversation is stressing you out. I hope your friend gets better." He then walked off into the crowd.

Author:  dinowoman [ 12 Sep 2015, 08:45 ]
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"Someone should keep an eye on him," Keris muttered.

She followed him with her eyes for a second or two, then turned and looked around for the nearest security officer.

"You!" she called, beckoning him over. "You see that man disappearing through the crowd? The one with the headband?"

When the officer nodded she continued, "He turned up yesterday straight after our colleague collapsed. He's now just appeared again, having 'accidentally' bumped into a member of our group. Sound suspicious to you? We're friends of Richard Lethain. It might be wise to keep him under surveillance."

"Thank you ma'am. We'll look into it, " the officer said, and headed back to his post while appearing to activate some kind of communications device in his ear.

Then she returned her attention to the mascot.

"When I fight it's for real, not for fun, but this might be a useful training exercise: I shouldn't let my unarmed combat skills lapse. You can put me down for the tournament. And don't ever call me hun again! You're some AI construct, not my lover or close friend!"

Author:  Chaz Natlo [ 17 Sep 2015, 14:32 ]
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HoloRichard dropped his demeanor for a moment "Technically I'm a virtual intelligence, not a fully Artificial one. I should alert you that in future interactions with myself or other kiosks may not be aware of this request and a report should be filed with park management." after this he picked up his usual tone. "Excellent to hear your decision to enter the tournament, you may not fight for enjoyment, but remember to at least enjoy yourself while you fight. To officially register go to that desk over there." He pointed. "There will be a small physical test to make sure you'll be safe in this tournament. This would also be when you'd declare any mechanical or magical enhancements you'll be utilizing to bring yourself up to where you think you'll be able to compete."

Author:  dinowoman [ 30 Sep 2015, 06:08 ]
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"Very well," Keris replied, and with an enquiring glance at M and Syn to see if either of them showed any sign of heading there themselves, she strode over to the sign-up point. After pushing her way through a gaggle of people who were standing directly in front of it, apparently discussing one of the contestants, though showing no indication that they were waiting to sign up themselves, she reached the desk.

"I wish to enter the tournament," she announced. "My name is Keris." Then, as an afterthought, "K-e-r-i-s, not 'hun', 'dear', 'love' or any other term of endearment. Got that?"

The clerk sitting behind the desk looked at her somewhat quizzically and input some text into her console.

"Yes, err... Ms. Keris," she said. "That's the name I'm entering you under. K-e-r-i-s. I've noted the spelling. I can assure you I wouldn't use a nickname unless you specifically requested it. Now, I need to get a few details so we can gauge your abilities."

She proceeded to ask Keris about her species, height, weight, and combat experience.

"And do you have any special powers or abilities?" she enquired finally.

"My physical strength is considerably greater than that of a baseline human," Keris replied, "but I don't have any magical capabilities or, what is it they call them in human fiction? Superpowers? I'm trained in the use of a number of different weapon types but I understand this is to be an unarmed contest."

"You're right," the clerk said. "However, some of our contestants do have 'superpowers'. Are you planning to augment your strength or defensive capablities in any way?"

"Do you recommend that?" Keris asked.

"Frankly, yes," the clerk replied. "You'll find there are a number of armourers on the station and in addition some specialist companies have installed themselves in the vicinity in readiness for the tourney. You should have no trouble obtaining power armour, surgically implanted augments and various other supplies. Would you like me to put down that you'll be making use of enhancements?"

"I'm not having some stranger operating on me for the sake of some augments," Keris retorted. "I'll see what I can obtain in the way of power armour."

"Thank you. Once your equipment is finalised, report for preliminary testing and have details of its specifications with you. They'll want to record them. Do you know where to go?"

"Uh, no," Keris admitted.

"Do you have a personal data device? I can mark the location of the physical testing for you."

Moments later Keris had a bright dot showing clearly on a holographic map of the colosseum being projected above her comm unit. Having studied it briefly she shut it down and headed back to the mascot, where she enquired about the locations of power armour vendors.

Author:  Chaz Natlo [ 30 Oct 2015, 22:12 ]
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"The General Shopping district can be accessed by taking the nearest transport three stations. Directions to the transport should be available on the communications device I am receiving a mild signal from on your person. If you wish to purchase a suit with an assault rating of three or higher, there are additional shops of this type nearer to the docks, though you will need to provide adequate identification and Lethian Incorporated permissions to purchase such items. For safety reasons, such Armours may not be worn inside the Civilian sectors of the station, though if your purpose is to use them in one of our tournaments, they can be shipped to the coliseum for such use." The Hologram replied.

Author:  Jayge [ 01 Nov 2015, 19:14 ]
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Syn excused himself from the group for a moment to approach the counter himself. He followed a little after Keris and, after slipping past the opening she'd forged through the crowd, stepped up to an unoccupied clerk.

"Hey there, so I'm here to win a tournament."

The clerk looked up at him, smiled, and pulled up their tablet.

"Aaalrighty then, so I'll need your name before I can start asking how exactly you intend to do that."

"Just put me down as Syn, S-y-n. I'm basically a really overpowered fire elemental, with an extensive martial arts background, and nearly.. six hundred lifetimes of mercenary experience." He smirked, "There are no rules against setting yourself on fire, right?"

The clerk, to their credit, only blanched a little at the information.

"I.. I see. Well. We'll need you to attend the prelim's, so we can make sure you're suitable. They'll be able to answer your questions about self-immolation there, I'm sure. Now, I just need to ask you a few specific questions to finalise your application."

Syn and the Clerk managed to have a relatively serious conversation from there, with only a few silly interjections on Syn's part. He quite liked this clerk, he decided, they could take a joke.

"Okay then, Mr. Syn. You're all signed up, now if you have a personal communicator, yes that one's fine. I'll just send you the details and location of the preliminary test site... there we are."

"Gotta love technology." Syn grinned, pulling up the information and flicking over it briefly. "Thanks, I'll head there later. Y'know, you should put some money on me, have your friends do the same. Oh, actually, if anyone else from my crew enters that would be a bad idea.. On second thought, gambling is wrong, so don't do it. Cheers anywho, hope the other applicants aren't too dull in comparison after me." he smiled and waved as he turned to move back to the others, just as Keris had finished on her own application, a tall figure in a featureless brown cloak stepped into her place, and Syn found himself stopping cold as a mechanical arm slid out from beneath the cape to lower the cowl. The droid's face was angular, distinctly skull-like in appearance, and plated in a distinctive ceramic-like material.

"Unit designation: Nerosis MKI, reporting for registration." It's voice was very different, almost sounded natural, but Syn recognised the design, he decided to move a little away from the counter and keep an eye on this one. He kept within earshot, appearing to join behind a group of stragglers discussing other applicant's chances.

"Nerosis, Mark One, was it? Do you have a preferred handle, or will you be going by your full designation for the duration of the tournament?" The clerk asked.

"This unit finds the name 'Nero' to be an acceptable shorthand." The droid replied.

"Nero then, okay, would you be able to answer some questions about yourself?"

"This unit will answer any question it can. Please note, some information is regarded as classified."

"You're a combat droid, I take it?" The clerk asked, mostly unphased by their interviewee.

"This unit's designated function is combat. Yes." The droid answered, tilted its head a little, then added "Correction, designated function: assassination."

"An assassin droid? Haven't seen one of you guys enter in a while. That narrows things down a little."

The clerk continued to ask questions, and surprisingly only a few of the responses were 'Classified'. Syn approved, it was clear that these guys knew what they were doing.

"Query, this unit understands that there are restrictions on firearms and projectile weapons, would those restrictions extend to concealed weapons on the agreement that they will not be used during the contest?" The droid asked, tilting its head again.

"Well, yes. You would have to talk to the people in charge at the preliminary tests to work out the specifics. We do understand that some droids might have hardware they are unable to remove, and I think a few exceptions have been made in the past. I do have to inform you that the use of any firearm or projectile weapon, concealed or otherwise, will disqualify you immediately from the tournament, and that the application of lethal force to anyone on the station is strictly against the rules. Station Security would be forced to intervene."

"That is acceptable." Nero nodded this time, an oddly jerky motion. "This unit will repeat the query at the preliminary testing site."

"Glad to hear it. And I think we're all done here. I'm sending you the details for the preliminary test now, good luck out there!"

"Your assistance is appreciated, this unit is grateful." Nero bowed smoothly, then turned away. It walked straight towards Syn.

"Bollocks." Syn muttered, darting away from the crowd. Nero gave chase immediately, and a couple of minutes later, the two of them stood at either end of a quiet street.

"You were observing this unit. Query, why?" The droid tilted its head.

"Why does 'this unit' want to know? Maybe I'm just curious about killer robots." Syn retorted, hands on his waist and ready to make a grab for his weapon.

"Correction," the droid's head snapped back upright, "Assassin droid. You were already aware of this unit's purpose, this unit has no memory of you. Query, how could you know this?"

"Alright, yeah, you're definitely one of Nec's boys. I see he passed his love of chattering on to you." Syn sighed, but visibly relaxed "Are you aware of your point of manufacture, and who designed, or built you? Because I think I knew them a ways back."

"This unit is aware. That information is classified." though the droid didn't move at all, Syn figured it was relaxed as well, or at least less likely to quickdraw on him. "You imply that this 'Nec' was involved in my creation. Query, who is 'Nec'?"

"NK Necrosis, MKII. Or MKIII, I forget, we didn't use the full designation once in the while time I knew him." Syn laughed a little, he'd never actually realised that. "He was an assassin droid built into an old war hero's hollowed out shell. Well, he was the second assassin droid to be put in there.. that's kinda complicated. Anywho, he used to be a part of the same crew as me. We parted ways years ago, but he did mention that he'd like to try his hand at building things, rather than killing things. And look at this, you're here, so I'm guessing he's built something that kills things. Clever. So you're Nerosis, or Nero? A little lazy just dropping one letter to make the new designation, but I like it. What brings you here?" The droid paused for a moment.

"..This unit requires more information before an interface may be reached. Query, what is your designation?"

"Name, dude. My name is Syn. Any other 'queries', or are you going to start answering my questions?" Another pause.

"Syn. This unit requires more information. Note, you and your crew are of interest to this unit. We will meet again." And with that, it left.

".. Really? Dammit Nec. Fine then, another time." Syn shrugged, then sighed again. "Dammit, which way did I come from?"

Author:  dinowoman [ 26 Nov 2015, 18:04 ]
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Keris gave a curt nod of acknowledgement and turned towards the exit, pulling out her comm unit once again as she did so, to check on location of the nearest transport station. But before she got as far as activating it she spotted Syn heading for the exit in some haste, pursued by a droid in a brown cloak. The others were still standing where she had left them and she saw no sign that they had noticed so she took it upon herself to follow the two and find out what was going on. She was sure Syn could take care of himself, but if he was in any kind of trouble, she figured, the rest of them should probably know about it.

As it happened, the whole encounter proved to be something of an anti-climax. They rounded a corner into a small side-street and by the time Keris had reached the turning herself they were talking. She stayed in the main street, out of sight of either of them, but could hear the conversation. It appeared to be about some assassin droid Syn had known in the past. Keris filed the information away for possible future use and moved on as she heard the droid turning to leave. Once again she took out her comm unit and this time activated it so by the time the droid had come back into view she was already innocently focused on locating the station which, as luck would have it, was further down the road she was already in.

A short trip on the transport system brought her to the shopping district, just as the hologram had said. For a facility that appeared to be basically a tourist resort she was surprised at just how many weapons and armour vendors it possessed, though she did note that a percentage of the items for sale had notices attached, saying use of the item was prohibited on the station but shipping to other parts of the galaxy could be arranged. That reminded her of the hologram's information about the need for authorisation. She wondered if she could prevail upon Richard to provide the necessary assurance of her bona fide, but she'd barely set eyes on him since they arrived on the station and she suspected he was still in high-level meetings with Lethain Corporation directors. After considering the problem for a few minutes she decided to try Johnathan, who proved very helpful.

After visiting several stores, looking at some level 1 and 2 armours, and talking to the proprietors about her intention to enter the tournament, it soon became apparent that the consensus of opinion was that she might benefit from the enhanced abilities of level 3 armour. The armour vendors in the shopping district had very little at that level so she hopped on a transport again and headed down to the docks.

The hologram had been right again: these shops had some serious hardware. The first one she entered had a small purpose-built and specially reinforced testing arena where customers could try the merchandise before they committed themselves to buy. Keris went up to one of the two clerks in the showroom at the front of the store, and explained her requirements.

"You do know that you'll need authorisation from a recognised Lethain Incorporated source and suitable proof of ID if you're looking to buy something like that?" he asked.

"Yes, it should already be in hand," Keris replied. "I've been in touch with Johnathan Ralethain. I take it he's sufficiently senior? He'll have authorisation codes ready when I callback.

The clerkraised an eyebrow at the revelation that that the alien in front of him apparently knew Mr. Ralethain personally, but said nothing. He merely nodded and took Keris around the showroom, briefly describing the the few level 3 suits on display there. But then told her he thought she might find something that better matched her needs in the specialist Level 3 Room. He led her through an open doorway in the back of the shop and down a flight of stairs. At the bottom, through a security door, was a room dedicated entirely to level 3 power armour. Some of it was horrifically expensive and Keris felt that, even with a Lethaincorp credit chip, courtesy of Richard, at her disposal, she couldn't justify spending that kind if money - she was entering a tournament, not a war. Admittedly, a good suit of power armour might prove really useful if they should run into another adversary like Syrriax or Dasah...

Eventually she opted for a compromise between price and functionality - many of the features of the top-of-the-range ones would be forbidden in the tournament anyway. Her final choice still had some inbuilt weapons (and docking points for more) but they could be unequipped by removing power cells or, in one case, the weapon itself.

"Here, let help you get into it," the clerk said.

"If you've never used power armour before, it'll probably take a bit of getting used to," he remarked, once she was fastened in. "Try walking around the room."

It certainly did take a bit of getting used to. Keris took one step and nearly fell over - she had instinctively used used extra muscle power to compensate for the additional weight and bulk of her new shell and she suddenly found her leg making an enormous stride forwards while her centre of balance was still pretty much where she had been standing. In her effort to remain upright she came very close to wiping out the clerk with a flailing arm. However, a moment later she had regained her composure and she tried again, this time with far more control. After a few minutes practising the basics of simply moving limbs, she was invited to try some of its combat abilities out in the arena.

It felt really strange walking back up the stairs, feeling like she was inside a robot, and she had to remember to allow for her new additional width so as not to knock down items on display as she followed the clerk out through a side door of the showroom and out into the testing arena. The area was largely empty but spaced at intervals around the perimeter, closer to the high outer wall were several training dummies, and near to the door they had just emerged through was the entrance to a small control room.

"Try some manoeuvres," the clerk suggested. "And have a go with the jet pack. If you're happy with how everything performs I'll activate the dummies and you can test it in battle."

The clerk allowed her a whole hour to test out the suit. Was this standard service, she wondered, or was she being given special treatment because of her connection with Richard? She didn't ask. She spent the time flying and diving, rolling and coming up shooting (if she was going to buy this thing, she wasn't going to go without testing the weapons, even if she wouldn't be using them in competition), and establishing just how much power she could employ to pummel her opponents in every way she could think of.

Finally, she confirmed her decision to buy and called up Johnathan again. As promised, he had all the relevant data ready and waiting to be transmitted to the store's database. Then Keris gave the go-ahead for the payment, and was promised that the armour would be waiting for her at the tournament trials venue within the hour. Customer and vendor parted, both satisfied with the transaction, and Keris set off to make her own way to the venue to take delivery of her new purchase.

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