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 Post subject: Thurr'visal
PostPosted: 18 Apr 2009, 17:44 
Out Of Character: I respectfully ask that any posts made here are kept coherent as per the board rules. And, whilst this will predominantly be a role-play between myself and Neon (When she gets around to making some form of character...), others are welcome to join, even encouraged, as long as nothing overly silly happens. I hope to keep this quite serious.

P.S.: At the current point in time, Riketz is not in possession of the Gae Bolg, and is completely defenceless.

Area Background, Description: Thurr'visal is an extremely unimpressive area of the world, built much like Original Earth. It has been long kept free of the internal conflicts wracking its neighbouring regions, and remains impassive and neutral to pleas of aid from both sides. Fortunately, the battles which rage steer clear from it, making it one of the few remaining clean areas of the land. The climate is slightly colder than most countries upon the same longitude, in part due to an extremely powerful magical dome placed over the land in the days of olde, when good sorcerers averted a falling meteor which would have crushed the land and all its hapless inhabitants. But, it was averted, and as such prospered.

A regular lunar month lasts twenty-six days, with on average nine hours of sunlight in each. The sun reaches its apex around eleven in the morning, and the moon fully rises by eight in the eve. The most notable thing about this phenomenon is that the moon has what looks like from afar, two burning red eyes. One larger than the other. However, it has been refuted that this is the dawn of Armageddon, and that the craters are simply caused by asteroids falling and burning within the craters due to the chemical make-up of the atmosphere upon said moon. However, with current events in mind, Armageddon may not be too far wrong.

The capital city of Thurr'visal is Athlum, which is situated north of the Athlum Lake, found upon the southern plains. And it is upon the King's Highroad that we meet our intrepid hero...

In Character:
Riketz was tired. Exhausted, in fact. After running from calamity Herself for nearly four hours, he was close to dropping. Stumbling here and there, he barely managed to place one foot ahead of the other, driven only by the whips of the Darkness he felt even now searing his heels and beading sweat upon his brow. He spared a glance to his rear, but saw nothing beyond the slightly wavering road, heatwaves caused by this seemingly un-natural weather. He paused to catch his breath, and shaded his eyes from the glaring sunlight. Peering into the azure, cloudless sky, he saw nothing that could mark his position. He had traveled to Athlum before as a child, but the new King had made drastic changes to the roads upon taking the throne. Partially due to the horrendous state the old roads were left in, and partially to earn more money from tolls and taxes. The new king was nothing if not a shrewd businessman.

With new breath in his chest, Riketz began to walk forward once more. The urgency of his mission, as he had decided to call it, was far outweighed by the offchance a patrol in the service of the king mistook his haste for that of a common cutpurse, and gave no quarter in bringing him to heel, living or not. As he traveled, he made mental notes of landmarks he would remember later. Any information from the local yokels could come to be handy, no matter how seemingly obscure it could be at the time. He paused to admire a totem made of an unusual grey wood, its twisted faces and grimaces almost mocking him, laughing at him and his plight. He turned, and wiped his brow, the sweat beading once again almost as soon as it was removed. This was hopeless. His eyes raked over the surrounding area, and his gaze rested upon a gnarled oak tree situated a few feet off the road. It would provide ample shade, as well as a good view of the road that he may accost any travelers to ask directions or aid of.

He shuffled to the old tree, and knelt, then sat, laying his back into a groove in the bark. It wasn't comfortable, but nor was it uncomfortable. His eyelids fluttered and closed, and he snatched solace from the sweet release of sleep.

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