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 Post subject: Re: Character Profiles
PostPosted: 28 May 2015, 21:21 
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Here we go, kids...

Name: Specialist Commander Colin "Twitch" Twichall
Sex: Yes please ( male)
Age: 54
Height: 4'6"
Race: Human, cyber-enhanced
Home Planet: Earth, Dimension 12

Character Appearance: The first thing that would come to mind, would be half-robot Leprechaun Pirate, although it would probable the last thing to go through your mind of he heard that, except for maybe shrapnel. He is incredibly short for a human, with long flaming red hair, always tied back, with a few strands that seem to always fall in his face. He has a longish, unkempt re goatee, and a thin wiry build. Over his left eye, he wears an eyepatch, plain black. His remaining eye is crystal green, and constantly darting around, keeping track of the environment. Under the patch, is a cybernetic implant, which ows a faint red. Although thin and wiry, his body is very well muscled for someone his age and size. Due to the extent of his implants, he is deceptively heavy, about 200 pounds or so. He dresses for function, nothing that could get caught on a Random edge, but concealing enough to hide the cybernetic right arm, left leg, and chestplate. (Think camos and an olive T-shirt) He often wears a camo cloth cap, and has a tattoo of his original init on his remaining arm, an image of an eagle shoving a bomb down a Lion's throat.

Growing up on the streets of New Belfast, young Colin learned survival the quick and Dirty way. Picked on, due to his tiny size, he quickly learned the best way to deal with bullies, was to hit them so hard, the others would be afraid to continue bullying. This can!e through an older gent who helped raise him, Gran McDuffin. The head of a local terror cell, Gran took Colin under his wing, teaching him the art of bombcraft, a talent Twitch quickly excelled in. He beca! A known bomber, and scrounge of the NBE (Neo British Empire). After a particularly nasty attack on a military base, Colin was apprehended, And given a choice. Either join the military, and become a demolitionist for the government, or be put to death. Since military service meant off world, in various war zones, the powers at large thought it to be the sentence. However, Twitch turned out to be like a cockroach, with explosives, eventually being placed in charge of an elite squad, specialized in suicide missions, Death From Below. Their technical usually involved finding the enemy base, or target, infiltrating it, then digging tunnels beneath, and sapping it to kingdom come. He found the confining tunnels comforting, a place where he could reign as an equal among his team.....
About ten years into service, the Earth found itself under attack from intelligent AIs, intent on stripping the planet, and its people down for resources. Immediately, DFB was deployed, proving to be quite the for for the invaders.... sadly, the AIs countered by replacing one of his team members, and closest companion with a replicant, and sabotaging an attack on a remote base. Twitch was the sole survivor, having sustained major damage, and losing two major limbs, and an eye. Despite this he was found clawing himself out of the collapsed tunnel, mad. With rage and pain. It took several years of surgery, and implants to bring him back to specs, but he seemed more than eager to return to duty, carrying a one man campaign oterror and destruction, culminating in the complete eradication of the AI's homeworld.
Following the war, Twitch served as lead mechanic and tech in the Motorpool, however he quickly grew restless, and commandeering a starflyer, he took off to find a place where his own twisted brand of thinking fits in.
Personality: Twitch is not a soft man. Years of constant combat have whittled him into the textbook old soldier. He is crude, speaks his own mind, and will disregard anyone he feels is below his rank. The important thing to know about his mindset however, is his almost supernatural levels of paranoia. He is extremely jumpy, and if he is in an area for any period of time, he will probably have the exits rigged up, or boobytrapped. Every possible situation is planned for, even the ridiculous or impossible. He is most comfortable in tight or enclosed spaces, often sticking to the ductwork, or utility areas, when in a space station or ship. He almost never enters a room through a door, again using the ventilation systems. (More often than not, he quickly becomes an expert on a given area's layout.) The years of combat have not left him untouched, however, and he has found himself increasingly dependant on Go, a mixture of stims and painkillers, in inhaler form, used to keep a soldier going beyond his normal limits....
Another important note is Twitch's absolute pure hatred of anything remotely robotic, including his own implants. Androids, or anything humanoid will sendhim flying into either a rage or a blind panic, while more industrial machines will merely find themselves blown to kingdom come.

Weapons of Choice/Gear/Enhancements

MAIN: Explosives. twitch is a master of both proper ordinances, and improve bombs, and could (and probably has) make a bomb out of an orange, a hot dog, and a piece of string. He is always carrying some kind of explosive, detonator, or something that causes a whole lot of damage, very quickly. He also carries an old service knife, and a .45 sidearm, just in case.
Gear: various bits and ends, laser mining equipment, thin black cigars, rolls of wire and det cord, and a small blackened piece of metal, that was removed from his eye.
Eye: basically any manner of scanning function you can imagine, along with full spectrum vision capabilities.
Chest: nothing beyond keppimghim alive, other than it' s fairly resistant to damage.
Arm/Leg: enhanced strength, and durability.

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