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 Post subject: Red Team, Blue Team
PostPosted: 26 Jan 2011, 01:59 
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Look! It's another short story! Not quite as epic as Ethan's novella, but, you know, still. This one concerns the Old Weavers. In three parts, next two will be forthcoming.

Also it could probably use a bit of editing but I'm not going to do that right now because it's late and I'm getting double vision. Maybe in the morning. Bah.

Part One:

Wolf was on a very important mission.

Very, very important. Great and terrible things hung in the balance. Lives would be changed forever. And they most likely had only one chance to pull it off.

She crept through the woods, as stealthily as possible. These were old, old woods. Some of the trees here were so big you could park a small car in them, and so tall that even craning one's head back until the neck ached was not enough to perceive the tops. Although it was only late afternoon, the space beneath the great elder trees was darkening fast, shielded from the light of the sun by the thick blue-green leaves and silver branches.

The woods were bisected by a thick creek that had carved deep gullies in many places. In others, its banks were flat, but the freezing, frothing water was enough to give any potential crossers pause. Wolf could hear it now, trickling merrily away some way in the distance. She was using the sound of the creek to track her movement through the woods. The dimmer the noise grew, the closer she was coming to her goal.

She paused, hiding behind one of the smaller trees. She had come to the edge of a hill that plunged quickly downward a few feet away. The land gently sloped up again after a couple of yards, where the trees thickened, forming something of a barrier. A closer look revealed what appeared to be barbed wire strung between the trees. Occasionally it would spark and crackle with electricity. In the one blank spot in that barrier stood...a thing.

It appeared to be some kind of ambulatory tree, like an Ent that had walked straight out of the pages of The Two Towers. It was easily twice as tall as Wolf, although it lost some height by slumping so that its hands-or at least, the ends of its most prominent branches-rested on the ground, like some massive deciduous gorilla. It was draped in foliage and greenery all over. In a few patches, some kind of bark-like skin could be seen. Even from the top of the hill Wolf could see a pair of huge green glowing eyes, openings in the drapery through which pale green light poured.

She sighed inwardly. Not that she hadn't expected this-really, she'd been counting on it-but she'd reserved some tiny hope in the back of her mind that it wouldn't be there. It made things harder all around. But there was no time to dwell on that now. Time for Plan A.

It had taken her some time to get used to the telepathic headset idea, but she had to admit that things had gotten a lot easier since they had lifted that spare case of them from that space station a few months back. Or at least, she thought it had been a few months. It was a little hard to tell.

[Nate?] she said. The device was keyed to a particular frequency, so that only her team would pick it up. No actual talk was needed to send a message. No background noise, no giving oneself away to the enemy by sound. All in all, a pretty handy device. [Are you in position?]

Silence. Wolf rolled her eyes.

[I'm here] Conner's voice sounded in her head.

[Yes, thank you, Conner.] Wolf replied. [Not that I asked you or anything, but, you know, that's okay.]

[Just thought you might like to know.]

Wolf fidgeted nervously on the forest floor. She reached under the overlarge jacket she was wearing and fiddled with the harness she had on under it. It had taken them some precious time to set the system up, but if this plan worked, it would be absolutely worth it.

A moment later, a different voice, male with a British accent, sounded in her head. [Guys? I'm here now. Did I miss anything?]

[Yes] Conner said. [Everybody's dead. Except me, obviously. Taken out by wild bears. Terrible tragedy.]

There was a brief pause, and then: [There are no bears on this planet.]

[How can you be sure?] Conner asked.

[Because the climate -]

[Guys,] Wolf interrupted before that particular train of thought could go any further off the tracks, [If we're all in position, can we get on with things please?]

[Yes. Right. Of course.]

[Yes ma'am.] Conner said primly.

Wolf sighed again. It was like working with fifth graders. [Conner. Where are our targets?]

[Flyboy is headed towards our camp, Ghost Lady is over in those trees keeping an eye on Treebeard over there, and Mr. Split Personality is watching the flag.]

[Is he vamped out?]

[I can't tell. He's a ways off, I can only just make out his coat.]

[Fair enough. We'd better get to it before Aldrich reaches our flag. On your mark, Conner.]

There was a pause. Wolf could just imagine the man crouched high up in a tree, finding a mark his eyes would never see. [Ready] he said.

[Go] Wolf replied, and ran down the hill.

She was heralded by the sound of a paintball gun being fired several times in rapid succession. The tree-creature roared as green paint splattered across its eyes. Ooze obscured the light that shone from its sockets. By the time Wolf had reached the bottom of the hill, the creature's entire face was dripping in paint. It flailed about blindly, emitting a hoarse roar of rage as it tried to find its tormentor. If it even saw the rapidly approaching Weaver, it gave no sign of it.

“Over there, you idiot!â€

 Post subject: Red Team, Blue Team
PostPosted: 26 Jan 2011, 18:32 
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A nice story, and great to get a glimpse of person behind the name of Nate. :)


 Post subject: Red Team, Blue Team
PostPosted: 27 Jan 2011, 13:21 
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I wouldn't worry too much about searching out every tiny detail about Nate; he'll become quite a familiar face in the near future, in more than one story.


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