Deuterium Genesis
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Author:  ScoutingProbe [ 02 Mar 2014, 12:22 ]
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What a ride O_o...

Sorry about the whole unanounced hiatus business. I'd been in decked in with work since christmas

Author:  ScoutingProbe [ 09 Mar 2014, 16:13 ]
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OOC Info about the whole pirate captain thing: since it would be a nifty spot for a player character I went ahead and edited out the gender specific parts in Mengfu's briefing.

Author:  Jayge [ 30 May 2014, 07:44 ]
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Out of curiosity, still looking to take on new players? This looks like something that might be fun to get involved in B3

Author:  ScoutingProbe [ 30 May 2014, 10:18 ]
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Yup. New people are always welcome. Specificially, the pirate captain would make a great spot for a PC.

Author:  Jayge [ 30 May 2014, 15:05 ]
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Awesome :) Always a big fan of piracy on the interwebs. (In the...strictly role-playing sense, of course.)

Name: Captain Richter Tenebris
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Birthplace (System): Ciggma 6 Mining Station, Ciggma System
Birthplace (Sector): Eagle Nebula
Affiliation: Primarily his own, currently Nova Blood
Richter is a tall, well-built man, who prides himself on both the state of his health and his long-running career. As with all things, he has taken a great deal of care with his health over the years, and has managed to keep himself near his prime for the last two decades, ageing gracefully, as it were. Light, but easily noticeable creases mark his usually very stern face and sharp edges of white streak through his dark-grey hair where age has carried out its work. This is alongside a number of much heavier, and far more noticeable scars which streak across his face, the most prominent running straight down from brow to cheek to lower jaw on his left side. Richter wears a short, well-kept beard and trimmer moustache of the same grey-black as his hair, though with some more salt-and-pepper.

Always one to dress in his finest, the Captain typically wears a pair of fine, black synth-leather boots with silver metal detailing, which come halfway up to his knees, spacious black trousers buckled at the knees, thighs, and around his waist with thick belts of a similar, but sturdier synthetic leather to his boots, and equally detailed in silver. Up top he wears detailed white linen shirts, patterned black and silver waistcoats, and a heavy black long-coat covered in small armoured plates and various decorations. While it is quite obvious from little more than a glance that Richter dresses to fit the part of a pirate captain, and does it well, his outfit is no less functional for it. Every single item of clothing he wears is reinforced with small armour plates, reactive mesh fibres that harden in response to harsh impacts, and are laced with energy-dispersing threads, not to mention various places to conceal and carry a large supply of weaponry and equipment that are all but invisible to even the practised observer. Additionally, he is quite heavily augmented, though with one very obvious exception, all of it is quite well concealed, so long as he remains clothed.

Richter has been Captain of his own ship for a very long time, and knows full-well how to command the loyalty of those around him. He is harsh, powerful, and sometimes even overbearing, though he understands full-well the roles of care and forgiveness in leadership, and so he will always treat his crew and those few he regards as equals with respect, even in failure, until they prove themselves unworthy of it. He is quite fond of keeping his own company, often preferring to retreat to read or exercise in place of celebrating, it is a very rare occasion to see him drinking.

Richter grew up on a small mining station, the eldest son of four, but never really knew his parents. Shortly after his youngest brother was born, a series of 'accidents' led to the death of his parents, along with the crippling, and eventual destruction of the station. Richter and his brothers were evacuated to another mining colony, where they grew up together constantly trying to scrape a living from the bottom of the gutters. When they were old enough, they worked the platforms, and things started to turn around for the family, they weren't about to start living it large, but it was better than nothing. Another series of eerily similar 'accidents', however, caused the loss of his eldest brother, leaving Richter and the two youngest to fear the worst as their new home began to fall to the same thing that had claimed their first. This colony was better defended than the old station, however, and when the pirates responsible for the damage were found out, they were hunted down, cornered and killed. Richter and his brothers entered adolescence hating pirates, now knowing them responsible for their earliest trauma.

Once again the family moved when they were old enough, this time to join the local military force. They wanted to hunt pirates, the three of them, and here they excelled. Though this was not to last either. A few years after the brothers had made their careers in the military, a prototype vessel dubbed the 'Archangel' was stolen from a research and development base within their jurisdiction and their commanding officer split up their forces in an attempt to recapture it. Richter himself was attached to the strike team tasked with the actual recapture, while his brothers were assigned to different fronts set up with the goal of driving the stolen ship into a bottleneck. Unfortunately, as Richter's team made contact, breached the Archangel, and began fighting for control of the ship, two other, independent pirate factions joined the conflict, seemingly drawn in by the battle, and the prototype prize.

As Richter personally led the assault on the bridge to a close, he dispatched what remained of his team to get the crippled ship operational again, hoping to either lead a retreat from the losing battle, or to turn the tide with the Archangel's experimental weaponry. He was surprised to find, as the ship's scanners came online, that a cloaked vessel was approaching, one he recognised as that of his commanding officer. Things began falling into place as the approaching ship ignored all attempts at contact and began readying an assault crew for hostile engagement; this was a set-up. His CO had staged the theft, set up the recapture effort, and had even tipped off the warring pirate factions, all so that he could claim this prototype for himself.

Richter ordered a defence prepared, what was left of his unit rallied, bringing more and more of the ship back online as the battle continued. He had just been about to take leave of the bridge to lead the defence against the slowly approaching stealth frigate when an explosion in the distance caught his attention; the ship his youngest brother had been serving had detonated, clearing out a vast chunk of the pirate forces. Along with whatever had remained of their own forces nearby. Almost on cue, the Archangel's weapon systems flickered into life, and Richter froze, a decision tearing at his mind until another explosion distorted the viewports. That second one did it. He sank into the Captain's station and called up a ship-wide broadcast.

"All weapons, on the cloaked vessel. I see no identification, and no response has been detected, I am declaring that ship an enemy of the highest priority. Bring her down."

The Archangel did not disappoint, and the cloaked vessel barely had long enough to raise its shields and prime its weapons before a gaping hole tore through its centre, leaving naught but a burning husk. Richter commanded his crew to take them through the opening left by that first explosion, and that was he beginning of a decade-long war between him, and everyone else. He renamed the Archangel, calling it the Angel of Death, and led his crew on a practical crusade, slaughtering pirate and military alike. He eventually came across news that his last brother had survived; that final explosion had been a pirate cruiser, and he was being celebrated as a hero, though by then word of his own desertion and piracy had spread like wildfire. To meet his brother again, he knew, would likely be a fatal encounter.

With age, however, came clarity. Richter's hatred calmed eventually, and after one-too-many close shaves that had cost him, his crew, and his ship severe losses, he came to take a different outlook on things. He had taken on a number of engineers who were able to stabilise his ship, as the technology was now no longer quite so experimental, and he began augmenting himself with implants and other enhancements. The ship was once again renamed, and this time remodelled, after two years of recovery, the White Wing was ready to sail between the stars, and its captain, and crew, were calmed. They took to a sort of vigilante doctrine, helping out where they could and taking what they needed everywhere else, but rarely with cruelty.

Present day sees the White Wing and its crew sailing alongside the Nova Blood pirates, though their reasons for doing so are unknown.

Plasma cutlass- Richter's primary weapon is effectively a long, thin plasma rifle with a slender bayonet running the entire length of the barrel. This weapon is so heavily customised from its original incarnation that it may as well have been built from scratch. The entire thing is made of a very lightweight but durable poly-metal-ceramic material, making it very light, but also incredibly durable. The weapon has been reinforced to the point where it functions just as well in both melee and ranged combat, and an inbuilt energy-syphoning coil allows it to drain energy sources on contact. This, combined with the blade's capacity to heat itself with plasma, makes it an efficient and versatile tool for any situation; when heated it can cut clean through protective energy fields, thick armour plating, and flesh, as easily as thin air. The weapon's effectiveness at close range makes it a perfect match for Richter, allowing him to pin down opponents at will using the plasma bolts at range, heating the blade in the process, while utilising his impressive mobility to close in for the kill. The plasma cutlass is near-useless for defence, however, as even the reinforced barrel can't take too much direct damage before straining, and the blade itself cannot be used to parry, so an overwhelming offence becomes the only option. Additionally, this weapon can overheat if used too much for too long, and may eventually explode if pushed beyond even that.

Awning Crescent Revolver- Richter always carries a side-arm in plain sight at his left hip, a quick-draw specialised, revolving chamber heavy laser pistol. The chamber system functions by firing a typical laser pulse through a focussing chamber which is designed to overcharge the bolt before firing. Usually this would ruin the chamber if used multiple times, however the revolving cylinder allows for it to cycle out and cool down while five over chambers stand in line, ready for use. The technology behind this weapon is somewhat unstable, but has proved to be very reliable for the Captain, and allows him to lay down far heavier fire than would normally be possible for a comparatively small side-arm. As an alternative function, all six chambers may be used to fire a single hyper-charged bolt as a sort of 'charged shot', though this causes the weapon to enter a necessary cool-down state for a short while to prevent damage to itself and its user.

Various hidden weapons- A great proponent of utility, Richter always keeps himself well-armed with various weapons, tools, and equipment for a wide array of situations, including knives, specially-loaded single use pistols and launchers, physical and digital lock-picks, and a handful of small explosives, in addition to spare ammo for everything else. He keeps all of these well hidden about his person, though much of it is likely stored in his coat, due to the sheer amount of spare fabric.

Improved vision- While the incidents that marred his face left both eyes perfectly intact (a miracle, some would say), Richter has undergone alterations and augmentations to his eyes in order to facilitate low-light vision and the use of an optical hud, of sorts.

Prosthetic arm- Over the course of his career, Richter lost his left arm up to the elbow, and has since had it replaced with several different artificial appendages as time and necessity dictated. The current replacement limb is a pseudo-clockwork piece of machinery made of the same mostly-ceramic alloys as his blade, bone-white, and decorated to invoke the image of feathered wings curved around his forearm. In order to prevent his blade from interfering with the prosthetic during combat, it is primarily mechanical, and uses very few actual metal components, in addition to have top-notch protection from EMP damage and interference.

General Augmentation- Richter has himself kitted out with all manner of small cybernetic enhancements, in the hopes of gaining an edge in combat. Though most of these are quite small, assistance motors around his joints, reflexive enhancers, adrenal regulators and the like, they do allow him to heft his considerable equipment load with ease, and grant him fantastic speed and mobility. While he will not likely be able to go toe-to-toe with many skilled users of professionally augmented soldiers, for long, he is more than able to hold his own in combat, and will often take opponents by surprise.


Lemme know if anything needs changing, this is very much a first draft :P

Author:  ScoutingProbe [ 30 May 2014, 19:52 ]
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Looks pretty good. We're going to have a blast, having to ex-mining-gutter-rats augments roll! :D

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