RP Rules: OoC Edition
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Author:  Zeth [ 22 Aug 2010, 21:25 ]
Post subject:  RP Rules: OoC Edition

RP Rules. Out of Character. I have them, you want them. Read below iffen ye be wantin' to live. And RP. At the same time. Yes.

-Always use proper spelling and grammar. It's understood that mistakes will be made, and no, we won't take a fine-toothed comb to every post you make. But all posts need to be easily read and generally acceptable. Dialogue utilising dialect is exempt from this rule, of course.
-You may indeed create threads that are meant to merely explore an idea for an RP rather than immediately launching one. But no thread should be created when merely amounting to the equivalent of "Hey gaiz, I want to start an RP set in a Final Fantasy Universe. Any ideaz?"
-You may have as many characters as you like per each participant. Do not spam characters. Use neutral characters that can be controlled by multiple participants wisely.
-RP Creators are responsible for the following when starting/hosting an RP:
  • A description of the world/setting. Understandably, if the world/setting is or plain-jane everyday Earth with modifications, one is not expected to describe it as much as they would, say, a planet of their original creation. When a more specific location is mentioned, the necessity of a description is more often than not dependent on the RP's plot. If a location is purposefully mysterious, well, leave it mysterious. However, do make sure that the location is sufficiently described at the outset that participants are not posting about things or events in that location that shouldn't be there.
  • Providing some idea of what goes on in the plot. This may be in the form of teaser texts (At the bottom of the ocean, something is stirring. Something large. Something old. Something magical.) or a flat out relation of the major plot points.
  • Either a hard and fast profile format for character creation, with fields given for being filled out with necessary information about characters (preferred), or an explanation of what kind of information is needed (tolerated). These may be as detailed or scant as the RP Creator(s) feel necessary for the RP to function correctly.
  • Approving characters which have been submitted to take part in their RP and letting everyone know when participants are no longer needed via the OoC topic.
  • Making sure participants use proper spelling and grammar.
  • Enacting any changes requested by a Staffer in case of rules broken governing the entire forums. (e.g.:No Pornography, etc.)

If/When this rule set is updated, an announcement will be made.

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