Leonard Nimoy Has Passed On
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Author:  The Time Being [ 01 Mar 2015, 00:15 ]
Post subject:  Leonard Nimoy Has Passed On


Author:  dinowoman [ 01 Mar 2015, 04:52 ]
Post subject:  Re: Leonard Nimoy Has Passed On

I had known he was ill (George Takei had posted on Facebook a few days previously, saying he'd been admitted to hospital with chest pains) so I knew that for someone of his age it was on the cards, but I had very much hoped the hospital had been able to alleviate the problem. Normally a celebrity dying doesn't affect me in the slightest, but I had been a fan of Star Trek since I was 12 (and had a huge crush on Spock in my teens), and Leonard Nimoy had always come across as a genuinely nice person, so I was very saddened by his death.

Author:  Crystal Shards [ 01 Mar 2015, 12:45 ]
Post subject:  Re: Leonard Nimoy Has Passed On

I nearly started crying when I found out, which I really wasn't expecting. Like dino said, normally celebrity news doesn't affect me one way or another, but this was Leonard Nimoy. He did a lot to fight for equal rights (including helping get Nichelle Nichols equal pay, if I remember the story correctly) and just generally seemed like a pretty great guy.

Author:  The Time Being [ 01 Mar 2015, 15:46 ]
Post subject:  Re: Leonard Nimoy Has Passed On

Yep, he did that and more.

I only relatively recently got into Star Trek, but when I did I really did. TOS in particular has been a big support in getting through college, which has not exactly been the easiest of times for me. This hit me pretty hard. I had heard about him being hospitalized, but didn't hear anything after that, and I was really focused on getting through a few incredibly busy days that it was pretty far in the back of my mind. I'd only just gotten through it all and was breathing a sigh of relief and packing to go home for break when Ethan texted me about it.

Funny really. I can't help but think about how odd it is, that we can get so sad over the deaths of people we never even came close to knowing personally. Or at least I do. I was pretty devastated when Nicolas Courtney and Lis Sladen died. The characters I knew and loved so well sure didn't go anywhere; what left were people I'd never met or talked to or knew much about, really. But there it was. I guess, maybe, when someone puts so much into a character, and gives so much back to the people who fall in love with that character and that universe, you kinda feel like you did know them in a way, because they made the effort to reach out to you even if they didn't know you either.

Anyway. Sorry. I get weird about these things sometimes...

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