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PostPosted: 26 Mar 2012, 14:53 

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A community Easter egg hunt was canceled this year in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The reason? Over-aggressive parents (AKA Helicopter Parents) ruined last year's event due to their horrible behavior. More of the story can be found here:

Cancelled Egg Hunt

With this in mind, I must ask these questions:
Are the parents of today's society becoming too involved in their children's lives? If so, what is the cause and how can it be rectified?


PostPosted: 26 Mar 2012, 18:47 
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Parents aren't too involved with their children, they aren't involved enough, and that's the problem.

There's a difference between parents being able to spend time building a genuine connection with their kids and parents wanting to be next to them at every moment, hovering over them like attack helicopters over an armoured column. The thing is, parents don't have time to raise their kids anymore. There's a good chance that there's only one parent, or both parents are working and the modern workplace doesn't really adapt to that. Kids get raised by teachers, by TV and by the internet. It IS possible for two parents to raise kids while managing careers, my parents did it, but it took them an immense amount of patience and they only had to deal with one of me.

For most parents, they don't get to see their kids much. They don't trust them to not screw up or not hurt themselves because they haven't spent that time. In the old days, a father would let his son wander the woods by himself with a shotgun because that father had the time to teach his kid woodcraft, how to use a gun and how to avoid dangerous predators. People don't have the chance to do that now, at best, they've delegated the job to near-strangers, ones who they do not trust completely. It's no wonder that they want to hover over their kids every chance they get: they are afraid that their kid won't be raised "right", or that they'll hurt themselves because the parents weren't there to teach them how not to.

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PostPosted: 30 Mar 2012, 16:11 
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I beleive it's all part of the modern beleif that we can no longer fend for ourselves. When I was a kid, (a whopping 25 or so years ago) all the playgrounds were made of either gravel, or blacktop. slides were made of metal. we had this marvelous thing called a merry go round, that could hit warp speed, and spray kids all over the place. My parents' opinion was "if he doesn't die, then we've done our jobs".
The problems the "helicopter parents" aren't seeing, is thier effects on everyone else.... they've centered so much on thier own kids, they don't think of any one's. multiply this by parents, and it's an anarchaic free for all. I was raised, in a semi- communal neighborhood, where everyone trusted everyone else enough to watch thier kids, with the roving gangs of kids, not tearing up shit. I knew if I did wrong, any number of adults would either come down on me, or inform my parents. So I didn't do it.

All smothering your kids does, is keep them from being prepared to live on thier own. the whole "living with your parents till you're 50
thing is a self building problem.

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PostPosted: 28 Apr 2012, 20:55 
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[QUOTE=Piggie;208292]..all the playgrounds were made of either gravel, or blacktop. slides were made of metal. we had this marvelous thing called a merry go round, that could hit warp speed, and spray kids all over the place...[/QUOTE]

Oh, what a life it was... i remember a merry go round i used to frequent that was mounted at a 45 degree angle, so you went up and down as you spun. Of course, if you fell off you generally got spun round and trapped underneath the lower edge.

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PostPosted: 29 Apr 2012, 20:56 
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I think each parent has the right to chose whatever parenting philosophy they want when it comes to involvement, more hats tipped to those who make the wiser decisions, but a decent amount still tipped to all those who fall short of actual neglect and abuse.

However, I think that parents who want to be this involved, should not go to public Easter egg hunts like this. Want you child to be guaranteed an egg, no matter the cost of the metaphorical blows you in turn will be dealing to the other children with your greedy, egg lust? Easy solution - Private Easter egg hunt in your backyard or around your apartment or in the confines of your alley box.

Back to the broader subject, it is hard to say that parents are in general, becoming too involved, or too uninvolved, because there is no general trend in parenting, at least that I am aware of. I know plenty of parents who smother their far to much to fit within the confines of my comfort zone, however I notice the exact opposite as well. I will say that letting your children run wild builds certain character traits, like independence and great social skills. The ability for one to speak for themselves. However, raising a children without guidance can cause many negative traits to develop as well.

How responsible is a parent for a child becoming the kind of person that they are? How much right does a parent have when trying infringe their desire for their child to have the very best into a shared realm that all children must exist in? These deeply rooted, philosophical questions must be answered for one to form an accurate opinion consistent with their own ideology. I myself will only say to the last question that my socialist mentality extends to that particular area probably with more intensity than any other applicable area. These helicopter parents disgust me.

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