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 Post subject: SLAVE MENTALITY
PostPosted: 11 Nov 2011, 18:04 
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Oh guys, this is gonna crack you up. I was on YouTube and watched a video of a black girl who said something like "Hello, my name is ____" in Korean, Japanese, then Chinese, and then English. And below it, I see some guy whining about black people. Except he's black. I said something to him. The rest is history.

[FONT="]"Damn Nigga bitches wanna be everything but themselves."[/FONT]
[FONT="]Finally someone thinks like I do aboutlearning your own language as well with an international language!!![/FONT]
[FONT="]This girl is from Sierra Leone and I bet thather chinese friends will be hacked to death if they did not speak chinese butlearned an African Language!!![/FONT]
[FONT="]Chinese people actually DISOWN their own kidsjust for marrying BLACK people.[/FONT]
[FONT="]Most BLACK PEOPLE trip me the F#% OUT withIGNORANCE!![/FONT]
[FONT="]" ..because She did not come from Mande"[/FONT]
[FONT="]98% of BLACKS living in America today are descendantsof the MANDING PEOPLE idiot. Just because you happen to come out of a PUSSY inchina does not make you CHINESE.[/FONT]
[FONT="]you have Chinese people born in MALI but theyspeak MANDE, CHINESE & FRENCH perfectly.[/FONT]
[FONT="]I have not YET SEEN ANY CHINESE born inAFRICA who doesn't speak CHINESE till today! They speak both MANDING &CHINESE![/FONT]
[FONT="]RESPECT Urself 2 get RESPECT retard!!![/FONT]

"Hey, let's generalize an entire ethnicity a couple times in order to make a point."
Better idea, lets stop being a moron. Not all Asian parents murder their kids for learning an African language just like how kids from any country in Africa will be murdered for learning an Asian language. Don't get all butt hurt because you want her to learn a language that won't benefit anyone.
Secondly, by the time I'm old enough to make my own decisions, that's when I can chose whatever freaking language I wan't to know. If "Damn Nigga Bitches" want to learn an Asian language, saying stupid racist statements isn't going to change that. Chinese kids born in Mali that can speak Chinese are the result of PARENTS teaching them Chinese. They didn't decide when they were one and a half that "I'm gonna speak Mande, Chinese AND French" It comes from where you live.
If your parents don't teach it to you, then by all means, by the time you get to a place where you can learn it, sure, learn it if you want to. But if there's no choice, well I guess that means you're just gonna have to live with it. Because obviously having two languages drilled into your head from birth means that you respect yourself.
Im Igbo and I respect the Igbo culture. Heck, I'm from a very notable family in Nigeria. Does that mean I need to learn Igbo? No. Does that mean I want to learn it? Maybe. Does that mean I will? Possibly not. But you sitting here making the argument that Asian people speak Asian languages (which most of them that I know DO NOT) is ridiculous, and I'd like to ask you to crawl back under your bridge, you troll.

[font=Arial]BLACK PEOPLE R the only people on earth who LOVE anything foreignother than theirs AMAZING![/font][FONT="]If U R really from a NOTABLE IGBO FAMILY as Uclaim then the first thing you need to do is join the NSIBIDIblogspotDOTcom& start learning how to write in your NATIVE WRITING SYSTEM. U will feelMUCH better!!! R U of those who suddenly SWITCH to a superficial FOREIGNENGLISH ACCENT whenever U R around foreigners pretending to be born in aforeign country?[/FONT]
[font=Arial]STOP the SLAVE MENTALITY[/font]

Okay, first, you need to go back and read what I said. I remember saying I don't NEED to learn it if I don't want to. Secondly, Igbo is written in the English alphabet, so I've already mastered my native writing system. Third, by equating the wish to learn another language to slave mentality, YOU'RE the one who has the slave mentality, not anyone else. You need to stop being a troll, as I also said before.

[font=Arial]"Igbo is written in the English alphabet" EXACTLY!![/font][FONT="]That is why I refered you to:nsibidiblogspotDOTcom so you can learn how to write your NATIVE LANGUAGE inthe[/FONT]
[FONT="]writing system calles NSIBIDI which was usedto transcribe the IGBO and other related languages.[/FONT]
[FONT="]YOU HAVE NOT MASTERED SHIT if you still useLATIN LANGUAGES for your own writing system.[/FONT]
[FONT="]GOOGLE NSIBIDI and you will see what yourwriting system LOOKS LIKE!!! It looks almost like CHINESE characters.[/FONT]
[font=Arial]GOOGLE: NSIBIDI WRITING![/font]

-_-. This is getting old. Here you are, ordering me around again, after I said there is no point. Why learn to write in a language that NO ONE USES ANYMORE. And then, for someone who is SO OPPOSED to black people learning Chinese, you compare an outdated writing system to an Asian system. Slave mentality? Is your intention to make me want to learn a language because you think it looks like Chinese? Doesn't that negate every argument you've already made?
You need to calm down. Posting MESSAGES using CAPSLOCK for EVERY other WORD just makes you look like a moron. I can be Nigerian and show pride in my country WITHOUT speaking with a Nigerian accent (which I never had) to everyone I meet, and flashing around pointless ideographic symbols. You seem to be missing the point. If you took a sentence written in that system to anyone in Nigeria, they'd wonder what kind of dumb picture you drew. We live in the 21st century. Grow up.

[font=Arial]"If you took a sentence written in that system to anyone inNigeria, they'd wonder what kind of dumb picture you drew. "[/font][FONT="]That is exactly what I mean by SLAVEMENTALITY!!! A yoruba man once said: "No matter how far a river stretchesit will never forget it's origins"[/FONT]
[FONT="]U R the perfect example of a HOUSE N!!@@ERwho thinks his own INDIGENOUS WRITING system is "kind of dumbpicture" So R U saying that CHINESE, INDIAN, JAPANESE writing etc R"kind of dumb picture"[/FONT]
[FONT="]U need to be HANGED!!![/FONT]
[FONT="]That is the whole point of REVIVING anancient script U slave QUACK!! !! How do you think europeans kept the latin(AFRICAN-PHOENICIAN) language alive ?!?[/FONT]
[FONT="]They did so by opening up schools, publishingmagazines, books, educating their kids etc. THAT IS HOW AFRICANS CAN REVIVEAncient Scripts & keep them alive. Most of these Latin scripts can'taccommodate for some African Linguistic traits like tonal sounds etc[/FONT]
[font=Arial]U GET IT NOW? SMH[/font]

Yes, your idea of getting me to agree to revive a dead writing system is by calling me names and telling me I should die. Chinese, Indian, and Japanese people (as well as anyone who doesn't write their language in Latin characters, as you seem to be insinuating) still use their writing systems. The system you are talking about is no longer used anywhere, at all. My great grandmother wouldn't use it any more.
And, if you knew anything at all, you'd know that African linguistic HAVE been accommodated for, because African languages are not the only tonal languages, let alone languages with other sounds. Somehow people learn them anyway (yes including the "HOUSE N!!@@ER"s you seem to love so much). There is a way to write every sound in Igbo specifically with the Latin alphabet.
Would you sit down and ask Egyptian kids to use heiroglyphics because they used to use it? No. Because no one uses it anymore. Would you tell British people to speak in Old English from now on? No. Because no one uses it anymore. Would you tell Korean people to switch to writing exclusively with Chinese characters? No. Because no one uses them anymore. But for some reason, you're sitting here and telling me to use an outdated system, BECAUSE no one uses it anymore.
And, if I did show up with a sentence written with it, and someone asked me what kind of dumb picture I drew, for some reason that's SLAVE MENTALITY. Yes, a long river never forgets its origins, because morons like you keep bringing them up. There is no reason to use an outdated writing system. Your connecting an outdated system to systems currently in use makes no sense and it just proves how ignorant and stupid you are.
Listen I know what your problem is, you're a child seeking attention since you got none before, and you feel the only way to receive that attention is by arguing with strangers on matters that make no sense at all. I gave you some attention by arguing about a topic that you clearly do not know how to argue, as you cannot even see my points. Continue acting like a white supremacist by calling me derogatory names and learn your dead system. Go crawl back under your bridge, troll.
(The bit here about attention at the end was my roommate, who found the whole thing hilarious as I did).

[font=Arial]"Would you sit down and ask Egyptian kids to useheiroglyphics" HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHA[/font][FONT="]Wow dude your IGNORANCE and level ofreasoning DEFIES logic!! First of all HIEROGLYPHS was used for Temple wallengravings and formal events.[/FONT]
[FONT="]The ancient Egyptians used the HIERATICscript on a daily basis till the 26th Dynasty which is also a streamlinedpictograph like YOUR NSIBIDI! Later on they further developped it to a HIGHLYCURSIVE DEMOTIC script which in turn gave rise to scripts like ARABIC[/FONT]
[FONT="]So you seem to miss the point that I am making!! Are you aware ofthe NEW AFRO SCRIPT that the PANAFRICAN organization is trying to instill inignorant people like you!!! Have you asked yourself WHY these differentnationalistic organizations are even trying to get AFRICANS to go back totheir original scripts.[/FONT]
[FONT="]It is a question of SELF- IDENTITY andNational Pride. Why do you think the BAMUM SCRIPT of Cameroon has gone viral inCameroon?[/FONT]
[font=Arial]REFLECT once for all on ure SLAVE MENTALITY![/font]

Dude, I thought we were speaking English. I'm not sure what 'ure' is, but I'm going to hope it was really a word. You once again looked at one thing I said, and 'countered' that, and then called me someone with a slave mentality. Good job reading what I said.
I'm sorry, did I see you use the words "NEW AFRO SCRIPT"? Because that would kind of lend to the idea that they've developed a new script that they want people to use. I think there's a difference between dead and new.
I'll say it again, and then I'm done with you, you idiot. I. Do. Not. Need. To. Learn. A. Different. Writing. System. To. Be. Prideful. Of. Nigeria. I hope it got through to you this time. People do not need to learn the languages of their country (or dead writing systems for that matter) to be prideful of them. I can spread good news about my country without speaking with an accent or showing people pictures.
Anything you say after this has probably been covered by was probably covered by something I've already said before, so I'll do you a favor and not respond to you, and respectfully ask you to go back and read what I already said. Trolls eat responses like candy. I hope its warm under your bridge.

[font=Arial]Alright man!!! You win go back to naming your kids with EuropeanNames!! Go back to deliberately speaking ENGLISH with a fake European Accent!!Go back to perming your HAIR to look white![/font][FONT="]You'll never see a European Couple name theirkid Brown, Steve Okerokeka[/FONT]
[FONT="]or a Chinese name his kid Chow Yun Okerokeka.But we will always see Africans name themselves after European Names, adoptEuropean religions, adopt European languages, adopt European culture by theMASSES![/FONT]
[font=Arial]SHAME ON YOU!!![/font]

The funny thing is he assumes the name Okerokeka (My name on YouTube) is an African one, so he uses it as an example. It's funnier because it's not.

Discuss? =D


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 Post subject: SLAVE MENTALITY
PostPosted: 12 Nov 2011, 19:59 
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I think there's a big difference between adopting another nation's culture or language because you look down on your own, and simply accepting the culture of the place where you are living. Feeling obliged to learn the language of your ancestors when it's not the language you've grown up with (unless you are genuinely interested in it), isn't accepting yourself for who you are; it's having a culture forced upon you based on someone else's values, just the same as if you had grown up speaking Mande, but then felt obliged to learn English to prove your worth.

This guy seems to see things as far too black and white. There may well be black people who still distance themselves from their own family's culture in order to be accepted in a white society, but that's only one possible reason for adopting "white" culture and language. For many it's simply what they've been born into, so it IS their native culture, and African cultures and languages would be as alien as they would be to a white American or European.


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