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Author:  Chaz Natlo [ 02 Aug 2014, 21:34 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

Chaz Natlo: Next hit kills Aran.
Chaz Natlo: Falkner.
Chaz Natlo: Next hit kills Falkner.
FMZeth: Yeeeah
FMZeth: I was like jeez
FMZeth: what mobbed Aran?
Chaz Natlo: He got by an... Avalanche.
FMZeth: ;)
Chaz Natlo: *glasses* YEAAAH!

Author:  Albert Clare [ 11 Dec 2014, 15:07 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

Albert Clare: Banette opens its mouth when it faints in the Colosseum games.
The Morplox: How? It's all zipped up
Albert Clare: It unzips itself.
The Morplox: Just to faint
Albert Clare: Link.
Albert Clare: Skip ahead to about 0:36.
Albert Clare: And feast your eyes on the ridiculousness.
Albert Clare: (She has a Banette.)
Albert Clare: (Appears about 1:55.)
The Morplox: Why does Steelix float
The Morplox: Umbreon is very shiny
The Morplox: aww vileplume completely flattens
Albert Clare: Think it was easier to animate that way for Stadium 2 (Pokémon from Gens I and II recycle their Stadium 2 models, which admittedly still look pretty good).
Albert Clare: Gen I and II had flashier animations (Stadium 2 was a bigger-budget game, comparatively).
The Morplox: Wow Banette is silly
Albert Clare: Jigglypuff deflates and falls down like a sheet of paper.
The Morplox: Balloon pokemon
Albert Clare: Jynx shrinks, except for her hair.
The Morplox: o.O
Albert Clare: Flareon bursts into flame and dies.
Albert Clare: (That is a lie.)
The Morplox: Hey
Albert Clare: Oddish's leaves fall out.
Albert Clare: (That is not a lie.)
The Morplox: Poor things
Albert Clare: Haunter facepalms.
Albert Clare: Kangaskhan has a heart attack.
Albert Clare: Misdreavus disappears and her beads drop to the ground.
Albert Clare: One of Flareon's animations is turning about and shaking its butt at the foe.
Albert Clare: (That is not a lie.)
The Morplox: Its intimidating the foe with its big poofy tail
Albert Clare: Link
Albert Clare: 2:39.
Albert Clare: Link
Albert Clare: Toned down in XD.
Albert Clare: (Flareon around 0:50.)
The Morplox: Sassy Flareon
Albert Clare: Flareass.
The Morplox: Be nice
...Albert Clare: But, but, butt...

Author:  The Time Being [ 15 Dec 2014, 18:41 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

FMZeth: So I bet you can't guess what Ask's companions are slaving away at making for the next 6 hours or so
FMZeth: crafting that is
FMZeth: I'll give you a hint
FMZeth: it's massive, technological and mobile
FMZeth: you can't bring it indoors
The Time Being: ...a spaceship?
FMZeth: You guessed it!
The Time Being: Seriously?
FMZeth: Two actually
The Time Being: They're not still crafting inside your ship I hope
The Time Being: that seems like it would be awkward
FMZeth: Well...
FMZeth: where ELSE are they supposed to craft?
The Time Being: I dunno
FMZeth: them neither
FMZeth: :[
The Time Being: but building a spaceship inside of another spaceship seems...hard
FMZeth: Star Destroyers do it.
The Time Being: They're kinda big though
FMZeth: maybe I'm building a very tiny starship.
The Time Being: are you?
FMZeth: No
FMZeth: Actually i'mcrafting the same starship
The Time Being: Well then.
The Time Being: Are you going to build another copy of the ship inside that one?
The Time Being: Fractal starships?
FMZeth: (No.)
The Time Being: : O
The Time Being: So uh, why do you need another version of the starship you already have?
FMZeth: To place on the landing pad attached to the balcony of his stronghold
The Time Being: Where will you put the other ship then?
FMZeth: I assume it will just hang out wherever it exists all the time
The Time Being: So what's the point of having a landing pad?
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: the ship I'm crafting isn't one I can actually like, enter and stuff
FMZeth: it's treated like an object
FMZeth: my actual ship that I board doesn't land on the landing pad
FMZeth: in fact it doesn't interact with the Stronghold at all
FMZeth: so the idea is I'm crafting this object I can put in my SH
FMZeth: as if it WERE THAT SHIP that HAS LANDED there
The Time Being: I see
The Time Being: why not build the model ship inside the stronghold?
FMZeth: because the game simply doesn't do that
The Time Being: Right.
The Time Being: This sequence of events doesn't make a great deal of sense to me I must admit
FMZeth: /EA
The Time Being: Oh yes of course, I forgot
The Time Being: never mind then

Author:  Albert Clare [ 09 Jan 2015, 01:59 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

Albert Clare: I think I want a Mega Salamence...
The Morplox: Boomerang dragon
Albert Clare: Muahahahahahahahaha!
Albert Clare: I actually HAVE a Salamence, sooo...
The Morplox: Dragonrang can be all yours then
Albert Clare: But I want one with Hydro Pump, which this one doesn't haaaaave...
Albert Clare: I need Heart Scales.
Albert Clare: So I can teach it to my Milotic and breed it off of him.
The Morplox: Time to somehow find heart scales
Albert Clare: I am also SO naming it Dragonrang.
The Morplox: I hope you do now
Albert Clare: Why wouldn't I?
Albert Clare: That's a great nickname!
The Morplox: I can't tell if serious or not
Albert Clare: It makes me smile.
Albert Clare: So... at least semi-serious.
The Morplox: Good!
Albert Clare: Well, I think I've found my Heart Scales.
The Morplox: Oh good
Albert Clare: Dragonrang soon shall be.
The Morplox: hehehe
Albert Clare: Sarah and Fujimoto will make OFFSPRING.

Author:  Chaz Natlo [ 09 Jan 2015, 22:38 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

It's better out of context:

Chaz Natlo: I'm going to go on the record and say we did not blow up the Marvel, Star Trek and Pokemon Universes.

Author:  Zeth [ 10 Jan 2015, 16:58 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

15:53 - FMZeth: somebody did a video that's nothing but a series of Rickman's parts in the movie put together for ten minutes
15:53 - The Time Being: niiiiice
15:53 - The Time Being: all Rickman, all the time
15:54 - FMZeth: Rickman: The Move
15:54 - FMZeth: Starring
15:54 - FMZeth: Alan Rickman
15:53 - The Time Being: Rickmovie
15:54 - FMZeth: Alan Rickman
15:54 - FMZeth: Also Alan Rickman
15:54 - FMZeth: and Alan Rickman
15:54 - FMZeth: And introducing Alan Alan Rickman
15:55 - FMZeth: I feel bad for Alan Rickman a lot
15:55 - FMZeth: it seems like his characters get the butt of everything in so many of his roles
15:56 - FMZeth: Like I feel that him and Sean Penn should just make a film about them two as the main heroes and just snarking and crushing and blasting everything in their path on a quest to dole out ultimat poetic justice to all the mainstream heroes of fiction.
15:55 - The Time Being: XD
15:55 - The Time Being: That would be awesome
15:56 - FMZeth: Wouldn't it just?
15:56 - FMZeth: I feel like they'd play off of each other really well too
15:55 - The Time Being: Bring Sean Bean along for the ride
15:55 - The Time Being: he lives through the whole thing
15:57 - FMZeth: Sean Penn: slight smile and flippant remark
15:55 - The Time Being: "FINALLY"
15:57 - FMZeth: Alan Rickman: Deadpan snark retort
15:57 - FMZeth: blegh i've been saying Sean Penn this whole time and meant Sean Bean
15:57 - FMZeth: I do that EVERY TIME
15:57 - FMZeth: EVERY time
15:56 - The Time Being: heh
15:56 - The Time Being: I was a bit confused but willing to go with it
15:58 - FMZeth: I really don't like Sean Penn is the thing
15:58 - FMZeth: Sean Bean I like
15:58 - FMZeth: but eeeeeverryyyyytime
15:57 - The Time Being: I don't really know anything about Sean Penn, to be honest
15:57 - The Time Being: EVERYtime

Author:  Zeth [ 10 Jun 2015, 17:13 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

I found this while mass purging all my social media data and it actually made me smile. It's quite old.

Ethan Holt Welnicki posted something via SGPlus.

<Samuel> Winning at trains
<Zeth> At what?
<Zeth> trains?
<Samuel> Yes
<Samuel> I am on a train
<Samuel> Therefore I am winning at trains
<Zeth> I see
<Zeth> But
<Zeth> what happens if you fall off the train when you depart?
<Zeth> Will you have lost the entire trains?
<Samuel> I lose
<Zeth> d'aw
<Samuel> I lose at trains at the point of disembarkment
<Zeth> seems like a risky gambit
<Samuel> Every train journey, unless eternal, will end in loss.
<Samuel> The only winning move is not to play.
<Zeth> So what kind of game is trains anyway? If you ask me, it sounds like a...

Author:  Albert Clare [ 10 Jun 2015, 20:22 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

I am amused.

Author:  Zeth [ 17 Jun 2015, 18:48 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

16:49 - Iron Tarkus: ... =obnetwork Meanwhile, in the PRC.
16:49 - FMZeth: Well
16:49 - FMZeth: Cosplay convention attendance just dropped 75%
16:49 - Iron Tarkus: What I want to know is who is going to enforce an exact 2 cm ban.
16:50 - Iron Tarkus: Is there going to be an inspector with a measuring tape going around?
16:50 - Iron Tarkus: "Whoops. That's only 1.8, my bad."
16:51 - FMZeth: wow this is a new level of dumb
16:59 - Iron Tarkus: I just wonder whose idea it was.
16:59 - FMZeth: The first gay cabinet member's.
16:59 - Iron Tarkus: "You know what's holding this great nation of a billion some-odd people. Tits. Tits are what's holding us back, Wang."
17:00 - FMZeth: "Actually, I think the tits are very much forward. I think that's the actual problem."
17:00 - FMZeth: "Good point, Wong."
17:00 - FMZeth: "You're right. I'm glad we're looking at this the Wong way."
17:01 - The Time Being: XD
17:03 - The Time Being: Actually I imagine that inspector position may be a much desired one to some folks...
17:03 - FMZeth: Indeed.
17:03 - FMZeth: "Excuse me sir, what's your purpose here? May I see ID?"
17:03 - The Time Being: bahahah

Author:  Zeth [ 07 Jul 2015, 01:14 ]
Post subject:  Re: IM Conversations

Okay this one's kinda long, but it's worth the read if you know anything about my SWTOR characters. If you don't, well, it's not really as funny.
Spoiler: show
00:54 - FMZeth: I really love it that SWTOR insists on havingthe Jedi Knight seemingly randomly stare daggers at characters in cutscenes sometimes
00:54 - FMZeth: caduceus/images/40377695205839785723.jpg
00:54 - FMZeth: Like the cutscene was something along the lines of Bialar taking HER side and telling Doc to just chill the frell out
00:55 - FMZeth: but they gave that expression
00:55 - FMZeth: so in my head it was mroe like
00:55 - FMZeth: "Listen Doc, everybody makes mistakes. You have to be able to move on. Just give her another chance; you'll see she'll try and redeem herself."
00:55 - FMZeth: "...But I still don't trust her."
00:55 - FMZeth: >_>
00:55 - The Time Being: heh
00:56 - FMZeth: "(Also I can kill you with my mind.)"
00:56 - FMZeth: Vy: You're not that kind of Jedi
00:56 - FMZeth: Bialar: yeah but SHE doesn't know that.
00:56 - FMZeth: >_>
00:56 - FMZeth: >_>>_>>_>>_>>_>>_>
00:56 - The Time Being: alternatively: "What? Who said anything about being a Jedi?"
00:56 - FMZeth: *straining noise*
00:56 - FMZeth: Vy: God just STOP.
00:58 - FMZeth: ho my god
00:58 - FMZeth: that woudl be hilarious
00:58 - FMZeth: Bialar was secretly nevera Jedi
00:58 - FMZeth: just an old man with balls so big and iron he faked it the ENTIRE TIME.
00:58 - The Time Being: XD
00:58 - The Time Being: well I mean
00:59 - The Time Being: you do just kinda show up on Tython and be like "yeah I'm here to complete my training"
00:59 - FMZeth: "Wha-wait--what about your escape from the Emperor and the Emperor's Wrath?" "Well actually I just stared at them so hard they bought the bluff and I walked out."
00:59 - FMZeth: "What about all those fancy flips and crap?" "Wires and a concealed jetpack."
01:00 - FMZeth: "But you did the-the thing. Force telekinesis!"
01:00 - FMZeth: "Girl, if you're stern enough even inanimate objects will fear punishment and astrongly worded lecturing to."
01:01 - FMZeth: *puffs on a pipe*
01:01 - FMZeth: Which of course begs the scene of Bialar giving a strongly worded lecture to like...some random refridgerator or something.
01:02 - FMZeth: "And when I say move I EXPECT movement. Not later. Not when you 'feel like it.' But when I tell you to. Now throw yourself at that Trooper."
01:02 - FMZeth: *smash*
01:02 - The Time Being: XD
01:03 - FMZeth: "Vy are you practicing those meditation techniques I told you?"
01:03 - FMZeth: "Eh, you'll get over it."
01:03 - FMZeth: *sips coffee*
01:06 - FMZeth: Ha
01:06 - FMZeth: haaa
01:06 - FMZeth: i just realised
01:06 - FMZeth: if that WAS true of Bialar then it also casts Ask in a new light
01:06 - FMZeth: Ask: his only superpower is beingable to say No.
01:07 - FMZeth: "Slave! Do this!"
01:07 - FMZeth: "No."
01:07 - FMZeth: :O
01:07 - FMZeth: "Apprentice, I need to possess your body to continue eternal life."
01:07 - FMZeth: "No."
01:07 - FMZeth: :O
01:07 - FMZeth: "Impish upstart! Why won't you just die and stop being all progressive and crap!"
01:07 - FMZeth: "No."
01:07 - FMZeth: >:O
01:07 - The Time Being: XD
01:08 - FMZeth: Khem Val: I can't believe you beat me up, ugh just kill me it's too humiliating to live!
01:08 - FMZeth: Ask: No.
01:09 - FMZeth: Bialar: Listen here young man! You are to surrender this stupid endeavour and go home and THINK about this galaxy you've conquered.
01:09 - FMZeth: Ask: No.
01:09 - FMZeth: Bialar: >_>
01:09 - FMZeth: Ask:
01:09 - FMZeth: Vy: :O Oh you done it now!
01:10 - FMZeth: So ultimately Ask v Bialar boils down to the old "unstoppable force meets unmovable object"
01:10 - FMZeth: Coincidentally the game/universe ended at the point where they could technically cross paths in-game
01:11 - FMZeth: But is it REALLY a coincidence?
01:11 - FMZeth: I
01:11 - FMZeth: think
01:11 - FMZeth: not
01:12 - The Time Being: No.
01:12 - FMZeth: bahahahaha

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