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 Post subject: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 23 Apr 2011, 20:25 
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Doubleposting because abusing staff powers is great.
[21:05:38 ] Zeth :
[21:05:45 ] Zeth :
[21:06:02 ] Zeth : I'm having trouble finding an image of Margaret Thatcher that works
[21:06:36 ] Chaz : I'm assuming there is a point to this.
[21:06:41 ] Zeth : yes
[21:06:45 ] Zeth : creepiness
[21:07:01 ] Chaz : Well, any picture of JFK in a Car is creepy.
[21:07:19 ] Zeth : not really
[21:07:35 ] Chaz : Eerie?
[21:07:47 ] Zeth : No
[21:07:50 ] Zeth : not really at all
[21:07:57 ] Zeth : it's just some guy in a car until he's shot
[21:08:03 ] Zeth : I don't see how it's creepy or eerie
[21:08:23 ] Chaz : See, it's the knowledge of the future that makes it so.
[21:08:46 ] Zeth : There is only the moment for which to judge the tone of the moment
[21:09:13 ] Chaz : Like watching an old movie and seeing a plane fly by the world trade center.
[21:10:16 ] Zeth : I like the way the Nixon one came out better
[21:10:17 ] Zeth : you agree?
[21:10:22 ] Chaz : Yes.
[21:10:27 ] Chaz : He's smiling.
[21:10:35 ] Zeth : not really my point...
[21:10:41 ] Zeth : I mean the Silent
[21:10:44 ] Chaz : I'm joking.
[21:10:51 ] Chaz : It's a picture.
[21:11:02 ] Chaz : They don't tend to make noise.
[21:11:21 ] Zeth : Stop dickign around with me; srsly, did I do a better job on the Nixon one or the JFK one?
[21:11:42 ] Chaz : Nixon one was a better picture.
[21:11:46 ] Zeth : I want to know so I can do better on the next one
[21:12:06 ] Chaz : I have no idea what you were trying to do, so I don't know how to rate it.
[21:12:11 ] Zeth : ...
[21:12:15 ] Zeth : the Silent, Chaz
[21:12:20 ] Zeth : don't tell me you missed them
[21:12:22 ] Zeth : no
[21:12:25 ] Zeth : you FORGOT THEM
[21:12:27 ] Zeth : : O
[21:12:27 ] Chaz : I didn't see it.
[21:12:30 ] Chaz : Yet.
[21:12:44 ] Zeth : Remember Chaz! You HAVE to remember!
[21:13:25 ] Chaz : Doctor who reference? I missed most of the last season and have yet to see the new episode.
[21:13:35 ] Zeth : : O
[21:13:45 ] Chaz : I PVRed it so I could watch it with other people.
[21:13:49 ] Zeth : DIDN'T watch the premiere?
[21:13:54 ] Zeth : oh
[21:13:55 ] Zeth : I see
[21:13:58 ] Zeth : ergh
[21:14:07 ] Zeth : Wellm haven't you been keepign up with the trailers?
[21:14:17 ] Chaz : No.
[21:14:35 ] Chaz : I didn't know it was going to be on till earlier today.
[21:14:36 ] Zeth : I suddenly don't feel like talking to you.
[21:16:02] I'm assuming the silent is the creepy alien in the background.
[21:16:34] How come no matter how hard I try, aMSN won't let me BLOCK YOU?
[21:16:51] I AM YOUR GOD.
[21:16:58] also, bad luck.


 Post subject: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 03 Jun 2011, 21:15 
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[22:11:41] why is my clay working tool in my lego box?
[22:12:01] Legopotamians need clay to build their mudbrick houses.
[22:12:07] ...
[22:12:18] That can only be the answer, and now I have to make a webcomic about it
[22:12:20] DAMN YOU ETHAN
[22:12:24] : D


 Post subject: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 26 Aug 2011, 09:41 
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Between myself and ClanSoul:
dino says (15:22):
*i know i had a dream, but i don't recall any of it
ostensibleArchitect says (15:23):
*"Martin Luther King Jr.'s speech didn't go quite as planned"


 Post subject: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 21 Oct 2011, 18:46 
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Concerning the letter C.
[23:37:13 ] Zeth :
[20-10, 17:41] Lady Brooke: Is it? I thought it sounded like a level and I pulled up a list of levels in the game and couldn't find it.
[20-10, 21:08] Venom: I thought Bramble Scramble was, but I couldn't remember for sure.
[20-10, 21:56] Albert Clare: I want to say it was in Krazy Kremland, but I'm not completely sure on the subject.
[20-10, 21:56] Albert Clare: I also find the way the letter "k" was used for "c" all over the place highly annoying, but I did enjoy the game nevertheless.
[20-10, 23:33] Venom: It's not as bad as Mortal Kombat.
[20-10, 23:35] Zeth: Hey! K is a tragikally underused letter in the English language.
[20-10, 23:37] Zeth: I blame Norman invaders.
[23:38:09 ] Charlsa : I'm not that fond of K, to be honest.
[23:38:30 ] Zeth : And I find C to be a silly letter, to be honest
[23:38:57 ] Zeth : it either behaves as an S or a K, or is used to form the CH sound, which by all means should be it's own thing
[23:39:01 ] Charlsa : Hey now, C is cool.
[23:39:05 ] Zeth : It has no identity
[23:39:12 ] Zeth : it only usurps that of other letters
[23:39:30 ] Charlsa : C is an actress. C is versatile. C doesn't stick to one sound.
[23:39:35 ] Charlsa : C does what it WANTS.
[23:39:40 ] Zeth : and "ck"
[23:39:47 ] Zeth : how ridikulous
[23:39:53 ] Zeth : I mean
[23:39:59 ] Zeth : what purpose does C have there at all?
[23:40:03 ] Charlsa : So C likes to hang out with K sometimes, because K is lame and needs friends.
[23:40:15 ] Zeth : But that's hypokritikal
[23:40:23 ] Charlsa : And doesn't make the whole word look stupid.
[23:40:30 ] Zeth : K is only lame bekause C stole its uses
[23:40:49 ] Zeth : Again, that's only bekause you're akustomed to seeing C
[23:40:56 ] Charlsa : Hell yeah I am
[23:41:09 ] Zeth : C is a filthy imposter and a traitor to alphabetkind
[23:41:32 ] Charlsa : No. C just loves to have fun, and do crazy stuff with other letters.
[23:41:34 ] Zeth : I kurse the day those Phoneshuns kreated the C.
[23:41:40 ] Charlsa : It's friendly.
[23:42:00 ] Charlsa : Because Harlsa just sounds so much better.
[23:42:19 ] Zeth : No, it sounds silly.
[23:42:26 ] Zeth : But CH shouldn't make asound
[23:42:32 ] Charlsa : Yet it does
[23:42:37 ] Charlsa : It's a miracle!
[23:42:41 ] Charlsa : C for all the awards.
[23:42:43 ] Zeth : that sound should have it's own letter IN PLASE of C
[23:42:54 ] Charlsa : No. I like C and H together.
[23:43:05 ] Charlsa : And double C's in Italian.
[23:43:16 ] Charlsa : No, all C's and their sounds in Italian.
[23:43:22 ] Charlsa : I am Pro-C.
[23:43:29 ] Zeth : pff, [tʃ] is superior.
[23:43:39 ] Charlsa : Nope, sorry, gotta love the C.
[23:43:46 ] Zeth : *hssss*
[23:44:24 ] Charlsa : Sorry, it's true. C is pretty great.
[23:44:35 ] Zeth : Vishus lies
[23:44:48 ] Charlsa : See? That just looks silly
[23:44:50 ] Zeth : Hmm..."Vishus"...
[23:44:55 ] Zeth : To the kontrary
[23:44:56 ] Charlsa : I thought it was a Hindu god.
[23:44:57 ] Zeth : I like it
[23:45:11 ] Zeth : No, no, that's Vishnu.
[23:45:16 ] Charlsa : Too close.
[23:45:22 ] Charlsa : Needs more C.
[23:45:39 ] Zeth : That's klose like reed and read are too klose
[23:45:44 ] Zeth : i.e. not klose at all
[23:46:02 ] Charlsa : I dislike your use of C's.
[23:46:08 ] Charlsa : It makes me uncomfortable
[23:46:14 ] Charlsa : Like you'll take my C next
[23:46:17 ] Charlsa : AND THEN WHAT?
[23:46:26 ] Zeth : *goatee stroke*
[23:46:56 ] Charlsa : LET ME KEEP MY C, ETHAN.
[23:46:57 ] Zeth : Engvern KOULD use with a drop of the Cs as one of the language reforms in the verse's history.
[23:47:28 ] Zeth : But tʃarlsa, the C IS there, kan't you tell?
[23:47:34 ] Zeth : Look klosely:
[23:47:38 ] Zeth : K
[23:47:40 ] Zeth : <
[23:47:42 ] Zeth : C
[23:47:47 ] Zeth : TADA
[23:47:50 ] Charlsa : Ick. I do not like my name without the C.
[23:48:07 ] Zeth : I don't like it either, but I kan't just kreate symbol on the spot
[23:48:12 ] Charlsa : As if it didn't look bad enough before, now it looks slimy.
[23:48:28 ] Charlsa : Like the green goop on Slime Time.
[23:48:42 ] Charlsa : Except maybe a bit browner.
[23:48:54 ] Charlsa : And bubbly, but in a gooey disease-ridden way.
[23:48:55 ] Zeth : /matter absolved
[23:49:00 ] Zeth : Wow, reaching back a way there, aren't you?
[23:49:13 ] Zeth : I remember those days vaguely, as if they were yesterday.
[00:53:31] For a national anthem, something recognisable is best, I think.[00:53:48] And something with really good words.
[00:54:02] hm
[00:56:28] And something which makes you feel patriotic.
[00:57:44] This is why some of the anthems of the Weltraum in Driftspace are metal-inspired, as opposed to the more romantic-inspired anthems of today
[00:57:48] something with power
[00:57:58] Hmm...
[00:58:07] I think those would make me feel the need for ibuprofen.
[00:58:27] Though it has more to do with the words and when they are sung.
[00:59:06] For example, I don't feel nearly from "The Star Spangled Banner", nicely-written though it is, what I do from "Rule, Brittania!"
[00:59:13] The former is a bit too solemn.
[00:59:59] "La Marseillaise" has a similar feeling — it's stronger and makes you want to fight for something.
[01:00:06] It's actually a fairly gruesome song, though.
[01:00:39] Also, Weltraum = Wel Traum or Welt Raum?
[01:00:50] La Marseillaise IS killing people
[01:01:03] I've never sung it.
[01:01:10] everytime somebody sings it, somebody jsut erupts in blood, I'm convinced
[01:01:10] But the melody and words have quite a bit of force to them.
[01:01:22] /laughs
[01:01:36] But it just screams "Vive la FRANCE!" at the top of its lungs.
[01:01:41] it does
[01:01:50] and then the French population erupts into civil war
[01:01:59] /laughs
[01:02:04] or occasionally war with someone else
[01:02:07] Well, they do seem to be good at that.
[01:02:10] but we know how that ends
[01:02:13] Civil unrest, that is.
[01:02:30] Well, historically, you put the monarchy back, tell the French to try again, and watch them get it wrong.
[01:03:16] But the French have given us many good things, too.
[01:03:38] Like the words "tea", "coffee", "clock", "sugar", and "lamp".
[01:04:02] And lots of smelly cheeses.
[01:05:05] BUT
[01:05:14] As with many things perceivably, French
[01:05:21] the Italians have done it better.
[01:05:29] Espressos for one
[01:05:29] Such as?
[01:05:44] Also mozzerrella cheese
[01:06:03] The British get the tea token though, there'll be no debating that point.
[01:06:18] They also get breakfast.
[01:06:36] Those continentals and their puny morning repasts have nothing on the Home Islands.
[01:06:37] Possibly
[01:06:52] Also, the British win for... colonising.
[01:07:01] It's they're fault we're all speaking English now.
[01:07:28] France was actually pretty good at that, though — a good chunk of the world speaks French now.
[01:07:43] Yeah, we can see where that got them.
[01:07:56] The Caribbean, Indochina...
[01:08:14] Fragile governments with rollercoaster economies.
[01:08:19] Britain just sort-of let its children go when they were all grown up (most of them, anyway).
[01:08:24] Indeed.
[01:08:36] Where France raised spoiled brats who took to drugs and prostitutes.
[01:08:39] Good job, France.
[01:09:13] /snickers


 Post subject: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 07 Feb 2012, 23:08 
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I don't know that I have this person's permission to post this, so I've blocked out his name, but I felt the need to share because it's bloody brilliant.

[8:48:35 PM] *********: I'm just saying, you can call me Harvest Moon because I'd PLOW DAT.
[8:49:40 PM] Me: ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[8:49:41 PM] Me: my god
[8:50:06 PM] *********: And... uh. I guess I'd plant turnips all over it so it's not a perfect analogy but you get the point.
[8:50:48 PM] Me: I am dying
[8:51:55 PM] Me: headdesk
[8:52:00 PM] *********: AND, uh, THINK ABOUT THE OCEAN.
[8:52:11 PM] Me: the ocean?
[8:54:06 PM] *********: (I am not actually a doctor)
[8:54:11 PM] Me: OH
[8:54:12 PM] Me: REALLY
[8:54:14 PM] Me: COULDN'T TELL
[8:54:26 PM] *********: Hey, I'M not the one who's dying here.
[8:54:39 PM] Me: I've calmed down it's okay
[8:54:44 PM] *********: Oh good.
[8:55:00 PM] *********: So. Uh. Turnips.
[8:55:17 PM] Me: what
[8:55:24 PM] *********: Turnips.
[8:55:43 PM] *********: Oh, wait, I'm sorry, I got my analogy all fucked up. SEX. There we go.


[9:00:18 PM] Me: fuckin
[9:00:21 PM] Me: harvest moon
[9:00:23 PM] Me: pickup line
[9:01:12 PM] *********: Well, y'know, Harvest Moon is a very romantic game. You spend your time making something of yourself in the town where you're basically no one, selling your crops, building up the land and slowly wooing a mate.
[9:01:36 PM] *********: You give her gifts, talk to her every day, make sure to find her the things she's most happy to receive, and in time she grows to love you.
[9:02:15 PM] *********: Then one day, when her friendship levels are high enough, you present her with whatever the game in question accepts as a proposal gift, you're married, and you move in together to start your new life.
[9:02:38 PM] *********: At which point all that time spent as a farmer pays off when YOU. PLOW. DAT. ASS.
[9:02:42 PM] *********: BOOM, HEADSHOT.


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 Post subject: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 10 Feb 2012, 12:33 
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Chaz Natlo says (11:30)
But alas, I must not go.
Zeth Holt says (11:30)
Now go?
Chaz Natlo says (11:30)
Zeth Holt says (11:31)
Righto; look forward to talking to you again son
Chaz Natlo says (11:31)
Newish laptop.
Zeth Holt says (11:31)
Chaz Natlo says (11:31)
Zeth Holt says (11:31)
I was amused.


 Post subject: Re: IM Conversations
PostPosted: 05 Dec 2012, 19:43 
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I believe this caused some Amusement elsewhere; here's a little Context for it —

Dino: finally finished reading
Morgan: The Story isn't finished yet, of course.
Dino:sorry it took so long. i don't read especially fast anyway, and reading handwriting is even slower
Dino: i realise
Dino: it would be unlikely to stop abruptly when they;re looking for someone :P
Morgan: I'm not avant-garde enough for that.
Dino: for which i'm very grateful :P
Morgan: I'm sure if Cata did that, he would say it's because a Bomb blew them up.
Dino: hehe. very probably XD
Dino: though a story by cata wouldn't be set on a train in the afterlife. it'd involve military tactics and politics
Morgan: Unless somebody were fighting a War set on Trains in the Afterlife.
Dino: politicians working out tactics for a war being fought on trains in the afterlife :P

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PostPosted: 14 Jan 2013, 19:39 
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18:33 - Cataphrak: Alternatively
18:33 - Cataphrak: a Third Doctor
18:33 - Cataphrak: Doctor Pepper and Peach Schnapps
18:34 - FMZeth: heh, I know that one
18:34 - FMZeth: I look forward to making one each of the Doctors
18:34 - FMZeth: just haven't gotten around to it
18:34 - Cataphrak: Just
18:34 - Cataphrak: Don't try a Brigadier
18:35 - FMZeth: snrk
18:35 - FMZeth: that sounds like a story
18:35 - Cataphrak: Glenfiddich Neat, five shots of it
18:35 - Cataphrak: in a row
18:36 - Cataphrak: "five rounds rapid"
18:36 - FMZeth: XD
18:36 - FMZeth: Well
18:36 - FMZeth: it can't be worse than the Sergeant Benton
18:37 - FMZeth: Everytime anybody utters your name you must instantly take a drink
18:37 - FMZeth: for your entire life.


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PostPosted: 23 Sep 2013, 17:42 
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17:37 - dinowoman: i can't help thinking of zefaan as zethan, like klarth used to call you :p
17:38 - FMZeth: I suppose that would be accurate if I lobotomised myself, dyed my hair and tattoed myself entirely green.
17:39 - FMZeth: Also, you know
17:39 - FMZeth: learned to be an ace sniper
17:38 - dinowoman: hehehe
17:39 - dinowoman: though you might be able to get a pretty well-paid job if you were an ace sniper :p
17:39 - dinowoman: unfortunatley, i might also be a rather dangerous one :p
17:39 - FMZeth: Depends
17:40 - FMZeth: I'd probably take a different slant on the situation than most people
17:40 - FMZeth: Most people would presume to get a job where they are paid exhorbiant sums of money to snipe people
17:40 - FMZeth: I would get a job where I get paid exhorbiant sums of money to NOT snipe the people paying me.
17:40 - FMZeth: Saves ammo.


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[5:14:24 PM] Albert: *stuffs Soap into your Mouth*
[5:14:31 PM] Andrew Kaczmar: I didn't curse!
[5:14:34 PM] Albert: You've probably used Profanity sometime or other Today.
[5:15:08 PM] Andrew Kaczmar: You get to curse in french and I can't curse in my native language.
[5:15:16 PM] Andrew Kaczmar: totally fair 3:
[5:15:18 PM] Albert: Actually, you did earlier when I was sending the Message you said sounded Robotic.
[5:15:24 PM] Albert: Do not question your Sensei.

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PostPosted: 07 Feb 2014, 02:38 
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I have just finished a rant prior to this exchange.

Chaz Natlo: Huh. Where'd this soapbox comefrom...
FMZeth: That Ido not know.
Chaz Natlo: I swear I was standing on the ground only a few moments ago.
FMZeth: I tend to sit down at my desk while computering
Chaz Natlo: Well in truth I'm laying down.
FMZeth: snrk
FMZeth: It's like standing
FMZeth: only horizontally
Chaz Natlo: Fair.

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PostPosted: 08 Feb 2014, 00:32 
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[09:11:00 PM] Albert Clare: It would be interesting to hear what you sound like.
[09:11:56 PM] Gwennie Moogle: Female and Canadian
[09:12:11 PM] Albert Clare: Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaha.
[09:12:19 PM] Albert Clare: I NEVER would have guessed.
[09:12:36 PM] Gwennie Moogle: I know. Amazing right?
[09:13:05 PM] Albert Clare: You never cease to astound and astonish!
[09:13:29 PM] Gwennie Moogle: I don't know how you haven't died of shock yet
[09:13:39 PM] Albert Clare: I have; I'm a Ghost.
[09:14:19 PM] Gwennie Moogle: Ohh how are you using you keyboard?
[09:14:49 PM] Albert Clare: Magic.
[09:15:00 PM] Gwennie Moogle: Answer to everything

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Watchin' The Search for Spock.

Spoiler: show
The Time Being: I love the Netflix description for this
The Time Being: "McCoy is going insane and Spock is dead."
FMZeth is now Online.
FMZeth: You know somemone's enjoying their job with those.
FMZeth: Sorry that took longer than I thought it would.
FMZeth: But worth it.
The Time Being: No prob
The Time Being: Worth it?
FMZeth: Yeah
FMZeth: I have one of the kaiser rolls we brought back from Mario's bakery in NY, with deli mozzarella, pepperoni, dorned beef and butterkase
FMZeth: and astick of chocolate covered halvah, also from the NY trip
The Time Being: Sounds delicious
FMZeth: It so will be
FMZeth: I've been waiting years for some of these things
FMZeth: om nom nom nom nom nmnmnmnmnmnm
FMZeth: I'm ready when you are btw
The Time Being: I'm ready
The Time Being: Get set then
The Time Being: And
The Time Being: Go
FMZeth: gone
FMZeth: Think again
FMZeth: triforce
The Time Being: Whoa
The Time Being: You're right
FMZeth: :3
FMZeth: Vulcans everywhere: DISHONOUR!
The Time Being: that's actually a pretty smooth opening
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: I have to say, the whole concept of this movie amuses me
The Time Being: I mean, you have WoK, which just has this beautifully structured story about how a man who has never faced an unwinnable scenario finally has to, in the most devasting way possible, because it's the only way to be victorious
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: and then an entire movie undoing it?
The Time Being: And then it's like, nope! Turns out you can just raise him from the dead
The Time Being: No wonder Kirk doesn't believe in no-win scenarios
The Time Being: THERE ARE NONE
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: in the interest of fairness
FMZeth: Kirk isn't omniscient--as far as he knows Spock IS dead for a significant length of time
FMZeth: he DID face the no win scenario
FMZeth: he made the decisions, faced the music
FMZeth: these events don't undo that
The Time Being: True enough
The Time Being: what is the point of leaving Leonard Nimoy out of the credits when the movie is titled THE SEARCH FOR SPOCK
The Time Being: I mean, does anyone believe he's not going to be in it?
FMZeth: snrk
FMZeth: There he was right there
FMZeth: Directed by
FMZeth: Leonard Nimoy
FMZeth: No Kirk
FMZeth: the Voyage Home is next epis--movie
The Time Being: reassigned to where?
The Time Being: have they been anywhere since the last movie?
FMZeth: Those ships tackling that problem in the neutral zone
The Time Being: Ah, okay
FMZeth: but no, realistically
FMZeth: many of them have been reassigned but simply have not reported to those assignments yet
FMZeth: and are still aboard
The Time Being: oh Scotty
FMZeth: Saavik and David stayed with the ship that rendeves--rend--met up with Enterprise at the Genesis Planet
The Time Being: we love you so much
The Time Being: that doesn't entirely mesh with Kirk's monologue about the ship being empty, but Kirk being Kirk the melodrama is forgiveable
FMZeth: mm
FMZeth: It's Christopher Lloyd!
The Time Being: And a giant dogthing!
FMZeth: Targ, IIRC
The Time Being: Also I like how the Klingons have mood lighting on their bridge
FMZeth: Mood lighting? that's ANGER MODE, thank you very much
The Time Being: Anger is a mood
FMZeth: No, it is an ideal
FMZeth: an ideal that all other moods aspire to
FMZeth: that one other guy
FMZeth: the one who was neither human nor klingon
FMZeth: he looked so like a batarian
The Time Being: that targ could use a touch of Henson
FMZeth: Agreed.
FMZeth: Man look how high the budget went up since the last film
FMZeth: Uhura even got new hair.
FMZeth: So I do have ONE question that none of the films answer and the fandom never really cared about
FMZeth: The Defiant's crew that was stranded on Ceti Alpha V
FMZeth: did anybody go get them?
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: Um
FMZeth: oh scotty
The Time Being: I thought Khan killed them all?
FMZeth: Nah he said he left them on CA V in those pods he and his were left in
FMZeth: He killed the Regula One scientists
The Time Being: Thennnnn I got nothin
The Time Being: Man that is a lot of security for one room
The Time Being: What the hell, is that police tape?
FMZeth: Admiral Chekov: This all seems very familiar...
FMZeth: And yes it was.
FMZeth: From the ENT PD
The Time Being: Wow Starfleet
The Time Being: You're so hightech
FMZeth: No he just found a second
The Time Being: Bones, go sleep it off.
FMZeth: "Sir the only medic onboard is IN Spock'sroom already"
The Time Being: "We only have one?!" "We've only ever needed one!"
FMZeth: This makes no sense
The Time Being: "Quick! Find Doctor M'Benga! We need his expert Vulcan punch therapy urgently!"
FMZeth: They JUST finished refitting it last movie
FMZeth: if they planned on retiring it
FMZeth: why did they do that
The Time Being: /Starfleet
FMZeth: I like how Kirk just replaced Carol and left it at that
The Time Being: exactly who is Kirk explaining this to?
The Time Being: I mean surely Starfleet already knows what Genesis is
FMZeth: He's relaying the report to Starfleet after the events of last film
FMZeth: Starfleet does
The Time Being: they were developing it
FMZeth: individual admirals may not
FMZeth: in fact individual admirals WOULD NOT
The Time Being: then surely it would make more sense for individual admirals to be told about it in person by people who DID know rather than have such incredibly sensitive information transmitted across the galaxy?
FMZeth: 21:19 - The Time Being: /Starfleet
The Time Being: Right
FMZeth: Also that ship design
FMZeth: while cool
The Time Being: why do I get the feeling we'll be saying that a lot throughout this movie
FMZeth: makes even less sense
FMZeth: how do you get to engineering decks?
The Time Being: Uh
FMZeth: Transporters?
FMZeth: Or through the nacelles which guarantees everybody onboard?
The Time Being: MAGIC
FMZeth: *dies
FMZeth: Also this captain's a moron
FMZeth: "Dr Marcus: it's your planet"
The Time Being: Amazingly, the human born of a human is human.
FMZeth: His next line basically amounts to "No Dr MArcus it's not like it's YOUR planet"
The Time Being: that's the temperature on the ENTIRE PLANET?
FMZeth: David no
FMZeth: that's BAD
FMZeth: you wanted to COLONISE this planet
FMZeth: if it abruptly blizzards in a hot desert
The Time Being: just can't get rid of a corpse these days
FMZeth: you can't really settle it nicelyt
FMZeth: Our budget went up so high we finally got the camera in focus every time we looked at Saavik!
FMZeth: Man it's like she's not even the same person
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: "to absent friends-including those of us currently in restraints"
FMZeth: heeee
FMZeth: NOT Scott
The Time Being: Qui Gon!
FMZeth: a whole lot of not scott
FMZeth: Sarek is not amused.
The Time Being: why does Kirk have a bunch of pistols on his wall?
FMZeth: He collects them
FMZeth: he's an antique collector
FMZeth: hence the book and glasses last film
The Time Being: Ah right
FMZeth: and that model ship and telescope behind him
FMZeth: ...on this important letter toParliament.
The Time Being: snrk
The Time Being: so is this like, just something that all Vulcans do, or did Spock's ghost tell Sarek this or what?
FMZeth: I think it's something that MANY Vulcans do
FMZeth: according to their beliefs
The Time Being: So Sarek's just kind of assuming that Spock would have done this
FMZeth: not all Vulcans choose to do it, but apparently Spock's family does
FMZeth: It IS a tradition
FMZeth: very old one
FMZeth: dating back to when whatisface founded LOGIC
FMZeth: and led them out of the wars
FMZeth: HIS Katra is still around IIRC
FMZeth: I think after some rock it was housed in got Bakula'd it took up residence inside somebody else
FMZeth: this is a terrible way to search
The Time Being: I love how the 'flight recording' has dramatic camera angles
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: Kirk, just put your glasses on, it's not that hard to see
FMZeth: "Freeze--and augment" *Dramatic lights and SFX lasers added to a scene with Spock holding a rifle about to charge into Terminators* "Remember."
The Time Being: hehhee
FMZeth: "That's some augment."
The Time Being: yesss
The Time Being: SPOCK SMASH
FMZeth: hey look
FMZeth: living pierogi
FMZeth: that looks disgusting
The Time Being: It really does
FMZeth: look he folded it nicely
The Time Being: Neat and formal to the last
FMZeth: even when a mindless baby beast
The Time Being: how did he open the case...?
FMZeth: What pounding?
FMZeth: he's asking to take a day trip
The Time Being: I'm sure the Vulcan ambassador to the Federation won't mind this insult
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: dude, dig those jackets
FMZeth: I know right?
The Time Being: McCoy's is the best though
FMZeth: yay vidyagames
FMZeth: and tribbles
FMZeth: and
FMZeth: and whatever she is
FMZeth: and
FMZeth: and whatever he is
FMZeth: Annoying Character of the Week goes to: ...yoda ear guy
The Time Being: so much for that whole secret thing
The Time Being: "No, I can't see anything odd about this man's behaviour."
FMZeth: XD
The Time Being: Poor McCoy
The Time Being: of all the people in the world to get possessed by a Vulcan
FMZeth: "I didn't even get mind-controlled asingle damn time, I...I...Hm."
FMZeth: that was pontlessly rude
The Time Being: And stupidly rude, when talking to Sulu
FMZeth: They should have given the units special code names too
FMZeth: Unit I and Unit II is boring
The Time Being: Maybe they ran out of time
The Time Being: GO GO UHURA
FMZeth: Ah, Starfleet's best.
The Time Being: Okay, question
The Time Being: Why are they going to Genesis?
FMZeth: Because apparently Spock's brain is insistent on it, and you apparently just don't deny a vulcan's katra or ETERNAL SHAME
The Time Being: I mean, WE know Spock's body got rez'd, but they have no way of knowing that; surely they should just head on to Vulcan and let Spock go so McCoy can return to whatever amount of sanity he ever had
FMZeth: End of the day I don't really know but it's somethign to do with that "Vulcan Mysticism" mentioned
FMZeth: and Spock's "eternal soul" as Jim put it
The Time Being: that would also negate the need to sneak out, cause surely they wouldn't be denied a hop over to Vulcan
The Time Being: hee
FMZeth: I like Excelsior
FMZeth: a clear attempt to bridge TNG and TOS
FMZeth: in a logical sequence of development
FMZeth: Also
FMZeth: for the record
FMZeth: apparently they retired active Transwarp technology development after Excelsior andwent back to plain old warp
The Time Being: Because when Scotty says no, you listen.
FMZeth: Yeah
FMZeth: Yeah I like the insinuation that he halted its development just because he could
FMZeth: What I don't like is the insinuation that Scotty
FMZeth: an Engineer
The Time Being: You can't have massive ship technological advancements without Scotty's approval; it's like going to sea without clearing it with Posedion
FMZeth: is also a hacker
The Time Being: No, no, you misunderstand
The Time Being: It's not that Scotty is an engineer and a hacker
The Time Being: It's that he's Scotty.
FMZeth: Well there is that
The Time Being: also I love that quote
FMZeth: which one?
The Time Being: "I recommend you all for promotion, in whatever fleet we wind up serving."
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: bullcrap David
The Time Being: actually if you're referring to the "good morning captain" I assumed it was a generic error message cause it seems like if Scotty put it there deliberately it would have been a bit more fifting to the situation
FMZeth: No Scotty put it there
FMZeth: 1. Beam Aboard
FMZeth: 2. Discuss in tedious debate
FMZeth: 3. Ask the Audience
FMZeth: >2
The Time Being: You know, this guy has kind of an annoying air, but I can't fault him too much
FMZeth: "Starfleet this is USS Grissom..."
The Time Being: I get the feeling he's just way, way, way out of his depth but he's at least trying to be reasonable
FMZeth: Fair
FMZeth: he's also a bit of an idiot though
The Time Being: Well, they can't all be Kirk
FMZeth: but ONE shot?
The Time Being: that was kind of creepy
FMZeth: mm
FMZeth: I like Lloyd's costume design here
FMZeth: his "Away Outfit"
The Time Being: I like the costume design in general here
FMZeth: Agreed
FMZeth: with significant exceptions
FMZeth: namely ALL the civilians
The Time Being: True, but the Enterprise crew has a nice variety of non-uniform clothes that look both unmodern and realistic
The Time Being: also, uh, NOBODY has died
The Time Being: in fact, one person has un-died
The Time Being: our body count is actually negative one
FMZeth: nah all the Khan people died, and all the Regula people died
FMZeth: and although they don't know it
FMZeth: the smuggler and his crew
The Time Being: yeah but they died because of KHAN, not because of David or Genesis
The Time Being: and the smuggler dude died because Klingons
FMZeth: and actually you can bet spies all over the alpha quadrant are dying for Genesis secrets
FMZeth: Yeah but they died because Khan wanted Genesis
FMZeth: I'm not saying I disagree with you
FMZeth: just that Saavik's logic is defensible
FMZeth: also pause please
The Time Being: paused
The Time Being: Saavic seemed to be asking "how many have died" because of David's use of dangerous phlebotinum or whatever, though, which doesn't seem to have lead to any deaths so far-in fact, the aforementioned negative one deaths
The Time Being: Genesis ITSELF, yeah, as a project you could definitely say that people have died for it, but not over the specific nature of its construction-just by fighting over its existence
The Time Being: which has nothing to do with David, really, one way or the other, and if Saavik had a problem with it she never said so during the last movie and a half
FMZeth: Well the thing is that without David using dangerous phlebotinum, there would have been no Genesis Project, and therefore many of those deaths OVER the project would not have ocurred
The Time Being: But Saavik knew about the Genesis Project for a while now and never seemed to have a problem with it, so she's just now out of the blue accosting David for...making the project that he was working on work?
FMZeth: I think that was her effort at beating him with a stick of ethics
The Time Being: So she's new at this.
FMZeth: Maybe
FMZeth: I dunno
FMZeth: End of the day
FMZeth: he shouldn't have done it
FMZeth: they both know it
FMZeth: but Saavik has the moral high ground to scold David for doing it
The Time Being: Yeah, you're right
The Time Being: It's a really minor thing to make a fuss over
FMZeth: *shrug*
FMZeth: A lot of people take issue with this Saavik anyway
FMZeth: She ISN'T written as well, but acting aside the actress seems to get way more of the flack transferred to her than I think is fair
The Time Being: I certainly wouldn't blame it on her
FMZeth: so I have a tendency to be lenient
FMZeth: I'm at 55:01
The Time Being: 54:39
The Time Being: more or less
FMZeth: on your mark then, i'm ready
The Time Being: k...
The Time Being: go
FMZeth: gone
The Time Being: that might be a little bit off
The Time Being: Netflix counts how much time is left rather than how much has passed
FMZeth: see you'll note that Saavik has NO reservations about talk about the Pon'far
The Time Being: well to be fair, they aren't really in a situation to beat about the bush here
The Time Being: so what constitutes 'adult life' for Vulcans?
FMZeth: Just from observation? Seems to be comparable to humans
FMZeth: lates teens/early 20s
FMZeth: Also I would just like to point out that that looks NOTHING like Zachary Quinto
The Time Being: man, can you even imagine how awkward and uncomfortable this whole situation must be for Saavik?
FMZeth: Jeez.
FMZeth: mmmm
FMZeth: I think it depends really
FMZeth: Do we know if Saavik is a mom?
The Time Being: First her mentor dies, which is hard enough, then she finds him again as an essentially mindless child
The Time Being: Then she has to have sex with him
FMZeth: Erm, I don't think she has sex with him.
The Time Being: If Amok Time is anything to go by, he's either going to have to have sex or fight someone to the death
FMZeth: Neither occurs, I can say that with confidence
The Time Being: So he just rapid-ages out of it?
FMZeth: I'm pretty sure she just guides him through some sort of distracting, meditative exercise
FMZeth: like you saw her starting with the fingers there
FMZeth: and for all we know he had a prolonged temper tantrum the whole rest of the night
FMZeth: and worked it out
The Time Being: if it's that easy to get through, what was the big deal in Amok Time then?
FMZeth: He's on a planet that's already falling apart versus the middle of a star ship
FMZeth: if he punches through a cliff face
FMZeth: okay
FMZeth: if he punches through a bulkhead
FMZeth: not okay
The Time Being: but Amok Time outright said it would be fatal for him if it went unresolved
FMZeth: Which is why I told you when we watched Amok time that it was going to be retconned straight to hell
The Time Being: Right
The Time Being: Well I have no desire to continue arguing over Vulcan sex, so let's move on
FMZeth: i mean we could make suppositions all night
FMZeth: but yeah
FMZeth: One last comment on the situation if I may: it never made sense to me that a Vulcan would die if he did get his sex thing on right away, so I was very happy to accept the more casual revised version
FMZeth: *didn't
The Time Being: apparently they were based on ferrets
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: I'm not even kidding
FMZeth: I know you're not
The Time Being: so, um
The Time Being: What happened to Uhura?
FMZeth: She made the direct trip to Vulcan to get things ready there
The Time Being: Ahh, okay
The Time Being: So I guess everyone was too distracted by the Enterprise taking off to worry about her
FMZeth: Why is Scotty shotting
FMZeth: that's Chekov's job
The Time Being: yeah, but Chekov's taking Spock's usual job
FMZeth: No, McCoy's doing that
The Time Being: then what is Chekov doing?
FMZeth: Well he direct evasive maneuovres a second ago
FMZeth: *directed
FMZeth: snrk
FMZeth: I love that
The Time Being: also as far as I can tell McCoy is pretty much doing what he usually does, which is hang around and make snarky comments
The Time Being: what was he holding?
FMZeth: I dunno
FMZeth: I love that the Klingon is directing this talk about preservation of galactic peace
The Time Being: So they don't know that Spock got rez'd-WHY are they there?
FMZeth: To get his body
FMZeth: that knife is so cool
The Time Being: oh yes
The Time Being: : [
The Time Being: we hardly knew ye
FMZeth: But hey we got Spock that's good right!
The Time Being: How nice
FMZeth: Klingtopher Lloyd is an honourable warrioer/terrorist
FMZeth: the rest of you
FMZeth: by which he means Scotty and Chekov
The Time Being: heh
The Time Being: I assume that's just old habits
The Time Being: also, Klingtopher Lloyd
The Time Being: nice
FMZeth: :3
FMZeth: it's not enough for Kirk to lose his only son, he has to take Scotty's only daughter with him
FMZeth: Also I would like to note that Chekov should not have a working code
The Time Being: this is an unusually thorough destruct sequence
The Time Being: albeit with really lousy passwords
The Time Being: annnnd I was just going to say that
The Time Being: Man, of all the ways for the original Enterprise to go
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: I shake my fist at you, writers
FMZeth: I admire it really
The Time Being: you have done me a disservice
FMZeth: if it had been gunned down that would have been too typical
FMZeth: if it had been locked in a museum that would have been a cop out
FMZeth: but in this manner even its death spits at its enemies
FMZeth: Also no
FMZeth: I don't know why he doesn't know what a self destruct countdown is
The Time Being: It's not the self-destruct I object to, because, as you say, that's a good way to go-it's the fact that it died only to take out a handful of Klingons
The Time Being: It should have at least taken down a command carrier
FMZeth: I would like to point out that it just here went down with its warpcore intact
FMZeth: which means
FMZeth: well
FMZeth: that planet is about to explode
FMZeth: well you know
The Time Being: it seems a bit odd that the self-destruct doesn't deal with that
FMZeth: from an antimatter reaction instead of its falling apart
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: IIRC at some point it's said that self-destruct is ACCOMPLISHED by warp cell containment breach and nacelle ejection
FMZeth: Apparently that didn't find its way into this scenario
The Time Being: she warned you, buddy
FMZeth: Slightly smarter klingon is slightly smarrter
The Time Being: HEAL THYSELF
FMZeth: hee
FMZeth: what a waste ofa perfectly good jacket
The Time Being: also a waste of a perfectly good son
FMZeth: true
FMZeth: I don't buy that Saavik
FMZeth: why wouldn't he just keep aging after leaving the planet?
The Time Being: because that would be sad
FMZeth: Ah, the power of plot
The Time Being: maybe it has something to do with the proximity to the magical Genesis radiation?
FMZeth: snrk
FMZeth: Als Kirk we don't say that on Earth
FMZeth: they say that in France
FMZeth: and it's long distance moon, Montreal
The Time Being: well last movie "revenge is a dish best served cold" was a Klingon proverb, so I guess we're just going to go the distance
The Time Being: wow
The Time Being: that was...blatant
FMZeth: mmhm
FMZeth: Klingtopher doesn't mess around
The Time Being: there is a lot of very deliberate enuncianation in this movie
FMZeth: mm
FMZeth: What does he think Kirk is going to do? Pull a flashdrive out of his pocket?
FMZeth: "Oh, mah bad, here ya go"
FMZeth: "Excellent! At last: the ultimate weapon, ours for the Empire!"
FMZeth: *plugs in*
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: He's fighting Kirk to death on a planet that is literally disintegrating around him, when he could easily beam him aboard the ship and torture the information out of him in safety and leisure
The Time Being: I wouldn't say he's thought this through all that logically
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: as he pointed out when his away team leader was hesitant: We Are Klingon
FMZeth: It is legit something they woudl do
The Time Being: Getting things done is anathema to us!
FMZeth: because it's glorious
FMZeth: No you're just looking at it from the wrong perspective
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: I love how they beam the crew up and they just...
The Time Being: take over
FMZeth: I know right
The Time Being: and no one ever considers the need to question it
The Time Being: it's just taken for granted
FMZeth: See guys
FMZeth: you should have brought Uhura
FMZeth: the ONE time she would be THE MOST USEFUL PERSON
The Time Being: AW MAN
FMZeth: Spock should stop talking to himself
FMZeth: it makes him look crazy
The Time Being: heh
FMZeth: Then again
FMZeth: maybe deep down in his Bones, he is
The Time Being: heeeeeee
FMZeth: Oh hey, I know that place
The Time Being: <3 DeForest
FMZeth: it gets sucked into a black hole later/before
FMZeth: it will have been sucked into a black hole
FMZeth: Retrothrusters!
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: you know, I will say this for this movie
The Time Being: it may be full of plot holes and be a rather transparent device to get Spock back so we can have another movie
The Time Being: but it does give pretty much everyone in the cast a chance to show off being awesome
FMZeth: but it has great dialogue!
FMZeth: yes
FMZeth: yes it does
FMZeth: I tend to think of it as a celebration of the characters themselves rather than the series
The Time Being: mmm
FMZeth: Whoa
The Time Being: That is a good way of putting it
FMZeth: Spcok got six virgins in his afterlife
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: I'm digging these Vulcan costumes
FMZeth: mm
FMZeth: I find it interesting thatthey conduct all this in English
FMZeth: I guess it would just be rude to the guests if they didn't
FMZeth: thou art human
The Time Being: hey, they're stiff-necked, but not rude
FMZeth: where did she learn English
The Time Being: also, H.? What does that stand for?
FMZeth: I don't actually know
FMZeth: or if I did, forgot
The Time Being: "I mean, the other option is going insane, sooo..."
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: pretty much a lose/lose there
FMZeth: Later: Well we succeeded in getting Spock's brain back where it goes, but we lost McCoy
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: exactly what IS the danger there?
FMZeth: I'm assuming brain damage
The Time Being: evidently it's not physical so I'm assuming-yeah
FMZeth: or casting his soul into hell
FMZeth: maybe both
The Time Being: I'll hand it to them, they did a pretty good job of making dramatic a ritual that consists of a woman standing with her hands on two guys' heads for a while
FMZeth: Vulcan Hell
FMZeth: I wonder what that's like
FMZeth: is it just, illogic everywhere?
FMZeth: *Random vulcan walks up and hugs other Vulcan* "What was that for?" // "Nothin', just felt like it." // "NOTHING IS WORSE THAN THIS!"
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: McCoy: "YOU'RE WELCOME TOO"
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: I notice that now that he is alive
FMZeth: his six virgins are gone
The Time Being: well of course
The Time Being: dude
The Time Being: triforce
FMZeth: you know it's really lucky that they managed to get him off Genesis at the exact moment he aged to the point where he was before they left
FMZeth: and yes, Triforce
The Time Being: yes, 'lucky'
The Time Being: ...and, uh, then we blew it up again
FMZeth: "Ship? Out of danger" "Well nobody will be attacking it anymore, we'll put it that way."
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: d'awww
FMZeth: George Takai: "I want to be the first one to put my hand on Spock's chest." Nimoy: "Why?" Takai: "No reason."
The Time Being: snrk
The Time Being: hah
FMZeth: As Spock: it's own cast
The Time Being: there are five people credited as Spock
The Time Being: they should have put DeForest Kelly in there while they were at it

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[06:24:36 PM] Gwennie Moogle: I just finished playing ocarina a few minutes ago
[06:26:25 PM] Albert Clare: The Original or the 3DS Remake?
[06:27:26 PM] Gwennie Moogle: I don't know if you're being serious or making a joke
[06:28:23 PM] Albert Clare: Both are about equally possible; most Computers can handle PJ64, and you have a 3DS.
[06:28:41 PM] Albert Clare: And you don't have Loads of Money.
[06:28:56 PM] Albert Clare: Soooooooo... I'm being serious.
[06:31:27 PM] Gwennie Moogle: but the instrument
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And then we watched The Voyage Home!

Spoiler: show
FMZeth: Previously, on Star Trek...
The Time Being: annnnd also ready
The Time Being: heh
The Time Being: that takes me back
FMZeth: I knid of want to watch the conclusion of Farscape JUST for that
The Time Being: k, get set
The Time Being: annnnnd
The Time Being: go
FMZeth: gone
The Time Being: ...
The Time Being: well that was depressing
FMZeth: ...unlikethoseastronautswhowillneverseehomeagain
FMZeth: This is the one I watched like a hundred times when I was little.
The Time Being: I watched The Great Mouse Detective like a hundred times when I was little
FMZeth: never seen it
FMZeth: There in lies the fundamental difference in our childhood.
The Time Being: Evidently
The Time Being: actually now I'm wondering WHY I didn't see this movie when I was little
FMZeth: What exactly is an Executive Consultant?
The Time Being: it's not like my parents weren't Trek fans
The Time Being: I...actually don't know
FMZeth: The terms seem mutually exclusive
FMZeth: if you're consulting, you don't actually have a say in things
FMZeth: you offer advice, direction and suggestions
FMZeth: but if you're executive
FMZeth: well
FMZeth: you
FMZeth: uh
FMZeth: you make executive decisions
The Time Being: to me, just going by the title, it sounds like either a.) a go-between between the people doing the creative work and the people running the company, or b.) some kind of script editor or consulting writer in charge
FMZeth: hm
The Time Being: hey, is that a black female captain?
FMZeth: Yep.
The Time Being: and that dude sitting in front of her is what exactly...?
FMZeth: They were looking to get their tokens out of the way early i think
FMZeth: I don't know. Recycled Klingon makeup from the last movie maybe
The Time Being: ...who was taking that footage, exactly?
FMZeth: Klingon ship maybe
The Time Being: now I'm imagining a Klingon camera ship following them around like they do on Deadliest Catch and such
FMZeth: XD
The Time Being: "HONOR DICTATES that we get smooth footage with even lighting."
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: Humans, Vulcans and Klingons
FMZeth: the trifecta of TOS
The Time Being: Humans, Elves and Orcs
The Time Being: That is a really kickass baldric he's got going there
FMZeth: "Outrageous" seems so weird coming out of a klingon mouth
FMZeth: Ranking somewhere just under "Fabulous"
The Time Being: I really like the guy in the background going "YOU POMPOUS ASS"
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: I'm not entirely sure who he's yelling at but he's great
The Time Being: also, wait, three months?
The Time Being: what have they been doing for three months?
FMZeth: yep
FMZeth: Watching Spock meditate and repairing their ship, methinks--in addition to dodging what is obviously a REALLY DELICATE political situation
FMZeth: Ah
FMZeth: Kirk's Rock
FMZeth: it got a makeover
The Time Being: Kirk's Rock on steroids
FMZeth: apparently the computers did too
The Time Being: now I'm thinking that Bones has probably spent his time setting up a distillery somewhere
FMZeth: I would like to point out that this isn't much of a test of logic
FMZeth: it's just recitation
The Time Being: I kinda figured he was testing how healed his memory was
FMZeth: He hasn't had three months to do that?
The Time Being: He hasn't had three months to test his logic skills?
FMZeth: Which takes precedence?
The Time Being: Not necessarily, but maybe he's just doing one right now instead of the other
FMZeth: Hm.
The Time Being: I don't know, therapy for dying, possessing someone else and then being restored to your radioactively regrown body is not something I'm familiar with
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: So, we know Vulcan/Human is a thing (Spock), and we know Klingon/Human is a thing (Belanna)
FMZeth: are there any Vulcan/Klingons?
The Time Being: this does seem like one of those particular situations where you see someone at the end of one installment in a decent state of recovery, and then when the sequel comes along they're actually farther back
The Time Being: I wonder if there's a trope for that
The Time Being: seems like they would be very conflicted
The Time Being: though I don't see why it COULDN'T happen
FMZeth: Launching everything they have
The Time Being: "We're launching our best scientists at it!" "AIIIEEEEE"
FMZeth: "Just throw things at it until something happens!"
FMZeth: "Something happened!"
FMZeth: "What?"
FMZeth: "It got really really pissed off!"
The Time Being: I'm glad to see Chekov got a coat upgrade
The Time Being: though considering that looks like leather I'm wondering how he came by it on Vulcan
FMZeth: mmhm
FMZeth: There have leather on Vulcan
FMZeth: Also Vulcan is, you know, a member of the Federation
The Time Being: not had the opportunity? you've had three months
FMZeth: there are non Vulcans and goods around
The Time Being: Point
FMZeth: maybe amanda gave it too him
FMZeth: something she gave Sarek and he never wore it
The Time Being: "Well, if it doesn't, then you can do it."
FMZeth: "This garment is illogical." "Oh Sarek, i think you'd look seeeexy in it." *ten months later: Spock*
The Time Being: XD
FMZeth: Wow
FMZeth: Laaaaaaate
The Time Being: "Launch that one guy who keeps floating around!" "GUUUUUUUYYYYYSSSSS"
FMZeth: Also Spacedock losing all power is a BIG DEAL
FMZeth: Since not only would all the super amazing spaceships inside starting drifting around into the walls and each other
FMZeth: but it's orbit around Earth would decay
FMZeth: can you imagine that falling?
The Time Being: Whu-oh
The Time Being: those sleeves are really pretty ridiculous
FMZeth: I adore their ridiculousness
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: I love that
FMZeth: Spock Troll
The Time Being: McCoy HAS died, actually...
The Time Being: well before Spock did
FMZeth: that doesn't count
The Time Being: yeah, he sacrificed himself to save someone else and was resurrected by highly advanced incomprehensible alien science...totally different
FMZeth: Starfleet: Well we never expected anybody to actually make it to Earth!
The Time Being: "PROBES DAMMIT"
The Time Being: heh
The Time Being: it just occurred to me
The Time Being: in a way this is kinda the same situation that I daydream of all the time
FMZeth: You daydream about being caught on a planet dying from alien probing?
The Time Being: "Man, I know I have to go to class but I really don't want to. Let me check my email just in case something catastrophic destroyed the building and I'll be reprieved."
FMZeth: snrk
FMZeth: i like how the subs declare this sound to be "whistling humming"
FMZeth: That's quite a leap
The Time Being: Well, I don't know how else you would describe it
The Time Being: One thing Spock has not lost with his resurrection is his habit of reading the script in between scenes
FMZeth: It's looking for sea devils!
The Time Being: yeah I love the 'human arrogance' assuming the message would be directed at us
The Time Being: we're only the dominant and only sentient civilization-building species on the planet
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: Thank god this klingon lower class war bird has a database of extinct terran mammals
The Time Being: Klingons are thorough
The Time Being: alternatively, Scotty is thorough
FMZeth: Or the vulcans, most likely
FMZeth: but I like the Klingon theory
The Time Being: XD
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: Ah yes
The Time Being: everyone takes this so matter of factly
FMZeth: Because at this point it's so common to time warp
FMZeth: So easy
FMZeth: Just plug stuff into the calculator
The Time Being: "Scotty, I need a time machine." "Oh that's no problem, Captain, I built three in the spare room in my spare time. Which one would you like?"
FMZeth: check out that chick on the far right
FMZeth: lol Scotty
The Time Being: I like that they're not even arguing about the time travel itself, just the vehicle they're doing it with
FMZeth: Kirk: Yes bones I do. Because at this point, nothing can kill us. WE ARE AGODS AMONGST STARFLEET.
The Time Being: I also like that washcloth someone's left there
The Time Being: so futile
FMZeth: Also i like how Spock just recognised this call, when literally EVERYBODY on Earth was STUMPED
The Time Being: in like, five seconds
FMZeth: You can fly anywhere on earth once you're there, Spock
The Time Being: another thing I like is how Bones's natural Bones-ness makes him the only person who seems to have a non-80's viewpoint on this whole thing
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: "Scotty! Duct tape time!"
FMZeth: I wonder how much trouble it was for the Vulcans and Scotty to completely re-arrange the Bird of Prey's bridge
The Time Being: Scotty probably repaired the entire thing in two days and then got bored
FMZeth: "Now reading Klingon--that's hard. So I put all the buttons exactly where they were on our old ship."
The Time Being: lolwut
FMZeth: So this happens every time travel trip?
FMZeth: NOW I understandwhy nobody does it.
The Time Being: yeah, peyote is much cheaper
FMZeth: Although maybe somebody's doing it every day
FMZeth: i mean we'd never know, right?
The Time Being: Maybe this is what happens EVERY TIME WE SLEEP.
The Time Being: *duhn duhn duhn*
FMZeth: I think I'd remember.
The Time Being: You told me once that you never remembered your dreams
FMZeth: Thank goodness we have a cloaking device
The Time Being: the terminator?
The Time Being: wait, what? whales have communicators now?
FMZeth: it's like a vertical equator
The Time Being: Oh, okay
FMZeth: it's where twilight is
The Time Being: I thought he was being randomly poetic
FMZeth: no Kirk
FMZeth: The OTHER san francisco
The Time Being: "There IS one way to do it, but it requires whale oil."
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: "And if I'm wrong, well, we could destroy the entire NorthAm western seaboard"
FMZeth: Kirk you moron
FMZeth: this is Cold War America
FMZeth: and you're sending the RUSSIAN to solve the URANIUM problem aboard an AMERICAN NUCLEAR SUB?!
FMZeth: Even YOUR history can't be THAT bad
The Time Being: maybe he figured everyone was so busy fighting the Eugenics Wars by this point that they wouldn't notice
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: yeah they conveniently skip over that
FMZeth: "Oooooh we're whalers on the moon; we carry a harpoon!"
FMZeth: Also it amuses me that they treat swearing like some ancient dialect msot of this movie
The Time Being: Indeed
FMZeth: I distinctly recall last movie
FMZeth: "You Klingon Bastard, you killed my son"
The Time Being: not to mention, "Are you out of your Vulcan mind?"
FMZeth: "Yes it is, although currency these days is a lot like Golf. I'll give you 50$, sicne your'e clearly in need."
FMZeth: I wouldn't know
FMZeth: huh
FMZeth: Subtitles read "Swearing in Cantonese"
FMZeth: somebody did their homework
FMZeth: Such a cringe worthy scene
The Time Being: so apparently the concept of asking for directions is another thing that died out between now and the future
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: hurray for making friends
FMZeth: You know, compared to the other films, something tells me this one was/is much more enjoyable to people who were actually cognisant of the lates 80s/early 90s
The Time Being: Probably
FMZeth: Ah whales--the great mysteries of the planet.
The Time Being: this is the most ignorant crowd ever
The Time Being: also I like how she says that while they walk under the killer whale sculptures
FMZeth: I knooooooow
FMZeth: "Oooooh we're whalers on the moon; we carry a harpoon!"
The Time Being: *everyone gets depressed and leaves*
FMZeth: aaaaand that's your PSA for this movie. Thank you.
FMZeth: huh
FMZeth: wonder why the felt it was necessary to greenscreen that shot
The Time Being: that actually seems ridiculously small a space for two humpback whales
FMZeth: I don't understand why people are "enchanted" by the spray from blowholes
FMZeth: I mean people know that's coming out their nose, right?
FMZeth: That'd be like me giggling when you sneeze on me, and waving my hands through it
The Time Being: these are people whose entire concept of whales apparently comes from Moby Dick
The Time Being: they would probably be easily amused
FMZeth: Khan probably knew more than them.
The Time Being: no one else is noticing this?
FMZeth: yeah they are
The Time Being: do they not have security around that tank?
The Time Being: XD
FMZeth: This was pre 9/11. As we know, nobody had security anywhere until then.
FMZeth: Kirk: *sigh* nice job blowing my bluff there.
The Time Being: hehehee
FMZeth: So long
FMZeth: and thanks for all the fish
The Time Being: so sad that it has come to this
The Time Being: we tried to warn youuuuu somehow
FMZeth: Saaaaave the whaaaales
The Time Being: "Also, Bob, you're fired."
FMZeth: Actually he's her boss i think
FMZeth: not the other way around
The Time Being: He's dressed like a security guard
FMZeth: That didn't look like a security guard to me
The Time Being: It did to me
The Time Being: but I guess I was wrong
FMZeth: Chekov looks so pleased
The Time Being: well he hasn't gotten beaten up by alien diseases yet
The Time Being: she forgives quickly
FMZeth: Finally a good excuse.
The Time Being: "He took a few too many powdered Mormons, actually."
FMZeth: I'm amazed Kirk didn't take the seat beside the lady
FMZeth: bullcrap Gillian
FMZeth: XD
The Time Being: There's something about regenerated!Spock that's so adorable
The Time Being: also they kinda ARE in the military, or at least A military
FMZeth: He has the simplicity of a little kid still
The Time Being: I think it's way he seems to be trying so hard
FMZeth: Noooo--if you believe everything Starfleet tells you, they arent' a military, they are an exploratory fleet
The Time Being: armed with extremely powerful weapons
The Time Being: who give their employees military ranks
FMZeth: indeed
FMZeth: heeeee
FMZeth: I love this duo
The Time Being: McCoy and Scotty never got enough screentime together
FMZeth: Yeah
FMZeth: And in this case they came with a good plan and everything
FMZeth: And i like how Sulu just...
FMZeth: gets in
The Time Being: /Sulu
FMZeth: this guy doesn't even mind
The Time Being: "Here, let me just take off with your helicoptor. You don't mind, do you? Nah, you don't mind."
FMZeth: I wonder how much Coke paid to get in thatfridge shot just there
FMZeth: oh Scotty
FMZeth: you were doing so well
The Time Being: "Well, you see, back in Scotland we have so much more advanced computers...honestly, Americans."
FMZeth: I'm impressed he knows where and how to navigate
FMZeth: that's an Apple 2
FMZeth: *I* would have to play around to figure that out.
The Time Being: this is because Scotty is a technopath
FMZeth: Point.
FMZeth: Scotty's just loving this so much
The Time Being: Bones doesn't seem to be having a bad time either
FMZeth: I have to say I would expect Scotty to KNOW WHO DID invent transparent aluminium
The Time Being: Well apparently it is a paradox
FMZeth: and your'e just going to go on a dinner date with this "kook"?
FMZeth: mmmmm
The Time Being: Well, it IS Kirk
FMZeth: if that's her typical order i woudl trust her too
The Time Being: You know, I kinda have to wonder about the way they split up the crew
The Time Being: Not in a story sense, I mean, that makes total sense
The Time Being: but in-universe...
The Time Being: They send McCoy with Scotty to solve the engineering problem, even though McCoy knows nothing about engineering and Scotty is competent enough to do just about anything on his own
The Time Being: Chekov seems like he would know something more about engineering, but they sent him to inquire about nuclear vessels during the cold war
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: If this WEREN'T the Cold War, chekov is actually 100% in his element
FMZeth: Man those are small beers
The Time Being: whereas Sulu is probably more familiar with San Fransisco
FMZeth: Sulu, Kirk and spock are history buffs
FMZeth: Spock is out because of last movie
FMZeth: really I would have thought Sulu and Chekov
FMZeth: and Uhura and Sotty
The Time Being: Yeah
FMZeth: I don't know where I'd put Bones
The Time Being: I mean, Sulu and Chekov are kind of a duo already
FMZeth: Although
FMZeth: Uhura DOES have a bit of an in, in case they had to do some code-cracking to get in that sub
The Time Being: a bit, yeah, but she still has the skillset least suited to that job, seems like kind of a waste
FMZeth: Good thing nobody does anything in this park ever
FMZeth: God forbid somebody come to play baseball or soccer or something
The Time Being: I think I'd put Bones with Kirk and Spock, honestly-it's the job that requires basic common sense and problem solving mostly as opposed to the other two which are technical, he's experienced at dealing with Spock, he has a rapport with Kirk that would make it easier for them to bluff, he'd be on hand if Spock had any, I don't know, relapses or whatever, and while it's a stretch, he has a biological background which might be handy which seems best suited to the job that involves the living element of the task
FMZeth: I think the bickering between Bones and Spock would attract more attention than Kirk wanted
FMZeth: also i think Kirk just wanted to be with Spock
The Time Being: I don't know how much more attention they could possibly attract
FMZeth: Actually you guys see a powerdrain there
FMZeth: not intruders
FMZeth: but whatever
The Time Being: also, in favor of Sulu going with Chekov, he obviously has very competent self-defense skills even without weapons, so he would be a good pick for the job which would be most likely to involve a fight against experienced soldiers
FMZeth: indeed
FMZeth: So, okay, question for you
The Time Being: hmmmm?
FMZeth: If they can beam that high energy photon thing with them
FMZeth: and as we know, transporters are just copy-paste-delete machines
The Time Being: Chekov is so adorably innocent
FMZeth: ...the transporters can't just manufacture high energy protons for them to recrystallise the dilithium with?
The Time Being: That room was hilariously terribly guarded
FMZeth: *collision in the hallway*
The Time Being: Also, I think in general it's best to not try to apply logic to Trek technobabble
The Time Being: naturally, things always go the worst for Chekov
FMZeth: It's pretty disappointing that he made that escape past what looked like half a platoon of American Marines
FMZeth: only to be taken down by a fall
The Time Being: it was caused by the impact of Chekov's competence and Chekov's luck running into each other
The Time Being: boy they sure drained that tank fast
FMZeth: That is not a security guard outfit
The Time Being: Yeah, yeah, you're right
The Time Being: It just looked like it earlier with the blue jacket and tie
FMZeth: mm
The Time Being: clearly I was not looking very closely
The Time Being: meanwhile Sulu: succeeds at everything
FMZeth: Well in fairness i've watched this way more than you
FMZeth: It's been a number of years at thsi point, admittedly
FMZeth: she'd have like
FMZeth: a concussion
The Time Being: yeah, that impact was nowhere near as big as it should have been at the speed she was going
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: her reaction
FMZeth: I just cant' take it seriously
FMZeth: "oooh it's true, you darling man-teehee
FMZeth: Bones: *head whips around*
FMZeth: Because Kirk was so ready to abandon Chekov
The Time Being: so they don't have emergency medical services on the ship?
FMZeth: "Oh sure, let me just get my doctor clothes out"
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: This whole thing
FMZeth: with Bones in this hospital
FMZeth: is the best part of the movie
The Time Being: I already agree
The Time Being: no one even questions them
FMZeth: It's like in frefly
FMZeth: look like you know what your'e doing
The Time Being: aka the Moist von Lipwig theory of infiltration
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: he just barges into a militarily secured examining room with no ID or anything
The Time Being: without scrubbing in either
FMZeth: The alcohol on his breath knocked out the guards
The Time Being: "Totally unlike my futuristic magical powers."
The Time Being: oh I forgot, Bones has inbibed so much alcohol he is permanently disinfected
FMZeth: Idiots
The Time Being: you know, I almost see now why Starfleet is so insistent on distancing themselves from the military
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: A new kidney!
FMZeth: A pill
FMZeth: he gave me one!
FMZeth: look how hard they tried
The Time Being: XD
FMZeth: late 20th century tech is operating on such a narrow bandwidth compared to even NOW
FMZeth: why can't uhura just
FMZeth: scan all the frequencies with magic consoles #1?
The Time Being: Uh
The Time Being: Plot
The Time Being: sadly Chekov lost his nice new jacket as well
FMZeth: yeah...
FMZeth: it must be very uncomfortable to be sitting in that klingon con seat with no underwear
FMZeth: or pants
The Time Being: I imagine so
FMZeth: Spock: clearly crushed by this revelation
The Time Being: "What?!"
The Time Being: "My mother lied to me!"
FMZeth: Bearing?
FMZeth: Yes sir, Bering Straight.
The Time Being: XD
FMZeth: Straight ahead, Sulu
FMZeth: *two hours later*
The Time Being: hehehehee
The Time Being: man that is one efficient whaling ship
FMZeth: I bet Bob's onboard
FMZeth: he was a secret undercover whaler the ENTIRE TIME
The Time Being: : O
FMZeth: Part of the vast Whaler Criminal NEtwork
The Time Being: It all makes sense now!
FMZeth: A world of criminal resources at his beck and call
FMZeth: a glamourous spy life at sea
The Time Being: so wait
The Time Being: Bob is the protagonist of Dishonored?
FMZeth: No that's Corvo. He's named after abird so clearly he must be different
The Time Being: Maybe Bob is actually his middle name
FMZeth: Corvo Bob
The Time Being: So excited
FMZeth: "Wait, you did leave air at the top of that tank, right?"
FMZeth: "...why? they're fish right?"
The Time Being: -_-
The Time Being: "Yes, I...absolutely take total credit for that revelation."
FMZeth: I do like this movie's ability to make fun of its own characters
The Time Being: I think that's what makes it as good as it is, really
The Time Being: I mean, if you just look at the plot on paper, it should be incredibly annoying and silly
The Time Being: But it's so self-aware (for the most part) and the cast is so obviously having fun and extremely comfortable in their roles
FMZeth: Suddenly that meme makes sense to me
The Time Being: Whalologist
FMZeth: Whale Biologist
FMZeth: they did this thing in Futurama with it
FMZeth: it got minor meme status
The Time Being: wait I thought it was Sulu's job to call out the warp speed
The Time Being: there he goes
FMZeth: It just
FMZeth: itreally bothers me how easy they make time travel seem
The Time Being: so they left Chekov's clothes, phaser, communicator and everything else he had on him in the past, and took a random woman into the future without anything but her cursory word that she "has nothing here"
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: I know right
The Time Being: there were multiple TOS episodes focused on the massive problems each of those things caused
The Time Being: and no one even bats and eye at them here
FMZeth: Also don't forget Transparent Aluminium
The Time Being: That too
FMZeth: "ground" the ship
The Time Being: Honestly, I like to believe that they don't time travel because this is a recognized and studiable form of time travel-because otherwise why isn't the rest of the Federation doing it-but because they're the TOS crew and time stands aside for them
The Time Being: for Scotty especially
The Time Being: meanwhile Chekov still has no pants
FMZeth: Time to go skinny dipping in the the San Fran Bay
FMZeth: aaawww yeeeaaah
FMZeth: "Drown? But how can a fish drown?!" SOMEBODY TELL ME SOMETHING"
FMZeth: "I never learned that whales aren't fish because there are no whale biologists in the future!"
FMZeth: I kinda like the idea of the most hilarious photo op after this
FMZeth: I mean the costuming of this "crew"
The Time Being: it has gotten rather ridiculous hasn't it
FMZeth: you've got three peeps in contromporary civvies, a vulcan bathrobe, an archaic medical gown and two military uniforms
FMZeth: also this cavewoman person
FMZeth: whatever skins she's wearing
The Time Being: heh
FMZeth: A R E Y O U O K A Y ?
FMZeth: I H A V E N O I D E A W H A T J U S T H A P P E N E D
FMZeth: A R E Y O U G O D?
The Time Being: O M G W T F
The Time Being: just like that, everything returns to normal
FMZeth: Not totally normal
FMZeth: sunshowers
The Time Being: Spock is smiling
FMZeth: yep
The Time Being: "Now that the sun is out, we totally won't get hypothermia!"
FMZeth: Also the ship is sinking, poisoning the whales
The Time Being: also those whales have lived in captivity all their lives and probably have no idea how to survive, and also the environment is totally different to the one they are adapted to
FMZeth: If you will all take your seats
FMZeth: especially you wolfman
The Time Being: "Besides, I did kind of start this whole thing by possessing one of my crewmates." "Funnily enough, Starfleet doesn't have a regulation against that."
FMZeth: Although this is a warm fuzzy ending, I have to say that I side with the Klingons here
FMZeth: this is totally a farce of justice
FMZeth: I mean yeah he's a hero here
FMZeth: but what they just did was like
FMZeth: Shoving it in the Klingon's faces
FMZeth: they should have kept the proceedings closed
The Time Being: Yeah, that would have been a good idea
FMZeth: Or have just left it at "you're being reduced in rank to Captain"
The Time Being: I figure there's a few different things going on here
FMZeth: "Actually you'll just see me around the Alpha and Beta Quadrants mostly."
The Time Being: one, politically speaking, Kirk is now an even more massive hero than he was before, actively punishing him publicly would probably not be a great idea
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: what is it about Sarek that makes me love him so much
FMZeth: I really like Sarek.
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: I think it has to do with our mutual grandfatherly attachements
The Time Being: True
FMZeth: How
FMZeth: how did they gt that built so fast
The Time Being: I think Sarek is also, in a lot of ways, the pinnacle of a well written full Vulcan character
FMZeth: This is true.
The Time Being: well they were going to retire the original Enterprise, so I assume they were building the replacement for some time
The Time Being: oh, so also
The Time Being: , consider what happened last movie-basically, the ambassador to one of the most powerful and significant bodies in the Federation gave Kirk a direct direction about something he needed to do not just to honor his people's cultures and said ambassador's own son, but also save the sanity of one of a by-now legendary crew and general medical hero
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: and this was vetoed by an Admiral who did it by basically insulting the Vulcan culture and brushing him off
FMZeth: I don't think many people realise how muich power Sarek actually holds
The Time Being: note that said Admiral is nowhere to be seen in this movie
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: My theory is that the REST of Starfleet basically found this out and went "You did WHAT?!"
The Time Being: so in TVH, they know they technically have to discipline Kirk for his actions, but they're probably also acknowledging on some level that the whole thing should never have happened
FMZeth: i like that heory
FMZeth: it makes a lot of sense

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I shared this elsewhere, so:

[4/12/2014 5:46:22 PM] Sean Madson: Hey
[4/12/2014 5:47:30 PM] Mark B.: Como estas el yay!
[4/12/2014 5:48:07 PM] Sean Madson: Pretty sure I pressed "1"
[4/12/2014 5:48:37 PM] Mark B.: Donde esta el biblioteca?
[4/12/2014 5:50:21 PM] Sean Madson: In my butt
[4/12/2014 5:51:09 PM] Mark B.: There's a library in your ass.
[4/12/2014 5:51:34 PM] Sean Madson: Yes, with lots of shitty books
[4/12/2014 5:52:01 PM] Mark B.: Oh good, can you get me out the Left Behind series? I've been meaning to read that.
[4/12/2014 5:52:32 PM] Sean Madson: Ha
[4/12/2014 5:52:51 PM] Mark B.: It's funny because it works on two levels. :D

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[11:06:57 AM] Turnip: : )
[11:06:58 AM] Turnip: ... aphs-wumo/
[11:07:02 AM] Turnip: look at this, Tofu ^^

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The Time Being: SULU
FMZeth: Behold
The Time Being: that was a really great opening shot
FMZeth: the first instance of CORRECT use of the word "quadrant"
The Time Being: Uh oh, tea spilled
FMZeth: FTR I really like the Excelsior
The Time Being: It's captained by Sulu so I'm down with it
FMZeth: I just find it to be a well designed ship
FMZeth: aethetically and logically
The Time Being: does it get any more focus in the EU?
FMZeth: Some, but I'm not certain of the details
The Time Being: ENHANCE
FMZeth: The Enterprise-C was built as the same model as the Excelsior IIRC
The Time Being: heeee
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: "No dip Lieutenant Dipstick"
FMZeth: Uhura's dying her hair apparently
The Time Being: did Scotty just say he bought a boat?
FMZeth: think so
The Time Being: Klingon Empire does not believe in government environmental regulations!
FMZeth: Pretty much
The Time Being: What?
FMZeth: Aaaaaand congratulations, the Klingon-USSR analogue is complete
The Time Being: It's not like the Klingons are the ONLY reason they need a military
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: That's just silly
FMZeth: "Oh yeah there were those cyborgs that showed up in the arctic and broadcast that signal to the delta quadrant
The Time Being: Besides, I thought the original reason for the stations along the Neutral Zone were to protect against the ROMULANS
FMZeth: we should get on that now that our primary distraction is out of the way"
FMZeth: "Oh wait, what are the Romulans doing?"
FMZeth: "Oh yeah them."
The Time Being: Well Kirk, this is what happens when you're no longer an admiral

FMZeth: Niiixoooon
FMZeth: :3
FMZeth: For some reason this film is very quiet for me
The Time Being: Yeah it is for me too actually
The Time Being: Granted I have a fan going in the background, but still
FMZeth: new shuttle!
The Time Being: I have both the volume on my computer and in the player turned up all the way and still had to adjust the speakers
The Time Being: still named Galileo
FMZeth: Welcome to the Enterprise-B
FMZeth: Very Excelsior-y
The Time Being: I dig that red stripe on the uniform pants
FMZeth: It's nice.
The Time Being: but now McCoy has nothing to lean on!
The Time Being: he looks so awkward
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: true
The Time Being: okay so, for the past three movies I've been a bit confused about the uniform undershirt colors
FMZeth: He really shouldn't dictate this with his door open
The Time Being: Old habits
The Time Being: Kirk is used to dictating anywhere, anytime
FMZeth: true
FMZeth: the undershirt colours...
FMZeth: I think this might be a bit of a transitory phase where the colours of the UNDERSHIRT align with department
FMZeth: I'm not certain
The Time Being: McCoy has green instead of white, is that for sciences or specifically because he's medical?
The Time Being: Spock has white but I'm not sure if he's technically not in Sciences anymore
The Time Being: and Scotty apparent just wears whatever he wants
FMZeth: You should know McCoy is a terrible example to start with
The Time Being: *apparently
The Time Being: Okay, point
FMZeth: McCoy wears whatever he wants
The Time Being: and Valeris here has red
FMZeth: I *think* White is command, yellow/brown/orange is engineering
FMZeth: red...I dunno
FMZeth: maybe I'm wrong
FMZeth: I don't think they really had a solid footing on this
The Time Being: I would not be surprised
The Time Being: I like older Spock
FMZeth: He is pretty great
The Time Being: he's a nice example of how Vulcans can be written, calm instead of uptight and wise instead of only analytically intelligent
The Time Being: not that I'm saying he was written badly before because that made sense for his character at the time but you can see that he's matured
FMZeth: Yeah
The Time Being: What a great idea!
The Time Being: okay, Scotty has gold now
FMZeth: I like that Chekov has slumped into the 'Number One' / XO role by this film
The Time Being: He does it well
FMZeth: Yeah
FMZeth: it fits him like a glove
FMZeth: It makes so much more sense than having the Science Officer do it
FMZeth: which...if you think about it
FMZeth: flows well with universal development
FMZeth: Science Officer was default XO when we were explorers
FMZeth: there is no pretense of not being a defensive installment now
FMZeth: So the Chief Tactical Officer is the XO now
The Time Being: Huh, I never thought of it like that but you're absolutely right
The Time Being: also I like how he introduces Spock and no one else
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: Frankly is just functions better anyway
FMZeth: if the Captain is away and the XO is in charge
FMZeth: it should be somebody who is guaging hostile overtures with accuracy and discernment
The Time Being: Yeah
The Time Being: Scotty
FMZeth: Like Scotty. Although that's more like Scotty the person than it is Chief Engineer
The Time Being: Yeah, that's what I meant
The Time Being: subtitles translated that
The Time Being: so, what exactly is it about Romulan ale that makes it illegal?
The Time Being: is it just trade embargoes?
FMZeth: Scotty: Something of that future here. *holds up glass of ale*
FMZeth: Trade Embargo, yes.
The Time Being: Ah, yes
FMZeth: There's nothing dangerous about it
FMZeth: She knows that
FMZeth: she's taking issue with the terminology being evident of an inherent attitude
FMZeth: Spock: >_>
The Time Being: Just pointing it out
The Time Being: Now I'm really curious what happened inbetween those two shots
The Time Being: so is that eyepatch bolted to his head or what?
FMZeth: Well thinking about it logically he probably has some button clips installed on the orbital
FMZeth: thsoe little press button things like on jackets
The Time Being: Hm, that makes sense
FMZeth: McCoy what
FMZeth: coffee
FMZeth: what is this
FMZeth: Pull out some Jim Bean man
The Time Being: night's barely gettin started!
FMZeth: XD
The Time Being: that ale was radioactive!
The Time Being: : O
FMZeth: "No longer to be--urp--served at diplomatic functions"
FMZeth: I like the name Valeris, even though the character is lukewarm to me.
The Time Being: I like the name but for some reason it doesn't sound very Vulcan to me
FMZeth: The music for this is great
The Time Being: I guess maybe I expect Vulcans to have hard sounds in their names?
The Time Being: boy is it
FMZeth: Sounds Vulcanish enough to me
FMZeth: maybe not typical
FMZeth: but enough
FMZeth: Oh
FMZeth: oh dude
FMZeth: Remind me when we're done to look up Klingon physiology
The Time Being: I think the thing about Valeris is...she's basically Saavik Mrk 2, so it's kind of hard to care about her as a seperate character
FMZeth: mmmmmmmmnooo
FMZeth: I wouldn't say she's Saavik.2
The Time Being: She fills the same role
The Time Being: Similar hairstyle even
FMZeth: All Vulcans have hairstyles like that
The Time Being: well, point
FMZeth: barring Sybok
FMZeth: The role may be similar but you'll see their characterisation is different
The Time Being: well I know what Valeris DOES in the movie that's pretty different from Saavik
FMZeth: IIRC Timothy's blood is a darker shade of what Klingon blood is shown to be
FMZeth: I need to check that
The Time Being: but her characterization seems really similar to me in general
The Time Being: "damn, I was really hoping I was still drunk"
FMZeth: "Universal Peace".
FMZeth: the Alpha Quadrant
The Time Being: Quadrantal Peace
FMZeth: I like this guy
The Time Being: He is reasonable
FMZeth: you remember his name?
The Time Being: Nope
FMZeth: I'm surprised some of these Klingons aren't ripping the humans apart on sight
The Time Being: Yeah I dunno
FMZeth: I feel so bad for McCoy
The Time Being: Yeah me too
The Time Being: I mean this is pretty much his driving purpose in life and it's just failing him completely
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: mm, I won't spoil anything
The Time Being: then he gets BLAMED for it
FMZeth: pretty much yeah
FMZeth: "I tried to save him! ...I tried to save him..."
The Time Being: he's not even protesting
The Time Being: that's a pretty big frikkin' deal for McCoy
FMZeth: mm
The Time Being: "...God help us all."
FMZeth: I like that Nimoy's ear augmentation makeup has been aged to match his actual age.
The Time Being: I'd be disappointed if they didn't do that
FMZeth: me too
FMZeth: but it would be so easy to overlook
FMZeth: Too bad
FMZeth: I never noticed the Eiffel tower in the background here
The Time Being: this is the Federation president?
FMZeth: Yes
FMZeth: I don't know what species he is
The Time Being: He looks a little bit Klingony, which was confusing me
FMZeth: "Hey let's switch to English now."
The Time Being: Nice gavel
FMZeth: Michael Dorn!
The Time Being: : D
The Time Being: those are some bulky translators
FMZeth: probably traditional
The Time Being: Colonel Worf?
FMZeth: Colonel Worf!
FMZeth: :3
The Time Being: Is he actually playing the same character here?
FMZeth: It's Worf's Grandfather
FMZeth: Worf is a surname
The Time Being: Ahh, of course, of course
FMZeth: d'aw
The Time Being: hey, he got some laughs
FMZeth: laugh
FMZeth: singular
The Time Being: "Yeah but for me that's just a normal evening!"
The Time Being: OOOOOH
The Time Being: He just threw down
FMZeth: Woooo C-SPAN
FMZeth: f yeah
The Time Being: I know this is blatantly a kangeroo court, but I'm just gonna say
FMZeth: I like how he emphasises Tiberius
The Time Being: it's pretty ridiculous to say "you saved patients as close to death as that before but you didn't do it now so obviously you were incompetent"
FMZeth: adds some meaning given Tiberius's reputation
FMZeth: Aaaaand the case is closed
The Time Being: medicine is such a finicky and complex business that...well, sometimes things just go wrong and there's nothing anyone can do about it
FMZeth: indeed
FMZeth: Career-minded?
FMZeth: Career-minded?
FMZeth: He deliberately did things he knew would get him expelled from command
The Time Being: He's practically told the entire galaxy that he wants to be a captain, and ONLY a captain
The Time Being: I mean I guess that qualifies as career-minded in a SENSE, but not the one he's talking about
The Time Being: you know it seems a bit odd to me that given how blatantly rigged this trial is, Lawyer Worf actually appears to be trying
The Time Being: not succeeding, but at least making an effort
FMZeth: Proud family with strong ethics.
The Time Being: Mmm
FMZeth: Very honourbound
The Time Being: An honorbound lawyer?
The Time Being: not THAT'S alien
FMZeth: It is a form of battle if you think about it.
The Time Being: I suppose it is....
The Time Being: "which will probably be about two months"
The Time Being: Thank you for that exposition, Chekov.
FMZeth: The rest of your natural lives. Which is not long enough for McCoy so he will be implanted with cyborg tech.
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: YES
The Time Being: okay question
The Time Being: Scotty says that they have all the weapons
The Time Being: That to me seems like it overrules the data banks
FMZeth: Yes, but forging that databank entry is HARD
FMZeth: so they need to figure out how the descrepency arose
The Time Being: so they're assuming, what, the Enterprise was packing around extra torpedoes so they could appear to be at full load?
FMZeth: Why is Uhura still wearing a skirt when all the other female personnel get pants now?
FMZeth: Personal choice?
The Time Being: Because she wants to, I assume
FMZeth: mm
The Time Being: She's also in heels I think, which is hardly practical
FMZeth: Well she's hardly a combat expert
The Time Being: Yeah
FMZeth: Also this is one time a Vulcan in command is one of the best things to have.
The Time Being: I'm just saying, clearly she doesn't need to abide by strict uniform regulations
FMZeth: mm
The Time Being: or that there's an alternative uniform she's wearing
The Time Being: actually it does kind of make sense that you would want your communications officer to look presentable and open over military and combative, most of the time
FMZeth: point
The Time Being: Poor guy
The Time Being: okay, at this point I think my subtitles are transcribing the Klingon just by randomly banging at the keyboards
FMZeth: :/
The Time Being: that seems a bit odd
The Time Being: I guess they don't want the prisoners to be able to talk to each other?
FMZeth: prevents uprisings
FMZeth: old tactic
The Time Being: makes sense I guess
The Time Being: "also he was a CHANCELLOR"
FMZeth: huh
FMZeth: I never realised this before
FMZeth: but this chick's current makeup is used for an alien species in Voyager's delta quadrant trek
The Time Being: That poor Chef
The Time Being: Was that really necessary?
FMZeth: good thing there wasn't soup in there
The Time Being: why do they even have emergency phasers in the kitchen
FMZeth: because
FMZeth: Do you nkow what they serve at some of these diplomatic functions?
The Time Being: unfortunately having Scotty on board does kind of weaken this excuse a bit
FMZeth: It's twoface!
The Time Being: "Our chief engineer says it'll take weeks to repair!" "Right, we'll expect you back in five hours."
FMZeth: XD
The Time Being: that's a pretty cool makeup design actually
FMZeth: Agreed
FMZeth: I like the fact that since so many of these prisoners are from Klingon space
FMZeth: which we see nothing of
FMZeth: they had free reign to design
The Time Being: Yeah
The Time Being: "Do twofaces have mivonks?" "Yes, but not between the legs."
FMZeth: He sends McCoy into that
FMZeth: bad idea
FMZeth: Dude that guy could TOTALLY fit into Farscape
The Time Being: He really could
FMZeth: : D
FMZeth: You know
FMZeth: we know McCoy and Spock visit the Enterprise D later under Picard's captaincy
FMZeth: Scotty too
FMZeth: It does steal a little bit of suspense from this
The Time Being: Well I kinda doubt anyone REALLY expected the movie to end with them dying in prison
FMZeth: No
FMZeth: but somebody could jump in front of a phaser
The Time Being: Well, Kirk didn't show up in TNG, it could have been him
The Time Being: what better way to top killing off Spock?
FMZeth: Mm, fair i suppose
The Time Being: ...frankly I think I would have RATHER he died in this movie than the way he actually did
FMZeth: McCoy: I thought we were over this
FMZeth: we went WHOLE MOVIES without this
The Time Being: XD
FMZeth: God Jim I mean honestly
FMZeth: heh
The Time Being: Wait I thought they were just going to outright lie to Starfleet
FMZeth: it just occurred to me
FMZeth: this guy who was just talking to Sulu
FMZeth: Kirk would have had some yeoman with pretty hair do that job, with access to his quarters
FMZeth: George Takai has this guy
The Time Being: ....
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: ....XD
The Time Being: so is that like the equivalent of a UV light for Klingon blood?
FMZeth: I believe it was some sort of medical nanoscope
FMZeth: that little monitor was showing the DNA molecule
FMZeth: She smiled
FMZeth: how unVulcan
The Time Being: I have to commend them for making a search montage that dramatic
The Time Being: McCoy got a scarf
FMZeth: Kirk: ...
FMZeth: McCoy: Told you so.
The Time Being: Russian Cinderella is actually much more badass than Western Cinderella
FMZeth: indeed
The Time Being: I don't know why but it amuses me that they kept Kirk and McCoy in their Starfleet uniforms
FMZeth: "Starfleet! KILL'EM!"
The Time Being: also that they manage to get out without ever having to actually do any mining
FMZeth: Death sentence commuted
FMZeth: riiiiiight
FMZeth: McCoy: Last time I saw someody like this they impersonated my lost love and tried killing me by sucking out all my sodium.
FMZeth: McCoy: Good luck with her, Jim.
The Time Being: hehehehe
FMZeth: Also: magic clothes
The Time Being: she must shop at the same place as Bruce Banner
The Time Being: McCoy has managed to keep his scarf on top
FMZeth: convenient bundle of clothes
FMZeth: I would just like to point out Kirk never actually stated that yes, he could get them off the surface
The Time Being: Indeed
The Time Being: I wonder where they shot this
FMZeth: Antarctica
FMZeth: duh
FMZeth: Nah, my bet is Canada
FMZeth: That could be somewhere north of Baffin Island
The Time Being: McCoy: Well, at least I'm not in my t-shirt this time.
FMZeth: Spock: Mr Scott, start your engines.
FMZeth: Scott: ...but you had be break them.
FMZeth: Spock: ...
FMZeth: Chekov: Shit.
The Time Being: "C'mon McCoy, you know in these situations a beautiful woman will show up to save you out of nowhere!"
The Time Being: "It always happens!"
FMZeth: I'm sort of surprised Kirk actually managed to be repulsed by the shapeshifting.
FMZeth: McCoy: Last night you two were...
FMZeth: Kirk: Look at it this way Bones: She can be ALL the women.
The Time Being: XD
The Time Being: Okay, this scene really annoys me
The Time Being: I mean this is Uhura's THING
FMZeth: Yeah...
The Time Being: it could have been a really awesome scene for her
The Time Being: and where did all those books come from anyway?
FMZeth: This is hilarious though
The Time Being: they don't have Google Translate in the future?
FMZeth: this IS Google Translate quality
The Time Being: yeah but they could do it a lot faster
FMZeth: Maybe they're using those Original Klingon Shakepeare volumes
FMZeth: they did get a 'thy' in there
The Time Being: Indeed
The Time Being: okay, here's a question
The Time Being: The whole idea is that they just have to get outside the shield and then Spock can track them
The Time Being: so why did they have to walk all that way
The Time Being: ?
The Time Being: also this scene is hilarious but it doesn't make any sense
FMZeth: To get outside the shield and to some sort of cover
The Time Being: why not transform into something big and threatening
FMZeth: ha McCoy
The Time Being: "DAMMIT GUYS"
FMZeth: I think she's just amusing herself mostly
The Time Being: I thought they said they were outside the shield some time ago
FMZeth: and you think they wanted to stand out in the freezing cold wind and snow?
FMZeth: this little recessed area is better
The Time Being: McCoy seems to have recovered quickly
FMZeth: Aaaaaand all this turning the ship upside down and inside out
The Time Being: But of course
FMZeth: and Scotty finds the incriminating evidence without lifting a finger
The Time Being: That's how you find things
The Time Being: You stop looking
The Time Being: Anyone can tell you that
FMZeth: /Scott

FMZeth: He couldn't have just comm'd spock?
FMZeth: these bodies are very conveniently placed
The Time Being: I like that we get to see a lot more of the Enterprise areas that are less often seen
FMZeth: yes
The Time Being: Are Kirk and McCoy still wearing the same uniforms?
FMZeth: yes
The Time Being: hmm
The Time Being: : D
The Time Being: that's not all that specific
FMZeth: Well it IS a secret
FMZeth: It's surprising Sulu even knows that much
The Time Being: Point
The Time Being: Hey it's the Vulcan Whale Robe!
FMZeth: yep
FMZeth: the most uncomfortable headrest ever
The Time Being: "Spock, just shut up already, I don't want to hear it."
The Time Being: dude
The Time Being: those googleglasses the President has
The Time Being: *goggleglasses
FMZeth: I like this design of the Bird of Prey more
FMZeth: why are there no ships defending this?
FMZeth: How did the delegates get there?
The Time Being: ....Uh.
FMZeth: female engineers!
FMZeth: My word
FMZeth: how far we've come
FMZeth: This is dumb on Chang's part
FMZeth: he's now put himself on record
The Time Being: It really is
FMZeth: even if he destroys Kirk
FMZeth: Kirk can broadcast that out
The Time Being: I guess that classic old villainous overconfidence got the better of him once again
The Time Being: that Romulan abassador seems to have plucked his eyebrows
FMZeth: Nanculus is weird
FMZeth: wait
FMZeth: how did they hit them aft
FMZeth: and the bridge exploded?
The Time Being: The bridge is rigged to explode whenever anything happens
FMZeth: heh
FMZeth: "My chair exploded! We must be under attack!"
FMZeth: "Sir we've been--oh you know already."
The Time Being: Also it occurs to me that if Kirk DID broadcast Chang's gloating, Chang could theoretically just claim he was rehearsing for a Shakespeare production
FMZeth: snrk
The Time Being: "What? I was just reading WikiQuotes outloud. That's not illegal!"
The Time Being: "Weird but not illegal."
FMZeth: heeee
FMZeth: Bones
FMZeth: hehehe
The Time Being: Bones finally gets to do successful medicine and it's not even on a human being
FMZeth: ha
The Time Being: or...a living being, for that matter
FMZeth: wonder what Chang would say about that
The Time Being: "Insult MY medical skills, will you?"
FMZeth: Swallow THIS pill!
FMZeth: Security sucks here
The Time Being: Yeah, where's the Starfleet Secret Service?
The Time Being: GO SCOTTY GO
FMZeth: "Arr peace talks will eb repaired within the hour, sahr!"
FMZeth: Engage Kirk Speech!
The Time Being: "Yeah thanks but I was hoping for some more specific details about what was actually occuring right now, in this room."
FMZeth: XD
The Time Being: I kinda wish we had gotten to see some alien versions of applause there
FMZeth: I like how they pose just for this
FMZeth: "Oh look, the cat-call species is here."
The Time Being: hehehe
FMZeth: Starfleet really rolls through ships
The Time Being: Yeah, how old is this Enterprise anyway?
FMZeth: THIS Enterprise?
The Time Being: Yeah
FMZeth: I dunno. Couple years.
FMZeth: younger than the Excelsior
The Time Being: That's just plain wasteful
FMZeth: Got a hull breach? Ah just throw it out and we'll send you a a new one.
FMZeth: Oh my god
FMZeth: Starfleet is Apple.
The Time Being: NUUUUUUUU
FMZeth: The touchscreens
FMZeth: the waste
FMZeth: the faux-benevolent leadership
The Time Being: mmmmm
The Time Being: now THAT'S how you end a franchise
The Time Being: Oh man, these are the best credits
FMZeth: :3
The Time Being: <#
The Time Being: ,3
The Time Being: GODDAMMIT
The Time Being: <3
FMZeth: XD
FMZeth: Well
FMZeth: you have now exhausted TOS.
The Time Being: There's still the EU
FMZeth: snrk
FMZeth: true

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[05:14:48 PM] Albert Clare: I have reached my Page Quota.
[05:15:45 PM] Dino: excellent! :)
[05:15:55 PM] Dino: and you have an uncanny ability
[05:16:07 PM] Dino: i was in the kitchen again. this time getting a drink XD
[05:16:07 PM] Albert Clare: I have SEVERAL of those.
[05:16:09 PM] Dino: hehehe
[05:18:43 PM] Albert Clare: And here I was thinking you were going to tell me I had an uncanny Ability to extrude Textual Matter.
[05:19:19 PM] Dino: hahahahaha
[05:19:44 PM] Dino: well you certainly perform a lot of textual extrusion on a regular basis XD
[05:21:19 PM] Albert Clare: I suppose it's no longer novel.
[05:21:58 PM] Dino: though a lot of what you extrude is A novel :P
[05:23:12 PM] Albert Clare: Oh, no, you've caught BAD PUNS from me!

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The Time Being: "Its name was changed the same year to magenta, to celebrate a victory of the French and Sardinian army at the Battle of Magenta on June 4, 1859, near the Italian city of that name.[2]"
The Time Being: ...okay...
FMZeth: Onlt the French would celebrate a victory--one of few--in such a FABULOOOOUSSS fashion.
FMZeth: *Only
The Time Being: "How should we celebrate this glorious victory?" "Let's name a color after it!"
The Time Being: *rainbows*
FMZeth: 1859; that's only a little after Napoleon isn't it
FMZeth: "We must be as far removed from this Italian Imposter as possible! Abandon all manliness!"

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PostPosted: 17 May 2014, 12:59 
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12:54 - FMZeth: Jorgan is magenta for some reason
12:54 - dinowoman: hehe. yeah, i haven't done that. in fact, i don't think even threin has a full set of augments. i don't do crafting and reverse engineering often enough to have created a full set
12:54 - FMZeth: mm, there, better
12:54 - dinowoman: hehehe
12:54 - dinowoman: i can't QUITE imagine jorgan being into magenta :p
12:55 - FMZeth: "Sir, we can't proceed with this mission until we are absolutely certain
12:55 - FMZeth: that we're FAAAAABULOOOOOOUS!"
12:56 - FMZeth: "Oh yeah you know that the Deadeyes were like, the most campy fashionable SpecOps group in the Republic--mmmmmmmmhm."
12:56 - dinowoman: lmao!!!!!
12:57 - FMZeth: "Oh I KNOW you didn't just laugh at me, soldier-boy." *z-snap*
12:57 - dinowoman: hahahaha
12:57 - dinowoman: *CLAMPS MOUTH ABRUPTLY SHUT* :P
12:57 - dinowoman: oops
12:57 - FMZeth: that works.


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Albert Clare: This is kind-of nice.
Gwennie Moogle: Piano is great
Albert Clare: *uses Goomy Goo to glue you to a Gardevoir*
Gwennie Moogle: Gardevoir is nice

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17:17 - FMZeth: So two days ago I started trying to digitise my Zeth Character Evolution flowchart
17:18 - FMZeth: Besides showing me where I'd left nodes out it's made abundantly obviously how absurdly long some of my characters' names/titles are.
17:18 - The Time Being: heh
17:18 - FMZeth: Here's a good one
17:18 - FMZeth: Normally just called "Ask"
17:18 - FMZeth: his abbreviated name and titles are:
17:18 - FMZeth: Dominar Lord Askeven, Force Walker Master of the Dead former Darth Nox of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge
[Gray Dominion]
17:19 - FMZeth: Pranzu(tcyn) Holt Casys von Synamni'Kaliforni'a
(Alterran Cassius/Realm Cassius)
17:19 - FMZeth: Count Zeth Acubierre Holt, Fuhrer of the Fifth Uralkoda, Praetor of the Alt 87 Galactic Armada, and ArchBishop of the Divine Takaran Empire
17:20 - FMZeth: Thank god that one's outmoded.
17:20 - The Time Being: Well at least they have nicknames
17:20 - FMZeth: You can roughly tell the time period when I was hanging out with Paul more than before and after
17:20 - The Time Being: heh
17:20 - The Time Being: it's like carbon dating!
17:21 - FMZeth: It sort of is
17:20 - The Time Being: if Paul were radioactive
17:21 - FMZeth: mm
17:21 - FMZeth: Les still hasn't guessed that one in the music thread
17:21 - FMZeth: I should probably tell them
17:23 - FMZeth: Are you aware of any locations that exist in GW2 that I could feasibly claim that Roger is Lord over?
17:23 - FMZeth: I mean I guess the way Peerage works he doesn't NECESSARILY need to hold land
17:24 - FMZeth: Of all the characters I have he seems like one--other than Cassius--who shouldhave a long name/title
17:24 - FMZeth: I mean right now if somebody asked him his name he'd just have to be like "I'm Lord Roger"
17:24 - FMZeth: ?
17:24 - The Time Being: heh
17:24 - The Time Being: Oh, hm
17:26 - The Time Being: I think you'd have to make one up because if they exist in canon then surely they're spoken for
17:27 - FMZeth: Yeah...
17:27 - FMZeth: heh
17:27 - FMZeth: CoooOOOOOooo--Quaggan does not even know yooooouuuu
17:27 - The Time Being: XD
17:28 - FMZeth: Later
17:27 - The Time Being: Quaggan has suffered a cooOOOOoooup
17:28 - FMZeth: XD
17:28 - FMZeth: XD XD
17:28 - FMZeth: oh
17:28 - FMZeth: oh ow
17:28 - FMZeth: ppphheeeEEEWWW
17:28 - The Time Being: ?
17:29 - FMZeth: I have Sprite all over this paper now
17:29 - FMZeth: ooooh well
17:29 - FMZeth: not an important paper


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