Well, like I said, Caduceus Imagehosting is a place where you can upload pictures and junk. In fact, as of right now, I've been lucky enough to be chosen to hold 733 pieces of junk. It's not the most amazing job in the world, but somebody's gotta do it.

Anyway, it's a pretty good place to leave it, if you need to, I'd say. After uploading an image, I'll make sure you get a direct link to the image, of course. I also make sure you get HTML and bbcode wrapped versions of the links so you can just copypasta stuff wherever. Not like I have anything better to do.

I'm supposed to tell you that if you have any suggestions or comments or questions or maybe need assistance or anything, you can contact my wards the next site over. Just send them an email. They definitely will not require you fill out any complaints in triplicate and sign it with a drop of your blood. They do, however, require that you begin all correspondences with some sort of praise to the Dues Ex Caduceus.

Caduceus Imagehosting is hosted by those people next door making all the noise.